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Human Geography presentation on tourism last year. All slides created my members of my geography class ( Creators names are in brackets )

Transcript of Courmayeur, Italy ( Nii Adjei Ala-Lomo )

  • Tourism In Courmayeur, Italy By : Nii Adjei
  • Location The mountaineering and winter sports resort Courmayeur is located near the head of the scenic Val dAosta in the extreme north-west of Italy. It lies at the foot of Mont Blanc, the highest mountain in the Alps, close to where the main road linking Turin and France passes through the Mont Blanc tunnel.
  • Type of environment The terrain is mostly rugged and mountainous; some plains, coastal lowlands. The climate is alpine.
  • Attractions SKIING: The resort rises from 1224m to 3470m. The main skiing area with 100km of marked piste, is reached by cable cars. APRES-SKI: In the evening you can sample local Aosta specialties such as fontina cheese and wines from northern Italy. The resort: Courmayeur is a traditional town. It has a range of accommodation, great cuisine, varied shopping, lively nightlife, an ice rink and a swimming pool. Nearby : There are opportunities for walking, climbing and horse-riding . You can even take a cable car to the Cresta dArp and across the Mont Blanc massif.
  • Disadvantages of tourism in Courmayeur At peak times tourists outnumber the local population. The traditional village is swamped by new buildings such as hotels and restaurants. These new buildings spoil the beautiful scenery. The local culture is on the verge of being lost. Farmers have lost farmland and the locals have lost their traditional jobs. House prices have risen, increasing the cost of living. Employment is seasonal due to winter related jobs such ski instructors. The alpine ecosystem is destroyed by deforestation on hillsides. Also increasing risk of avalanches. Increase in traffic has lead to an increase in acid rain.
  • Positive impacts of tourism in Courmayeur There is now an abundance of better paid jobs. Reduces rural-urban migration since youth no longer have to leave their area to find jobs. Roads have been enhanced. There is a better supply of water and electricity; along with better sewage disposal. Leisure amenities are now available to local people. There are improved shopping centre's. It has contributed to economic development. Tourism has also lead to the creation of the Gran Paradiso national park which protects the Alpine ibex and other species.
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