CREW II Syllabus Spring 2014

CREW II Syllabus Spring 2014
CREW II Syllabus Spring 2014
CREW II Syllabus Spring 2014
CREW II Syllabus Spring 2014
CREW II Syllabus Spring 2014
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Transcript of CREW II Syllabus Spring 2014

  • 8/13/2019 CREW II Syllabus Spring 2014


    What is Com osition?Writing is a skill that youll

    need the rest of your life. Therewill be no escaping itsendingemails, texts, writing essayexams, memos, and more. In thiscourse, we will write, write, andrewrite. The major difference inthis course is in terms of whatwewill write. As a student, you willexperience how to discovertopics of writing that aremeaningful to you. You will learnhow to make an assigned topic

    your own.Through learning about the

    writing process, through multipledrafts, conferences, and readingsof your work, you will learn tothink deeply about your ownwriting. You will discover the

    inherent power that you, as awriter, posses and learn how toharness it to improve yourwriting.

    In this class, you are expectedto bring your writing to a levelthat is polished and publishable.To do this, you will share yourwriting with the community ofwriters in this class. You will alsoreceive and give thoughtfulcritiques about your own work as

    well as that of your classmateThrough this, You will learn tknow the difference betweer e v i s i o n , e d i t i n g , a n dproofreading.

    Lets not forget readingskill that creates better writersYou will learn to read criticallyThis will help you become more thoughtful, deeper readeof your own work. You wicombine all of this knowledgwith your own experience anconnect it to the wider worldThis is all to help you prepare fothe personal and academiwriting you will do throughoucollege and your own life.

    Through it all, you will leavthis class a better writer.

    ENGLISH 112





    ri ca ea i gin thissyllabus>>>

    What is






    Course Calendar

    While there isa great deal ofwriting; you, asauthor, will be infull control of the

    topics and process.

    In this class, well learn to write. More importantly, well learn how to present information to people.This is an important skill no matter what your job is. In fact, its an important life skill.

    questions?concerns?contact me



    phone/text: 715.937.0507

    office/office hours: TBA

    Course Website: Well use

    Canvas LMS. Find it under

    Current Students.

    An Overview of the Course, Expectations, Assignments, and Objectives

    Your Instructor:

    Brett Sigurdson

    Textbook: The Curious

    Writer: Concise Fourth

    Edition, by Bruce



    Champlain College

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  • 8/13/2019 CREW II Syllabus Spring 2014


    Everything that youneed to succeed in thiscourse

    AttendanceAs a student in this class, you areexpected to contribute to your fellow

    students edification and growth. Assuch, a certain level of decorum must bemaintained so that we may all benefitfrom each others experiences, opinions,

    and perspectives.To that end, repeated absences will

    negatively affect your grade. You maymiss a maximum of six class periods.More than six absences will lead toautomatic failure. Keep in mind, I donot distinguish between excused andunexcused absences. However, if anemergency will keep you from attendingclass for multiple days, please reach outto me and let me know.

    Should you ever miss class, needmore information, or need a workshoppartner, please reach out to someone inclass for help.

    Class ParticipationAs the course progresses, you will findthat writingthough ostensibly themost important facet of this coursemay actually be only a small portion ofwhat we approach during our classsessions. It is my hope that through

    collectively sharing ideas, views, andknowledge each of us will come to abetter understanding of our owncapacitiesnot just as writers, but asstudents and world citizens. Please show

    up for class ready to talk and discuss.Part of your grade will depend on yourparticipation in class, which I will notefor grade purposes during each session.Each time you share something in classI will note it. Your final participationgrade will be determined in points as apercentage of your sharing throughoutthe semester.

    Writing NotebookPlease bring a notebook solely for fast-writing assignments beginning thesecond day of class and continuing untilthe end of the semester. Your notebookwill be the place where you explore yourideas, doodle, react to writing prompts,and hopefully plant the seeds of ideasfor future writing projects. The type ofnotebook that you provide is of littlesignificance. What matters is that yourecomfortable writing in it and that youuse it only for this class.

