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Campus plus will guide you to achieve your dream with a great social environment which encourages peer to peer learning in tandem with the expert lectures. Unlike other platform you play and earn your competitive edge.

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COURSEEPLUS is a Social Learning Platform which connects Knowledge Providers and Seekers.

Our motto is to flip the classroom using Social Enabled Technology and we provide world class learning to the Seekers from the Experts and Engage the Learners Never before any platform.


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We bring learning to people instead of people to learning

Learning – E-learning – Re-learning


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Co-Branded platform – Courseeplus and College logo will be displayed in the software.

Author Login Author acts a admin and add students to the network Author has a complete control on what every student post & comment in

the network Posting wall supports almost all the file formats like PDF, Word, Excel, PPT,

Videos, zip file.etc., Free Courses in Various Categories like,

Software Business Life skills Arts Science Maths Management Engineering and others.


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What Campus plus offers ? An open wall to interact on the topics which is there or supportive to the curriculum.

Social network based learning platform aimed and developed to implement the concept “FLIP THE CLASSROOM”.

“FLIP THE CLASSROOM” inverts traditional teaching methods, delivering instruction online outside of class and moving “homework” into the classroom.

Dedicated team of product support from Courseeplus to help & support the Authors in

delivering the course materials, Assignments & Projects.

Free courses which enlighten the students with basic concepts and derives.

Paid courses on almost all the subjects for both the Teachers and Students to enrich their knowledge.



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How Campus plus operates ? Teachers record & post video lectures and / or share the references in the form of YouTube link,

Word document, Power point Presentation, Portable Document Format and So on.

Students can access the same at home on their computers or mobile devices clarify their doubts anytime from anywhere.

Students spend class time actively a opposed to passively sitting through the lectures.

Teachers can give assignments, short-term projects and track the activity of each student on any specific assignment or project.

Students can test their knowledge on the subjects with quizzes available.

Book store with ‘N’ number of books / journals helps student for references

Students can form their Groups & Forums and involve themselves in any constructive Curricular, Cultural and Socio-cultural activities.


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A FEATHER IN THE CAP Teachers enrich their knowledge through the book store, free/paid courses and

develop presentations and videos for the course materials, which in turn helpsthem in updating their knowledge and skills.

Students can ask their doubts from wherever they are and whenever they want[even through mobile]

Students are made motivated towards the activities through the concept of“Badges”. They earn a badge for each assignment / course they complete.

High inclination towards learning definitely produce better results which in turnaccolades the institution’s name in the society.

Job-Boards & Events updates students on the Competitions, Internships,On / Off Campus recruitment, Training programs, Work shops, Symposiums etc.,This develops a strong reputation for the institution in the society and that’s howthe CAMPUS PLUS adds a feather in the cap of the institution.


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Contact us for a free demo:Rangarajan JayashankarBusiness Development ManagerMobile: 08754540002E-Mail: [email protected]