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Corporate Wellness is getting more recognized and supported as a way to decrease corporate health care cost, reduce absenteeism, increase work force productivity, engagement and morale.

Transcript of Corporate Wellness

  • Corporate Wellness, Nutrition and Lifestyle Consulting Proper Diet Judith Coulson Coulson Holding Co.,Ltd Exchange Tower 388 Sukhumvit Rd. Bangkok 10110 M +66 89 205 1530 E [email protected] Nutrition & Fitness Coach SAFS, Switzerland Nutrition for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention, University of California Child Nutrition and Cooking, Stanford University Thai Traditional Medicine Therapist, Wat Po Chetawan, Bangkok
  • Disease Prevention and Health Promotion Why Corporate Wellness is getting more important Proper Diet Direct and indirect Health Care costs are rising and have an increasing impact on a companies budget. Early work disability or work limitations, caused by preventable disease are increasing fast, especially in middle and low income countries The advertising of disease promoting eating and lifestyle habits is high, what is leaving people misinformed and confused. Healthy food and lifestyle habits are common knowledge, but not common practice. Who will benefit most in your organization? Executives 30+, that work goal oriented and dont have a usual 40 work hours a week. Are leading a department or team and need to be alert, responsive, effective, efficient and emotionally balanced on a daily basis.
  • Corporate Wellness Nutrition and Lifestyle Consulting BENEFITS for the Employer: Proper Diet Decreased rates of illness and injuries Reduced health care insurance costs Reduced corporate human capital costs Reduced employee absenteeism Increased productivity and engagement Lower production waste Higher resistance to occupational and stress hazards Improved employee relations and moral Enhanced recruitment and retention of healthy employees
  • The cost of poor eating and lifestyle habits: Poor lifestyle and food choices, increased access and consumption of medication Reduced activity levels Stress and environmental influences Higher Disease Risk Increased rates of emotional and physical illness, chronic disease and depression, decreased mobility, longer recovery times Reduced Quality of Life Increased health care and insurance costs for individuals, companies and economy Increased employee work disability and absenteeism Significant Financial Impact
  • Financial costs of preventable stress and chronic disease work disability: Medical expenses for a chronic sick employee are 42% higher than for a healthy employee. (direct and indirect) A chronic sick employee can be up to 30% less productive than a healthy one, due to increased fatigue, side effects of drug consumption, lack of concentration, headaches, nausea and a low immune system. Chronically sick employees have a 30% lower ability to deal with occupational stress factors, have a lower emotional tolerance and therefore are prone to cause workplace conflicts.
  • How we work? Proper Diet Nutrition& Lifestyle consulting Assessment & Research Nutrition and basic human Physiology education Goal setting & special needs Action plan and implementation Support tools Re- assessment and feedback
  • How are we different? Proper Diet Constant updated education, according to the newest evidence based research in Physiology, Fitness & Nutrition, Economy and Health Coaching and consulting Business Executives for 4 years on topics of Health and Nutrition but also on Business Development, Networking Hands on practical approach in an easy to understand language, changing 1 habit at the time according to the customer needs, ability and taste.
  • What our clients say about us: Proper Diet We could see a high motivation of our employees to make habit changes and share success stories with each other even weeks after the workshop Towers Watson The workshop content was easy to understand, the newly gained knowledge could be straight away adopted into normal life and shared with friends and family Hotel Siam Kempinski We have been surprised to see that our executives actively contributed to the sessions. The feedback was great and we are looking forwards to learn more. - Central Retail Group
  • What options do we offer: 1. 6 month+ program For your executive level. To increase engagement and productivity, reduce absenteeism, production waste, work disability, increased resistance to occupational and stress hazards. Customized to our clients needs. 1 workshop a 2-3 hours per month *THB 7000 per hour 2. 3 month+ program Same benefits as nr. 1, limited topics and comprehension. Customized to our clients needs. 1 workshop a 2-3 hours per month *THB 7200 per hour 3. 1 day or workshops Limited benefits to nr. 1. Basic nutrition knowledge and comprehension. Customized to our clients needs. *THB 7500 per hour 4. Personal Coaching for Individuals For your executive level to prevent, manage or reverse an existing health condition. *THB 5000 per hour for a single assessment *THB 20000 per month for a 1 month coaching program *Exclusive travel costs, printing of handouts, printout translation, technical workshop setup and VAT
  • Corporates we worked with so far: Proper Diet
  • Judith Coulson-Geissmann Master Coach and Program Developer Proper Diet Nationality: Swiss Birthdate: 15.04.1973 Legal status: married with 2 teenagers Living in Thailand: since 2007 Worked in Thailand: Executive Director, Integrative Medicine, (HMC) Director BNI (Business Network International) Managing Director Coulson Holding Co. Ltd. ( & ) Background Education: Business Administration Hospitality Operations Fitness & Nutrition Trainer & Coach Learning Therapist Thai Traditional Medicine Therapist Disease Prevention and Health Promotion Coach Child Nutrition and Cooking Consultant