Contributing to Drupal: It's Not as Hard as it Looks

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Drupal, like any open-source project, is dependent upon voluntary participation for its success and survival. You can help the community, build skills, and increase your bottom line by actively helping make Drupal better.

Transcript of Contributing to Drupal: It's Not as Hard as it Looks

  • Contributing Its Not as Hard as It Looks Karl Kaufmann @karolus
  • If you arent in over your head, how do you know how tall you are? -T.S. ELIOT
  • About Me Fine Arts background, no formal programming education or training Visual and Graphic Design Started Drupal by doingon a deadline project Enjoy the challenge of learning new things
  • Whats In It for Me? Its for anyone, even if you have no programming experience Deepen your knowledge of Drupal, and tackle projects more quickly Boost your bottom line, and help clients and colleagues to boot!
  • Setting Up Your Environment Tools Needed: Git, Acquia Dev Desktop, Drupal 8 core Code editinguser choice of command line or dedicated apps such as SublimeText Web browser development toolsalready installed or free downloads
  • Introduction to the Issue Queue issues Go under Advanced Search, and filter by the issue tag Novice
  • Patch & Documentation Work Get started on testing and fixing Test and reroll patches No need to worry all code is checked Documentation editing is urgently needed
  • Core Mentoring Overcome stumbling blocks by reaching out to the community Drupal Office Hours: Monday: 10pm-12am EDT Wednesday: Noon-2pm EDT IRC Handle: #drupal
  • How You Can Get Involved Join programs in your area, such as local Meetups/get-togethers Starting in-house events at your organization Skype/IRC/webinars for contributors working remotely
  • Wrap-Up Suggested Resources Drupal: & Drupal Ladder (for organizing sprints): Meetup (for Drupal Events): LevelUpTuts Videos: YouTube: Search Drupal and/or specific topic
  • Thank You @karolus karolus ( username) [email protected]