Cosmic Awareness 2011-05: What Is Keeping David Icke Alive? The Movie "Pleasantville" And Ascension

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Transcript of Cosmic Awareness 2011-05: What Is Keeping David Icke Alive? The Movie "Pleasantville" And Ascension


2. Under the Cosmic Copyright reproduction of this newsletter or any of its content is permitted andencouraged by C.A.C.CAC GENERAL READING 3-21-11 (MARCH 21, 2011) WILLBERLINGHOF INTERPRETER, JOAN MILLS QUESTIONER &ENERGIZER(NO OPENING MESSAGE)WHEN AWARENESS SENDS ENERGIES TOTHE MEMBERSHIPQuestioner: The first question is from Kathy Kevany. Shewrites: "I was rereading the closing message in the July 2010newsletter: This Awareness wishes at this time to send Itsenergies to the membership to help them each and every oneto activate within themselves a new strength of determinationand a new resolve in working their lives towards theirproposed plans and ideals. This Awareness feels a need atthis time to help the many who are struggling in these mostdifficult times by sending Its energies, both in this moment aswell as upon the reading of this information. Therefore, thisAwareness will send energies to one and all of themembership and does so now. Her question, "Would wereceive these energies again every time we read this? It feelsa little like cheating." Your comment please? 3. Cosmic Awareness: This would not be considered by thisAwareness as cheating at all. It would indeed be receivedeach and every time, for this Awareness is working in theEternal Now and when It sent Its energies to the membershipupon that original date of the reading It was in the EternalNow. The reading by a member of the organization at a laterdate would also be in the Eternal Now, thus once againopening the passageway for the reception of the energies thatthis Awareness sent on the original date. This occurs againand again upon reading the passage, and the sending of theenergy that was sent on that original date would indeed beonce again received.Indeed, this Awareness would even say to all the readers thateach and every time they think of this Awareness sendingthem Its energies, that they themselves tune into that EternalMoment and can again receive the energies of thisAwareness. This way of thinking about this matter is, ofcourse, quite different to the real time concept that mosthuman beings work with, where an event only happens once inreal time. This Awareness in Its own unique way must chuckleat this concept of real time, for time itself is artificial innature and is only a convenience that was created bymankind in order to organize that which was perceived as thepassage of events that was then referred to as time.In the conceptualization of the human mind to that abstract 4. concept of time, the measuring of time became an importantmatter, thus the invention of timing devices. The most recenttiming devices are ultra sophisticated - thus there is thecreation of the 10,000-year clock. This digitalconceptualization of time has brought in the concept of realtime, indicating something that is happening in the presentmoment. This Awareness simply regards this as the EternalNow, and one can always connect to the Eternal Now bysimply tuning in to the moment of their power, this moment intime. Thus, this Awareness reiterates that the energies thatthis Awareness sends in the Eternal Now are always available,even upon subsequent re-readings of the particular issuewhere this Awareness made Its comments and sent Itsenergies. This Awareness is complete, however It is alwaysopen to any further questions regarding the Eternal Now.STRANGE PLUM ISLAND CREATURESQuestioner: (Thank you, very interesting). We have somethingfrom DK. He writes: "Awareness has said that the entityJesse Ventura is a true patriot. I was watching his show onPlum Island and they were talking about bio-weaponsdeveloped there. They also talked about mutated bodieswashing up on the shore of nearby Montauk Island. Twocreatures and one humanoid creature with extremely longfingers and 5 holes drilled in his head were washed up. CanAwareness comment further on these creatures and the 5. situation of Plum Island, thank you?"Cosmic Awareness: It is seen that Plum Island, MontaukIsland, or the area in question here has indeed undergroundbases of the Reptilians, and that these Reptilians have indeed,been doing that which is genetic engineering as they so oftenhave in the past, and these creatures that were washed up onthe shore were part of the engineering of the geneticmaterials to create these unique individuals with a specificskill-set that would have been well adapted for certain tasksthat the Reptilian/Orions need of them. This is whatoccurred and the discovery of these creatures was thediscovery of those beings that were artificially createdthrough genetic engineering.Questioner: Are there more places that have this particularinstance?Cosmic Awareness: There are several other undergroundbases, but the base under Plum Island is the main base.Several intersecting tunnel systems connect