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Crescent Pure - An Analysis

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Crescent Pure - An Analysis

Crescent Pure - An Analysis

Sarah Ryan, Vice President, Marketing - PDBMichael Booth, CEO, PDBMatt Levor, Director,Market Research,PDB

2Decision Makers Involved

What is the present situation??3

Situation Analysis4Crescent Pure bought by PDB.Sarah Ryan has to develop a positioning strategy for Crescent. She has to choose between Energy drink, Sports Drink or a healthy organic drink positioningCrescent is an organic beverage. Its initial market was in Oregon. Peter Hooper developed the drink.

Do comprehensive Strength weakness analysisIdentify industry specificsDesign Positioning StrategyDesigning parameters for market researchDesigning user surveysData Analysis and interpretation



6Final Positioning Based on:Break-Even AnalysisMarket Research DataUser Perception of functionality

Break Even AnalysisIn order to break even net revenue must be greater than $750,000.

Variable Costs for 1 can = $1.02Selling price for 1 case = $29.76 ($1.24 per case) i.e 24 cans per case

In order to break, 11,837.2 cans per month need to be sold. (