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Crafting Experience Strategy. Presented at UX Strategies Summit in SF. Jun 11. 2014

Transcript of Crafting Experience Strategy

  • @cathycracks Crafting Experience Strategy UX Strategies Summit. San Francisco. Jun 12 ! Cathy Wang @cathycracks
  • @cathycracks @cathycracks Cathy Wang Dreamer of the future. Nomadic Vancouverite found mostly in Europe. Lover of whisky. Director, User Experience at epam Empathy Lab
  • @cathycracks The Traveling Salesman Problem
  • @cathycracks ant colony optimisation algorithm the solution
  • @cathycracks
  • @cathycracks a complex problem in a network of touchpoints Disconnect in Experience
  • @cathycracks org users Business goals Corporate strategy Infrastructure capability & culture Layers of services delivered through Internal product / services B2B services & integration Goals Needs Expectations Emotions
  • @cathycracks Designing interactions within a network of systems to deliver meaningful product / services. Experience Strategy:
  • @cathycracks the way we experience the world is changing
  • @cathycracks how services/products reach us has changed
  • @cathycracks SPECIAL THANKS: Marei Wllersberger NOW FUTURE frame of mind ABSTRACT CONCRETE What do we want to do? How do we get to the future? What can we do to make it happen? How does this compare to now?
  • @cathycracks Marketplace Business Product/ Services Customer Enablers Experience Strategy Framework ASPIRE PLAN EXECUTE MEASURE
  • @cathycracks Marketplace Business Product/ Services Customer Enablers Narrow-Minded Approach ASPIRE PLAN EXECUTE MEASURE Look at this app that can do this and that We should have an app We have an app!
  • @cathycracks Narrow-Minded Approach Marketplace Business Product/ Services Customer Enablers ASPIRE PLAN EXECUTE MEASURE The customers are not using the app Who will provide content for the app Our app does not stand out Sorry you cant login with your existing username
  • @cathycracks The interconnected system Enablers Customer Business Product / Service Marketplace Experience Strategy
  • @cathycracks ASPIRE What do we want to do?
  • @cathycracks Design Research Liz Sanders
  • @cathycracks 2. APPLY1. ANALYZE TREND CANVAS CONSUMER Which (new) customer groups could you Shifts: Long-term, widespread macro changes Triggers: Recent, short-term changes or technologies Emerging Consumer Expectations TREND: Basic Needs Inspiration Who Look into the Future
  • @cathycracks Building Market Context Informational Commercial Service Oriented Product Oriented UK telcom service provider service mapping
  • @cathycracks Discover new opportunities
  • @cathycracks PLAN How do we get to the future?
  • @cathycracks An organizations ability to learn, and translate that learning into action rapidly, is the ultimate competitive advantage. - Jack Welch
  • @cathycracks Long-term Digital Roadmap Mid-term Short-term Low-hanging fruit Org capability Tech capability - team of 7 in place - innovation centre up and running - Content development team established ~12 months ~6 months ~3 months now - outsource analytics data - migration to new platform completed - CDN server up and running - VDN license in place - migration from native app to hybrid app completed tablet mobile web others KPI checkpoint KPI checkpoint
  • @cathycracks EXECUTE What can we do to make it happen?
  • @cathycracks Experience Design UI Product Print HTML/CSS Emotion Service Tangible Intangible informed by marketplace business product / services customer enablers
  • @cathycracks Precious Studio. Multiscreen patterns Ecosystem of multi-screens Experience does not happen on just 1 screen. Designing the experience between the screens.
  • @cathycracks Service Design Designing the intangible to bring value.
  • @cathycracks Emotion Journey Phase of Journey Awareness Consideration Intent Decision Use Emotional Experience
  • @cathycracks MEASURE How does this compare to now?
  • @cathycracks Did we fulll what we planned to do? Qualitative v.s Quantitative KPIs
  • @cathycracks Product Iteration New Product
  • @cathycracks Marketplace Business Product/ Services Customer Enablers ASPIRE PLAN EXECUTE MEASURE Non-Linear Process
  • @cathycracks Marketplace mCommerce Market Business Revenue Stream Partnership Product / Service New Service Customer Uninterrupted ow Enabler #shopthis
  • @cathycracks Look at the bigger picture. Step outside of the problem to solve a problem. Systematic Thinking Holistic Approach Ongoing Iteration Rene with ndings to stay competitive.
  • @cathycracks Further Readings Traveling Salesman Problem Emergence: The Connected Lives of Ants, Brains, Cities, and Software Consumer Trend Canvas Berg Cloud Developer Wired + MasterCards ShopThis London Underground Baby-on-board badge Credits