it to the rest ofthe world; this being the secret underground tube-systemthat the extraterrestrial beings use frequently.THE MOVIE "PLEASANTVILLE" AND THE ASCENSIONQuestioner: Thank you. We go to Leonard Donsbach withregard to Pleasantville. He writes: "I just finished watching a 6. movie I had recorded from TV some years ago. The plot isthat two high school students get swept into their TV to atown that is in black and white. Everything there is pleasant,avoiding any emotion or feeling or color. These two studentsbegin to have an influence on the townspeople and graduallythey all attain color as they come to grips with their ownfeelings and emotions.What struck me about the movie was its similarity to what wemay be expecting with the Ascension. One by one as peoplecome into a higher awareness or something similar, they mayexperience a shift similar to what the characters did in themovie. An interesting element to the movie was thereluctance of the townspeople to change, which resulted inanger. I wonder what Awareness would say about the moviessimilarities to the Ascension and if It would recommend it toanyone?" Your comments please?Cosmic Awareness: This Awareness first of all congratulatesthis entity for the extrapolation into an analogy with theAscension experience that being breaking free of theparadigms of belief that confinehumanity into the box of reality that they have conceivedinto that which is a much broader and more magnificent boxof possibilities. In the movie Pleasantville the original themewas that of the classic movies of the 50s in that which wasthe Golden Era of early TV where shows, such as the Donna 7. Reed show, Leave It to Beaver, My 3 Sons and otherearlier shows Harriet and Ozzie, for example, painted avery pleasant picture of life at that time. It was not indeed anaccurate picture, for many experienced other lives quitedifferent than the Cleavers in Leave It to Beaver, forexample, and the theme of the movie Pleasantville was tocapture that particular time-frame that many see now as thegolden era.In the movie itself the young man was fascinated withPleasantville, and when he was transported there heinadvertently took his sister with him. She was more of arebel, and she was not fascinated as her brother was with thesocial conventions of the time, and as a rebel she refused tobe confined by the paradigms of belief that governed life inPleasantville - that as long as one stayed within theconventions of belief in that make-up reality, that all was well,all was pleasant. She brought her passions into this verysecure reality and she bucked the system, refusing to playalong with the games.Slowly she brought these passions to others and as theyopened up their hearts and their minds, as they allowed thepassion to flow into them, they were transformed. They beganto see colors and experience events that were not of thenature of those normally experienced by those ofPleasantville. For example, the fire department had never 8. fought a fire before because such a tragic event was simplynot allowed within the parameters of accepted experiences inthat town known as Pleasantville, and yet finally a fire didoccur in the front yard of the family that the two went to, andthis was so unique and unknown that no one understood thisevent, no one recognized what fire was, and the young manhad to show the fire department itself, which had never foughta fire, what to do, and how to extinguish this blaze.In the allegory to what is occurring now, there are manyfacets of life that are accepted as totally valid andunapproachable. One cannot exceed that which are theexpectations of society, of the collective mind, and those whowould bring alternate thought into this matter, and who wouldbring their passions into this present day reality, are seen asanarchists and rebels, deviants to society who should be putdown. This indeed occurred in the context of the movie,where many could not accept what was starting to occur, andthey saw the introduction of passion and emotions, colors andevents of an extraordinary nature, not acceptable to them andthey fought desperately against this new order sweeping awaythe old.This too is very similar to what will occur and is alreadyoccurring to those many who hold to the old social order, andwho do not want to consider that a new social order is on thehorizon, and are in denial that changes are occurring or that 9. changes are needed. Eventually, when all became participantin the new order that had replaced the old in Pleasantville, allsaw colors, and all expanded the edges of their parameters. Itis to be remembered that the roads out of Pleasantville onlywent a small distance before they were clipped off, and thatall that existed in that reality was Pleasantville and itsimmediate surroundings. The world as such beyondPleasantville simply did not exist.With the introduction of the new levels of understanding andawareness, with the new social order and the new paradigmsof belief that came in, the world also became a greater placeand in the end the sister