CPP Liaisons Meeting

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CPP Liaisons Meeting Imaging USA 2013

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CPP Liaisons Meeting . Imaging USA 2013. Pathway. To avoid confusion, candidates will be required to pass the exam first, then confirm skill with image submission . Pathway. Only one exam (although many versions) No Sports/Events or Commercial. Changes to Candidacy. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of CPP Liaisons Meeting

  • CPP Liaisons Meeting

    Imaging USA 2013

  • To avoid confusion, candidates will be required to pass the exam first, then confirm skill with image submission


  • Only one exam (although many versions)

    No Sports/Events or Commercial


  • Candidacy Application is active for two years

    Initial Fee: $200 (from $100)

    Net Savings of $50 - No annual fee!

    Changes to Candidacy

  • Examination results (sent to candidate by e-mail)

    Candidates who do not pass the exam will receive their Score Report broken out by section.

    Allowing candidate to know the area in which there are proficient and need to improve


  • INDIVIDUAL SCORES REPORT for 5175974Test: Portraitexam3Score: 62.00% (62.00 of 100.00)

    Objective PointsCamera, Lenses, & Attachments 18.00 of 27.00Composition and Design 11.00 of 12.00Digital Post Production 9.00 of 11.00Exposure and Meters 9.00 of 17.00Film, Digital Capture, & Output 8.00 of 15.00Lighting 7.00 of 18.00


  • Image SubmissionCandidate can participate in three rounds within the candidacy

    If unsuccessful passing, can opt for Re-candidacy

    Image Submission

  • Re-Candidacy $100 for one consecutive year with 3 more Image Submission opportunitiesNo limit on Re-candidacy

    Image Submission

  • Candidates will no longer receive feedback on specific images but rather on the entire body of work

    Listed as a summary

    Image Submission

  • No longer offering individual sessionsInstead all candidates will receive a summary of why their images did not passOnline videos explaining each image submission requirement will be added online later this year

    Feedback Session

  • $100 Recertification Fee (for 3 years)

    Waived if candidate attends Imaging USA three consecutive years


  • Education: 15 CEUsImaging USA=8Affiliate School of at least 4 days =5Affiliate School of at least 2 days = 3Other multi-day photography education=4Online Education (max of 2)=TBA


  • Exam

    Only required if certified member does not have the required CEUs


  • Image Submission/Education

    No longer an option for recertification


  • PPA Sponsored Exams/Super Certification Day PPA markets specific day for certification (in July)E-mail CPP Liaisons/PPA Affiliates about this specific date and help in proctoring in multiple locations

    Sponsored Exams

  • Study Resources for CandidatesSample TestVideos over Each Image Requirement

    Marketing Material for CPPs Downloadable materials

    New Resources

    ****This will protect the volunteer judges and their workload. Currently Candidates submit just to submit with little preparation because there is no limit on how many times they can go through this process.*Results currently sent mailResults like SAT or GRE scores*Sample of what the candidates who fail the exam will receive **********