    I will require you to turn in yourwriting notebooks an unspecifiednumber of times at least twicethroughout the semester, somethingwhich will count towards your overallgrade. Note: I have a strict deadline fornotebooks. If I leave campus without yourwriting notebook, you will not receive points forthe assignment.

    CanvasPlease check Canvas daily. There youwill find information on the class,

    including digital copies of al lassignments, your grades, links toimportant websites, and postingsconcerning class discussions and topicsof interest to you.

    You will also be required to participatin occasional discussions throughCanvas, each of which will be worth 2points.

    Final PortfolioWriting is a process. Youre not going tsharpen your ability to write by gettin

    one shot at it. Therefore, you will bencouraged to improve the assignmentthat you submit throughout the semesteuntil the last week of the course. On thfinal day of classes, youll submit to ma portfolio of all the semesterassignments, edited and sculpted to hope) perfection.

    Heres how it will work: after yosubmit an assignment to me, Irespond with comments and a gradethe grade you would receive if yodidnt do any more work on it. If yoursatisfied with your work and the grade

    then you can leave it.However, if you feel that you can d

    better, continue to work on the papethroughout the semester throughrevision, visiting with the WritinCenter, and meeting with me. At thend of the semester, youll submit youwork to me in a portfolio with a coveletter. The work that you submit shoulbe your very best. The portfolio wistand as the bulk of your grade for thclass.





    Youre a Genius all the


    Jack Kerouac

    In addition to skills and knowledge,

    Champlain College aims to teach

    students appropriate Ethical and

    Professional Standards of Conduct.

    The Academic Honesty Policy

    exists to inform students and

    Faculty of their obligations in

    upholding the highest standards of

    professional and ethical integrity.

    All student work is subject to the

    A c a d e m i c H o n e s t y P o l i c y .

    Professional and Academic practice

    provides guidance about how to

    properly cite, reference, and attribute the

    intellectual property of others. Any

    attempt to deceive a faculty member or to

    help another student to do so will be

    considered a violation of this standard.

    The penalty for plagiarism in this course

    may include, but is not limited to, failure of

    English 112. For questions or concerns, I

    encourage you to consult a reputable

    source, the Writing Center, or me.



  • 8/13/2019 CREW II Syllabus Spring 2014



    Everything that youneed to succeed in thiscourse

    Late WorkWriting is about making choices and thisis something that will be reflected in myclassroom. All assignments are absolutelydue on the specified date. However, I willallow you to turn in an assignment up toseven days past the due date withoutpenalty to your grade. If you choose todo this, I will not provide any feedbackfor your paper, something that mayhinder any revision attempts. You mustlet me know, in writingthrough eitheran email or a note submitted in classatleast 24 hours before the assignment isdue that you will submit your assignmentunder these conditions.

    Otherwise, if you do not notify meof your decision to take the extra week, I

    will not accept late work.

    Note: This policy only pertains to the majorpapers of this course and NOT to group postings,your Writing Notebook, or any other recurringassignments.

    Finally, lets face it: technology

    breaks. servers go down, transfers timeout, files become corrupt. The list goeson and on. These are not consideredemergencies. They are part of thenormal production process. An issue youmay have with technology is no excuse

    for late work. You need to protectyourself by managing your time andbacking up your work.

    Other Graded WorkThere will be a number of smallassignments throughout the semester.They will be worth 25 points each andwill mostly consist of discussion posts andresponses on our class Facebook page.. In

    total, well have at least 700 points.Youll notice I havent marked thedue dates of these assignments on thecourse schedule. Ive done so to keep youon your toes. Though you will certainlyhave ample time to complete eachassignment, you must be involved in classin order to be on task.

    Students RequiringAccommodations

    If you believe that you requireaccommodations in this class, pleasecontact Counseling and AccommodationServices as soon as possible. You will beable to schedule a meeting with DeniseMyers and have your documentationreviewed. During that meeting, Denisewill provide you with letters for yourfaculty, which will detail your neededaccommodations. It is the student'sresponsibility to seek and secureaccommodations prior to the s