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Music Video: Costumes, Props and locations



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Music Video: Costumes, Props and


Page 2: Costumes, props and locations

CostumesBoth of these costumes are going to be worn by the artist in the beach location. They are both summer outfits, as I want to portray a happy, sunny atmosphere (even if the weather isn’t very sunny).

The white polka dot dress exudes a girly, playful edge and the colour white has connotations of innocence and purity. The blue silk scarf will be used as a cover up and it also adds colour to the whole outfit. The black playsuit is on trend, simple and practical. The sunglasses will be used as a prop to reinforce the setting of a sunny summers day.

Both of these beach costumes are typical outfits worn by teenage girls, so not only will they appeal to the target audience but the target audience will be able to relate to the protagonist.

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This outfit has a juxtaposition of feminine elegance from the white lace dress, which is contrasted with the black leather jacket that exudes an edgy rock chic vibe. The jacket will give the artist warmth as we are filming during Autumn, while also pulling the whole outfit together. The belt accentuates her waist, while the sandals add a summer feel to the outfit. This costume would be worn in the woodland scenes. The dress is short but the high neckline makes this dress look classy although fun and casual enough for a daytime outfit.

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CostumesThis costume will be worn in the woodland scene. The maxi skirt is on trend which conveys a stylish individual, but I’ve tried to keep the outfit simple with minimal jewellery.

The pale pink colour of the skirt evokes a feminine feel, while the chiffon material conveys a whimsical vibe. The costume reinforces the ‘free-spirit’, Indie style which I want to portray through my music video.

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The sunglasses will be used to reinforce the sunny, warm atmosphere of the music video, whilst also injecting some glamour. The silk scarf will be used as a cover up during the beach scene and it will also introduce some colour to the outfit. The guitar’s main use is to convey the typical acoustic conventions of Indie music, and the shots of the instrument will also make the music seem more authentic and real.

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Woodland location Beach location

My target audience interview revealed that members of my target audience prefer music videos set in multiple outside location. Most of the Indie/acoustic music videos I’ve analysed are also set outside. Therefore my main locations are outside; one is a woodland setting and the other is a beach setting. The woodland setting will be where most of the performance section of the video takes place – where my artist will be lip syncing. The beach setting will be where the narrative is filmed, as it’s a very atmospheric location. Both settings will reinforce the Indie genre as they are rural locations which evoke wilderness and adventure as I have found these are key themes within music videos I’ve analysed.

Page 7: Costumes, props and locations

Beach sample shot

Here is a short clip I filmed while on holiday in preparation for my music video (click image to play video). This is going to be the main location for the narrative part of my music video as I like the hippy/ free spirit vibe the beach setting evokes, which I would like to portray through my music video, thus reinforcing the typical Indie genre conventions.