Croatian Footprints team.  Raising students’ awareness of environment protection by keeping our...

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Transcript of Croatian Footprints team.  Raising students’ awareness of environment protection by keeping our...

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Croatian Footprints team Slide 2 Raising students awareness of environment protection by keeping our surroundings clean Slide 3 Giving students the right foundation on environmental concerns. Making children and young people become better citizens of the world and encourage them to make the planet a safer place to live for generations to come. Slide 4 Every day (depending on the weather conditions) during the lunch brake ECO Squad patrols the schoolyard with the task to keep it clean and tidy. All students are members of the ECO Squad, but each day five different students patrol the schoolyard, guided and assisted by teachers on duty. Slide 5 The schoolyard before and after the patrolling of the eco squad Slide 6 Raising students and teachers awareness of energy and water consumption Slide 7 Reducing consumption of electric energy and drinking water Slide 8 Turn off the lights stickers close to light switches in teachers room and classrooms Save water stickers next to washing-stands The accountant observes and notes the monthly consumption of electrical energy and drinking water since June 2011 Statistics teacher during lessons with students creates statistics with the figures given by the accountant. Slide 9 Slide 10 Slide 11 Electric energy 9-12/2011 1-10/2012 Slide 12 Comparing figures of electrical energy and water conspumption before and after the activities have been implemented Slide 13 Raising awareness of healthy nutrition among students and teachers Developing student awareness regarding the preservation of Croatian national identity Implementation of interdisciplinary theme (content) health and environmental protection in many subjects Slide 14 Reminding (and/or getting to know) students and teachers of the traditional mediterranean healthy nutrition Slide 15 Slide 16 Curriculum prescribed content dealt with in classroom: nutrition and health, advantages of local and ecological products, using seasonal products (ingredients) (Nutrition and merchandising lessons) Translation of recepies in different foreign languages (English, German and Italian lessons) leads to stronger interconnection of subjects Thanksgiving day for the fruits of the Earth-students and their teachers made 24 different types of bread (with asparagus, olives, garlic, sesame, nettle, pumpkin seed) and a publication was issued Zrno po zrno Grain by grain Slide 17 Slide 18 Workshop organized in association with Tourist office of the Katelir County How to knead bread by hand and bake it in a traditional bread oven burning wood. Easter workshop in association with the same tourist office pastry cook students made traditional sweet bread called pinca following our grandmothers receipe Slide 19 Slide 20 Numerous workshops and activities held promoting the use of wild edible plants that can be found in our surroundings (students gathered asparagus, made and tasted asparagus pate, made jam of dog-rose berries, chestnut cake, traditional istrian minestrone with fennel, nettle lasagna with wild edible mushrooms) A booklet with these receipes is currently being developed Slide 21 Slide 22 Slide 23 A questionnaire will be implemented among a group of students, with the objective to examine their eating habits that is, the extent to which the traditional mediterranean ingredients are present in their nutrition Slide 24 ONE OF THE EXPECTED STUDENT ACHIEVEMENTS UPON COMPLETION OF VOCATIONAL EDUCATION