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  • JackspeakA Guide to British Naval Slang & Usage

    Rick Jolly

    A comprehensive reference guide to the humorous and colourful slang of the Senior Service, explaining in layman's terms the otherwise cryptic everyday language of the Royal Navy, the Royal Marines and the Fleet Air Arm. Featuring more than 4,000 alphabetical entries, along with excellent illustrations by Tugg, the cartoonist from service newspaper Navy News, it is the essential book for current and ex-Navy personnel and anyone interested in the modern armed forces.

    9781844861446 Hardback 12.99

    Cutty Sark e Last of the Tea Clippers

    Eric Kently

    A brand new volume developed with the Cutty Sark Trust, telling the eventful history of one of the worlds most famous and celebrated ships from her construction at Dumbarton in 1869 and her famous tea voyages, through to the dramatic re and painstaking restoration. With crew accounts, log entries and rare and previously unpublished historical images, this is the ultimate book on the Cutty Stark.

    9781844862344 Hardback 20.00

    LifeboatCourage on Our Coasts

    Photographs by Nigel MillardEdited by Dr Huw Lewis-Jones

    For nearly two hundred years the volunteers of the Royal National Lifeboat Institution have shown courage and sel essness in facing storms and shipwrecks to o er assistance. is unprecedented new book is a photographic celebration of the everyday bravery, compassion and commitment in the toughest of conditions. From the Cornish coasts to the Shetland Isles, we join Nigel Millard as he travels the length of Britain and Ireland, living and working with his fellow lifeboatmen.

    9781844862177 Hardback 25.00

    Warship 2014 Edited by John Jordan

    is latest annual volume maintains the impressive standards of scholarship and research from the eld of warship history. is 36th edition features a range of diverse articles including: Armoured Cruisers of the Imperial Japanese Navy; Cavour: A New Multi-Role Aircraft Carrier for the Italian Navy; e Escape of the Jean Bart from Saint-Nazaire; e Tragedy of the Submarine Mariotte as well as a detailed pro le of the cancelled CVA-01, the only British big carrier to receive Navy Board approval in the 60 years following the Second World War.

    9781844862368 Hardback 40.00

  • Nelson, Navy & Nation e Royal Navy and the British People 16881815

    Edited by Quintin Colville & James Davey

    Nelson, Navy & Nation explores the Royal Navys relationship with Britain from the Glorious Revolution to the Napoleonic Wars. e book encompasses the realities of naval life in this period; the navys connection to society; culture and national identity; and the story of Nelson's life and career. Beautifully illustrated throughout from the world-leading collections of the National Maritime Museum, the book combines accessible narrative history for the general reader with superb visual appeal.

    9781844862078 Hardback 20.00

    e Wipers Times e Famous First World War Trench Newspaper

    Introduction by Chris Westhorp

    Decades ahead of the amusing but distorting bu oonery of Blackadder Goes Forth, this complete facsimile edition of the Wipers Times, the famed trench newspaper of the First World War, is an extraordinary mix of black humour, fake entertainment programmes and pastiche articles. Produced to accompany the BBC dramatization, this is a historical masterpiece that enables us to sample the real spirit of the trenches . . . from the safety of our armchairs.

    9781844862337 Hardback 9.99

    e D-Day Kit-Bag e Ultimate Guide to the Allied Assault on Europe

    Martin Robson

    In the 70th anniversary year of the D-Day landings, this book tells this fascinating story through stunning documentary photography and over 200 key objects. Featuring the complete D-Day kit of many of the participants, the book covers objects that had an in uence at political, strategic, operational and tactical levels. Key artefacts include uniforms and personal mementoes of Generals Eisenhower, Montgomery, Patton, Bradley and Cota; the blueprints of the Mulberry harbours and rare German Army and Wa en SS material from the Normandy battle elds.

    9781844862320 Hardback 16.99

    Harrys WarCentenary Edition

    A British Tommys Experiences in the Trenches in World War One

    Harry Stinton

    Harry was a member of a bombing platoon known amongst soldiers as the Suicide club and this is his touching, brutally honest diary of his experiences of the First World War. It combines frank, unadorned prose with the author's own evocative paintings to form a unique historical document, admirable for its unromantic, matter-of-fact outlook in coping dutifully with horri c conditions.

    9781844862559 Hardback 9.99

  • e Secret Agents Pocket Manual 19391945 e Original Espionage Field Manual of the Second World War Spies

    Compiled from authentic documents originally issued by the British SOE and American OSS, this book gives a remarkable insight into the training and techniques of Allied agents operating behind enemy lines during the Second World War. e book opens with e Partisan Leaders Handbook, written in 1939 by the original M. is is an essential pocket manual for anyone fascinated by the modus operandi of the Allied secret agent.

