Creating The Look That Sells Homes

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  • 1. Change it Rearrange it! Creating The Look That Sells Homes Smart Staging- With my stagingand re-design you will realizemaximum financial gains withminimal investment. Strong Track Record - My stagedhomes have sold in less than usualmarketing time frames. One Stop Shopping In addition,my services may include interiorfinishes, painting, plumbing,electrical, and landscaping.

2. Joyce gave us a detailed list of project suggestions,complete with a time line which took into account ourliving needs. 3. Joyce was extremely committed to the job. very creative and detailed-oriented,with a strong vision of how the house should look in the end. 4. Even in the clean out phase,Joyce saw the hidden potential. 5. We are truly astoundedat how much better the condo looks 6. She has an amazing eyeand knows how to make the most out of an area. 7. The bedroom looks completely different and so much better! 8. The exterior work increasedthe appeal of our home. 9. I would recommend Joyceas an interior and exterior designerwho gets very positive results. 10. Our overgrown side yardis now a welcoming side entrance. 11. We saw familiar furniturebut the room looked completely different. 12. Joyce increased the usable spaceby simply rearranging the furniture. 13. The changes to the living room were subtle but effective. 14. Joyce worked quickly and efficiently,transforming the house into one that was more spacious and attractive. 15. Creative and practical ideas were presented that would not have occurred to me. 16. Joyces staging increasedthe appeal of each room. 17. We were so thrilled with what Joyce didto make our spaces more effective and attractive. 18. The results were spectacular and the house is showing well. 19. Change it Rearrange it! Creating The Look That Sells Homes Joyce Cranford978-335-7159changeitrearrangeit@comcast.netCreative Design Affordable Pricing Professional Results