Costumes & props A2

Costumes & Props Judy Katia Noor Courtney

Transcript of Costumes & props A2

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Costumes & Props



Page 2: Costumes & props A2

Posters (character difference)

Zoey will be hanging up the zombie poster in her bedroom, whilst a split screen is depicted. This will portray the deviation between Zoey and Claire, showing how a normal human would act and how a zombie would act.

Claire will be portrayed as a normal teenage fan girl and she will be hanging up a poster of Ronaldo, which reinforces the fact that teens especially at her age admire celebrities.

Page 3: Costumes & props A2

Contact Lenses

The person who will be playing Zoey’s character will be wearing white contact lenses to give a nice zombie effect. The contact lenses enables the audience to differentiate between the zombie girl and the normal ordinary girl.

Page 4: Costumes & props A2

Fake Blood

We will be creating our own fake blood at home by watching a variety of tutorials and seeing which tutorial suits us best. The fake blood will foreshadow danger, blood shed lots of life and the idea of violence.

Page 5: Costumes & props A2

Fake Hand

The fake hand will be used for the shaking hands scene. The fake hand will make it more comedic and would reinforce the idea of Zoey being a zombie. We may apply some fake blood to it , to portray it as quite realistic and gory.

Page 6: Costumes & props A2

Fake Nails and Nail FilerFake nails will be applied to the persons fingers so they will be easy to fall off. We will be decorating them and applying dark nail polish to it to make them look old and zombie suitable.

The nail filer will also be used in this scene, as Claire is filing Zoey’s nails, Zoey’s nails begin to fall off. This will portray the comedic side of the trailer.

Page 7: Costumes & props A2

Zombie Girl Costume

We will be creating the zombie costume as a group, by using a plain white T-shirt cutting through it making it dirty by drying coffee/tea stains on it and also applying fake blood to it to give it a deadly, gory effect.

Page 8: Costumes & props A2

Zombie Guy Costume

We will use the same method on this costume by staining it with tea/coffee, cutting through it and splattering it with fake blood.

Page 9: Costumes & props A2

Food DifferenceIn the dining scene Zoey’s food will consist of a brain. We will be making this out of spaghetti by placing it in a bowl and allowing it to cool down. This will form a round shape which will look similar to a brain.

Claire will be eating a normal cooked dinner, through this scene we are able to deviate between the two characters.

Page 10: Costumes & props A2


The hairbrush will be used in the scene when Claire is brushing Zoey’s hair. This is when Zoey’s hair falls out and this is another comedic scene.

Page 11: Costumes & props A2


The phone will be used for the two characters to take selfies together and to exchange selfies. This will highlight the key idea which is their true friendship.

Page 12: Costumes & props A2

Mail (Letters)

This scene consists of a postman and mail, this is when Zoey becomes blood thirsty and bites the postman's hand. This is also the time when the camera depicts his reaction to the bite.

Page 13: Costumes & props A2


The straightener will be used for the hair scene showing the difference between Zoey and Claire. When Claire’s hair is almost done they see it as neat and beautiful until it automatically messes up again.