CPS 516 : Data-intensive Computing Systems

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CPS 516 : Data-intensive Computing Systems. Instructor: Shivnath Babu TA: Jie Li. A Brief History. Time. Relational database management systems. 1975- 1985. Let us first see what a relational database system is. 1985- 1995. 1995- 2005. 2005- 2010. 2020. User/Application. Data. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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CPS 216: Advanced Database Systems

CPS 516: Data-intensive Computing SystemsInstructor: Shivnath BabuTA: Jie LiA Brief HistoryRelational database management systemsTime1975-19851985-19951995-20052005-20102020Let us first see what a relational database system isData ManagementDataQueryQueryQueryUser/ApplicationDataBase Management System (DBMS)Example: At a CompanyIDNameDeptIDSalary10Nemo12120K20Dory15679K40Gill8976K52Ray3485KIDName12IT34Accounts89HR156MarketingEmployeeDepartmentQuery 1: Is there an employee named Nemo?Query 2: What is Nemos salary?Query 3: How many departments are there in the company?Query 4: What is the name of Nemos department?Query 5: How many employees are there in the Accounts department?DataBase Management System (DBMS)High-levelQuery Q

DBMSDataAnswerTranslates Q intobest execution planfor current conditions,runs planExample: Store that Sells CarsMakeModelOwnerIDHondaAccord12ToyotaCamry34MiniCooper89HondaAccord156IDNameAge12Nemo2234Ray4289Gill36156Dory21CarsOwnersFilter (Make = Honda andModel = Accord)Join (Cars.OwnerID = Owners.ID)MakeModelOwnerIDIDNameAgeHondaAccord1212Nemo22HondaAccord156156Dory21Owners ofHonda Accordswho are