Crime and Punishment Parts I & II. Crime and Punishment.

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Crime and Punishment Parts I & II
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Transcript of Crime and Punishment Parts I & II. Crime and Punishment.

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Crime and Punishment Parts I & II Slide 2 Crime and Punishment Slide 3 Prestuplenie i nakazanie: Title Prestupit to trespass, to overstep Is it a good title? Does it apply only to the main character Raskolnikov? Should it be in the plural? Cf Woody Allen: Crimes and Misdemeanours Is there a true punishment? Slide 4 Dostoevskys St PetersburgSt Petersburg Catherine the Great Canal, the Nikolsky Market and the Haymarket Many events from Dostoevskys works take place here Slide 5 St Petersburg Slums Typical inner yard of the citys centre where Raskolnikov lived Slide 6 Dostoevskys Petersburg (cont.) Slide 7 The House where Raskolnikov supposedly rented his room Slide 8 Dostoevskys Petersburg (cont.) With a sinking heart and a nervous tremor, he went up to a huge house which on one side looked on to the canal, and on the other into the street. Crime and Punishment Chapter One Pawnbrokers House Slide 9 The Poetics of the novel Omniscient narrator does not impose his perspective Polyphony each character has his own perspective, none is privileged Variety of types of narrative: chronotope description of location and time of day; character portrait Dramatic collision of characters (interior) monologue, dialogue, letter, dream, scandal Slide 10 Raznochintsy people of various ranks became the main social stratum for the formation of the Russian intelligentsia Bureaucrats and seminarists Slide 11 February 1 st : Questions Parts I and II What main themes do you discern? What characters do we meet? Which is your favourite character? Pick out a recurrent motif in these two Parts Which scene or passage do you find the most striking? Slide 12 Rodion Romanovich Raskolnikov His name: 1. raskolot to cleave, to chop, to split 2. Raskl - schism (religious) The raskolniks were a sect of Old Believers Slide 13 Alyona Ivanovna Widow, pawnbroker, plans to leave her wealth to monastery Sister Lizaveta (pious, always pregnant!) Slide 14 Semyon Zakharovich Marmeladov Marmelad: Jellied candy Daughter Sonya (from Sophya wisdom) Slide 15 Katerina Ivanovna Marmeladova Three children: Polya, Lyonya, Kolya Archetypical widow dying of tuberculosis Slide 16 Dmitry Prokofievich Razumikhin Razumikhin razum reason Slide 17 Pyotr Petrovich Luzhin Possible significance of first name and patronymic? Luzhin puddle Slide 18 Events: Day One One/1 Raskolnikov visits Alyona Ivanovna for a rehearsal One /2 Goes to drinking den, meets Marmeladov, goes with him to his familys room Slide 19 Events: Day Two One/3 Raskolnikov wakes up, Nastasya brings letter from Rs mother One /4 Ponders letter, goes out, sees young drunk girl, sets off to see friend Razumikhin One/5 Falls asleep, has dream, returning home, overhears conversation with Lizaveta on Haymarket Slide 20 Events: Day Three One/6 Flashback to discussion between two officers about Lizaveta and her sister; Nastasya tries to feed him; he goes to pawnbrokers One /7 The murder Slide 21 Day Four Two/1 Raskolnikov wakes up, hides blood-stained clothing, loot in hole. Summoned to police, scene in police office Two/2 Hides loot under block, goes to visit Razumikhin; returns home, falls into delirious sleep. Slide 22 Three (?) Days Later Two/3 Wakes up, Razumikhin arrives Raskolnikov receives 35 roubles sent by mother, Razumikhin gets him new clothes Two/4 Zosimov (doctor) arrives, discussion of details of murder. Two/5 Luzhin visits, ejected by Raskolnikov Slide 23 Three (?) Days Later (cont.) Two/6 Raskolnikov goes out, talks to prostitute in Haymarket, goes into Crystal Palace, taunts Zamyotov. Goes home, bumps into Razumikhin, then walks off, sees a woman throw herself in canal; then goes to scene of murder, pulls the bell. Slide 24 Three (?) Days Later (cont.) Two/6 Raskolnikov witnesses Marmeladovs accident, his death in his room, first sees Sonya, gives 20 roubles to Katerina Ivanovna, goes to Razumikhins housewarming party, returns home with Razumikhin, his mother and sister are there.