    9781844862153 Hardback 8.99

    Mapping the First World WarBattle elds of the Great Con ict from Above

    Simon Forty

    Some one hundred years on from the Great War, Mapping e First World War provides a unique perspective on the war to end all wars. Over a hundred maps and charts show the broad sweep of events, from Germanys 1914 war goals to the nal positions of the troops. ere are maps depicting movements and battles as well as related documents, such as those on levels of conscription and numbers of weapons. Ideal for anyone interested in military history and strategy, and in the development of cartography.

    9781844862184 Hardback 20.00

    Steaming rough BritainChris Ellis and Greg Morse

    Incorporating evocative photographs and artworks from the extensive archives of the National Railway Museum, this lavish new volume explores Britain's extensive railway heritage, o ering a comprehensive history of their construction, use and subsequent preservation. e book outlines the development of Britain's railways from the coming of steam through to the rst age of the train, the 'big four', wartime service, the nationalisation of the network and the advent of diesels and electri cation.

    9781844861217 Hardback 20.00

    e Routemaster Pocket-BookEdited and compiled by Matthew Jones

    Nothing encapsulates the essence of London quite like the red double-decker Routemaster bus. Its iconic design, since its 1956 inception, has become as much a symbol of the capital as St Paul's or Tower Bridge. is book is a delightful celebration of the Routemaster, using authentic material covering its exterior and interior design, technical aspects and operation, and illustrated with diagrams and line drawings throughout. ere are sections on learning to be a bus driver (circa 1960), behind the scenes in a bus garage and even a users guide to the Gibson bus ticket machine for all aspiring 'clippies'.

    9781844861521 Hardback 7.99

  • e Racing Drivers Pocket BookColin GoodwinHB 9781844861347 7.99

    e Lancaster Bomber Pocket ManualMartin RobsonHB 9781844861538 8.99

    Bradshaw's Handbook To LondonGeorge BradshawHB 9781844861828 9.99

    e Spit re Pocket ManualMartin RobsonHB 9781844861200 7.99

    A Life On e LinesR H N HardyHB 9781844861736 14.99

    e Railwaymans Pocket BookR H N HardyHB 9781844861354 7.99

    Not Enough Room To Swing A CatMartin RobsonHB 9781844860739 7.99

    War CorrespondentJean HoodHB 9781844861316 25.00

    e 100-Gun Ship VictoryJohn MckayPB 9781844862238 14.99

    In Search Of e South PoleHuw-Lewis Jones and Kari HerbertHB 9781844861378 20.00

    e Flying Scotsman Pocket BookR. H. N. HardyHB 9781844862221 8.99

    Elizabeths Sea Dogs How e English Became e Scourge Of e Seas

    Hugh BichenoPB 9781844862146 12.99

    Battleship BismarckJack BrowerPB 9781844862245 16.99

    e Royal Navy O cers Pocket-BookBrian LaveryHB 9781844860548 6.99

    Himalaya e Exploration And Conquest Of e Greatest Mountains On Earth

    Philip ParkerHB 9781844862214 20.00

    e Commando Pocket Book 1940-1945

    Chris WesthorpHB 9781844861590 7.99

    A Seamans Pocket BookBrian LaveryHB 9781844860371 6.99

    Careless Talk Costs LivesJames TaylorHB 9781844861293 9.99

    Hornby Model Railways (New Ed)Chris EllisHB 9781844860951 14.99

    Irrepressible ChurchillKay HalleHB 9781844861194 9.99

    An O cers Manual Of e Western FrontStephen BullHB 9781844860722 7.99

    CarrierJean HoodHB 9781844861118 20.00

    Dig WW2Rediscovering e Great Wartime Battles

    Jean HoodHB 9781844861507 25.00

    Empire Of e Seas PaperbackBrian LaveryPB 9781844861323 9.99

    PiratesA General History Of e Robberies And Murders Of e Most Notorious Pirates

    Charles JohnsonHB 9780851779195 7.99


    9781844862238 The 100-Gun Ship Victory 14.99

    9781844861736 A Life On The Lines 14.99

    9781844860371 A Seaman's Pocket Book 6.99

    9781844860722 An Offi cers Manual Of The Western Front 7.99

    9781844862245 Battleship Bismarck 16.99

    9781844861828 Bradshaw's Handbook To London 9.99

    9781844861293 Careless Talk Costs Lives 9.99

    9781844861118 Carrier 20.00

    9781844861590 The Commando Pocket Book 7.99

    9781844862344 Cutty Sark 20.00

    9781844862320 The D-Day Kit-Bag 16.99

    9781844861507 Dig WW2 25.00

    9781844862146 Elizabeths Sea Dogs 12.99

    9781844861323 E