Creating a Successful Email Campaign

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Email Marketing is all about talking to your customers or potential customers about you & your services. It is about creating a relationship which will help you to gain incremental sales in your business.

Transcript of Creating a Successful Email Campaign

  • 1. Creating a Successful Email Campaign 6:30 8:00 pm, Thursday 20th March 2013, Welsh Ice

2. AGENDA Creating a Successful Email Marketing Campaigns for your eBay Customers Appealing eBay customers to your Webstore with Emails Future Meet Up What do you want ? eBayChat 3. What does your eBay Customers want ? Better Shopping Experience Better Price Know who they are Buying From ? 4. eBay Email Marketing 5. Mailing list name from General Interest to Special Offers, or something more enticing. I have a Wholesale one, whose popularity (it got to 200 members inside a week) was just amazing. Tamebay What does eBay Newsletter Look Like ? 6. Email Content Discount items A series of auctions Hand selecting products Automatically selecting them based on criteria keyword, by shop category, newly listed, highest or lowest price Call to Action - Place a bid or Buy now Special offer in the email marketing only available to email marketing subscribers Set up to choose a single product and set it as a fixed price multiple quantity listings with Best Offer. 7. Create a relationship Lead Nurturing Emails Starting to Talk with Your Customers 8. Email Clients 9. Versions Comparison 10. Email Clients 11. Future Meet Up Frequency Content Please let Others Know about FREE Meet Up 12. Setup eBay,Amazon & Rakuten Play Stores Provide Training & Consultancy Help you to Re-Market your customers Help you Expand to Europe @day2dayebay E: M:0751 8839629 What we Offer? 13. Please Leave Feedback Before You go Sign Up for FREE one Hour Assessment