Course: High-Speed and Low-Power VLSI  (97.575) Professor: Maitham Shams

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Course: High-Speed and Low-Power VLSI  (97.575) Professor: Maitham Shams Presentation : True Single-Phase Adiabatic Circuitry By Ehssan Hosseinzadeh Special Student. Outline. Introduction Adiabatic – Switching Circuits True Single-Phase adiabatic Circuit Results Conclusion - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of Course: High-Speed and Low-Power VLSI  (97.575) Professor: Maitham Shams

  • Course: High-Speed and Low-Power VLSI (97.575)

    Professor: Maitham Shams

    Presentation: True Single-Phase Adiabatic CircuitryBy Ehssan HosseinzadehSpecial Student

  • OutlineIntroductionAdiabatic Switching CircuitsTrue Single-Phase adiabatic CircuitResultsConclusionReferences

  • IntroductionImportance of Reducing Power DissipationTechniques=>Parallelism => Pipeline=> Transformation=> Reduce the Chip wide Supply voltage=> Energy Recovery

  • Adiabatic - Switching CircuitsConventional EnergeticSwinging voltage on capacitor:- Zero => VV => ZeroEngergy dissipation per transition E= CV2

  • Adiabatic - Switching CircuitsRecovery EnergyEdiss= P. T = I2 . R .T = (RC/T) CV2

  • True Single-Phase adiabatic Circuit

    Different Approaches: Signal voltage swing > Vt of CMOS => Adiabatic AmplificationDynamic logic families=> 2N2P, 2N-2N2P, => True Signle-Phase Energy-Recovery Logic (TSEL) => SourceCoupled Adiabatic Logic (SCAL)

  • True Single-Phase adiabatic CircuitTrue Single-Phase Energy-Recovery Logic (TSEL) Cascades are composed of alternating PMOS and NMOS gatesTSEL GATES

  • PMOS DP:Vpc: H-LVpc VRP - |vtp|

    EP:Vin: H , Vpc:LVpc < VRP - |vtp|Ddp > |Vtp| Vpc VRP - |vtp|

    NMOSEN:Vpc > VRN + |vtn|

    CN:Vpc VRN + |vtn|

  • TSEL CascadesTSEL Cascades are built by stringing together alternating PMOS and NMOS gates

  • SCAL GatesSingle Phase power Clock Operation

    Tunable Current Source at each Gate

  • VpcVbpVbn

    DP:Vpc: H-LAdiabatlically tillVpc > |Vtp|EP:Vpc: L-HVbp increaseVdd - |Vbp| > |Vtp|Vpc < Vxp - |Vtp|Dpp > |Vtp|Vpc > Vxp - |Vtp|

  • SCAL Cascades

  • Results8-bit Carry-Lookahead adder (CLAs)Developed in Static CMOS, PAL, 2N2P, TSEL, SCAL (0.5um) Freq: 10 200 MHzSCAL CLA => 1.5 2.5 times more efficient than PAL, 2N2PSCAL CLA => 2 5 times less dissipative than purely combinational or pipelined CMOS

  • ConclusionTrue Single-phase adiabatic logic family:TSEL, SCALSource-coupled variant of TSEL => Increase energy efficiency by using tunable current source Avoid the problems:Multiple Power-clock schemes- Increased energy dissipation- Layout Complexity in clock distribution,- Clock Skew- Multiple powerclock generator

  • ReferencesTrue Single Phase Adiabatic Circuitry, Suhwan Kim and Mario PapaefthymiouEnergy Recovery For Low Power CMOS, WC Athas and N. TzartanisLow Power Digital Systems Based on Adiabatic-Switching Principles, William C. Athas