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Transcript of Crete Pcb Bioincubator

  • 1.The Barcelona Science Park Bioincubator CEBR Incubation Special Interest Group meeting Crete, September the 14th 2007

2. The Barcelona Science Park Bioincubator

  • Established in 2002
  • 5 companies graduated
  • 10 companies at present
  • Type of companies
    • First generation: 2002-2006 - Biotech
    • Second Generation: 2007-2010 Drug Discovery, Diagnostics, Microbiology, Medical Devices, Cosmetics, Agri-food

3. The Barcelona Science Park Bioincubator: our Philosophy

  • Located at the heart of theBarcelona Science Park : 1500 people, 3 academic research institutes, 45 companies
  • In collaboration with theTechnology Transfer Officeof theUniversity of Barcelona
  • Goal: offeringhigh quality spacefor the creation and development of technology-based companies arising mainly from an academic environment, withsupport technological infrastructure , andbusiness management and financial advise
  • Deal-flow:
    • the companies enter the Bioincubatorwhen they are legally constituted, with less than two years of activity
    • In most of the cases, via the TTO and the own PCB contacts

4. The Barcelona Science Park Bioincubator: what do we offer

    • Fully equipped laboratories for research in biotechnology at heavily discounted rates
    • 600m2.Labs of 45-90 m2
    • 3 years maximum stay extended to 4
    • Science Park environment: academic research groups, technology platforms, companies
    • Free access to the PCB scientific support services
    • Internationalization and Networking support
    • Business Management and Financial Consultancy services

5. The Barcelona Science Park Bioincubator: Funding

  • Partially funded by the ownBarcelona Science Park
  • In the First Generation (2002-2006) we had the financial support of theCatalan Government .
  • For the Second Generation (2007-2010), we count with the support of theBanco de Santander
  • Most of the projects have seed funds from national or regional governments; several of them count with business angels or VCs
  • The Bioincubator also offers the companies assistance in the fund raising process

6. The Barcelona Science Park Bioincubator: our Team

  • Two complementary Institutions: theBarcelona Science Parkand theBosch i Gimpera Foundation,the TTO of theUniversity of Barcelona
  • Barcelona Science Park expertise
    • Scientific and Technological Advise
    • In-house, national and international Networking
    • Communication and marketing support
  • Bosch i Gimpera Foundation expertise
    • Business Development and Financial advise
    • Marketing

7. The Barcelona Science Park Bioincubator:weakness and strentghs

  • Weakness: As a public incubator, not participating directly in the companies, we havelittle controlabout the development of the companies regarding progression of their scientific project, business strategy.
  • Strengths:
    • Two complementary institutionsworking together, offering the companies support and advise about a wide range of aspects, from scientific to management issues.
    • Very dynamic science parkenvironment