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Content Sells Coffee is showcasing coffee brands’ content marketing best practices. Did you know coffee drinkers make better lovers? Swipe in and discover how content is converting coffee brands' audiences into more loyal and more profitable customers. Get content:,

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  • CONTENTSELLSCOFFEE7 Can Dos for Coffee Marketers!Curated by Frank Delmelle, Content Strategist @sQills!!! ! Showcases Series!
  • HOT STUFFContent Marketing for Coffee Brands
  • Before we start: the following slidesare conceived as a menu, showcasingthe significance of content marketingfor coffee brands worldwide...
  • ... A tailor made content marketing solution for your brand(s)will evidently require us knowing your objectives,your outlines, in brief: your briefing...
  • Please have a look... and enlighten us.
  • HOT STUFFContent Marketing for Coffee Brands
  • InspirationEnlighteningcontentConversationTalk of the town,shareable contentEducationUseful content AspirationEntertainingcontent, stories2341Content: whats in itfor coffee marketers?SQILLS MAGNIFICENT 7 CONTENT DRIVERSTMActivationCampaignablecontentCongratulationRewarding contentCollaborationEngaging,participativecontent567
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  • 1. Inspiration(enlightening content)
  • Coffee is much like wine. Its created to be savoredand experienced, and this all makes for great content.Wes Heyden, owner and operator of Roasters Coffee;image:
  • DOUWE: INSPIRING (B2B) DIGIZINE & PRINT MAGAZINEDoelgroep: Professionals uit de segmenten Medium - & Large Business, Health & Care, Education, Horecaen Small Business (Facilitair managers, F&B managers en inkopers).Doelstelling: Het interactieve magazine dient - in combinatie met het printmagazine - als ondersteunend platformvoor iedereen die in het dagelijks leven op een professionele wijze met koffie en thee te maken heeft. Met hetrelatiemagazine Douwe wil Douwe Egberts Coffee Systems de loyaliteit en retentie verhogen.;;
  • BRANDED COFFEE TABLE BOOK?Something desirable, something that acustomer will keep on their coffee tablealong with their books and magazines print publication creates a cover-to-cover experience rich in context. And itsan artifact that you can leave on a coffeetable and share or return to again.
  • 2. Conversation(shareable content, earned media)
  • Coffee brand Douwe Egbertsgot into a random conversationwithThe Dolphin Pub inHackney, which has a strongand distinctly individual Twitterfeed. The two came togetherand a highly entertainingconversation ensues. I love theway that@DouweEgbertsukjustrolled with it and respondedto@The_Dolphin_Pub. ()I think its a good reminder thatbrands should be open and notclosed when it comes to socialmedia and that way they willmore likely reap the benefits ofany opportunities to engagethat come their way.
  •; COFFEE: EDUTAINING CONTENTMEETS PREMIUM CONVERSATION MANAGEMENT 80:20 rule: Only talking about themselves 20% of the time Relevant and edutaining content on blog, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram: coffee awards/contest supplier stories (Costa Rica, El Salvador and Brazil) some candid Instagram shots of Latte artand their ber trendy Taranaki and London cafs the odd shot of their great staff customer experience photos articles about who theyve sponsored articles on blends and origins brew methods and ways to get great coffee frequent use of humour something new on average twice a week They thank customer for tweets and comments,and go the extra mile if a blogger takes the time to do a review They understand content curation, repurposing web contentand tailoring it to their two audience groups on Twitter and Facebook. And theyre loading their site with SEO keywords.Not only are Ozone leveraging theirsuppliers CSR angle and reassuring theircustomers that they have quality, but theyare taking the time to educate their clientsand building the full story of their brand.From expert caring staff and roastingprocesses through to their sponsorship ofrafting and what is an emotional storyaround their cofounder.Ozones well rounded loyalty loopthat their content is balanced across: SEO and social media based attraction Nurturing their existing customerswith info and educative pieces. And retaining them with new ideas,community Instagram shots and sharing.
  • STARBUCKS INSTAGRAM-CENTRICSOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGYStarbucks is almost definitely the brand making theabsolute most out of its Instagram-centric social mediastrategy. Starbucks strives to be seen as a local-friendly, socially conscious coffee shop that happensto have, oh, a few locations, rather than just anotherlarge corporate chain. In this particular image, we seebags of beans, for sale in the shops, that subtly boastthe Starbucks logo, and a tray of samples of thiscoffee, conceivably headed for the counter of thetweeters local Starbucks location to be handed out toindividuals. The coffee is unaltered, and thebackground is dimmed to black, allowing Starbucks toassert that when it comes to its brand, two thingsmatter: the coffee and the customers opinions.
  • Stumptown relies heavily on visual content; almost every tweet and Facebookpost includes a photo, whether its from Instagram or not. () The most engagingposts on Instagram are those that are most authentic to Stumptowns historicallyDIY work ethic, aesthetic, and company spirit, i.e those that have nothing to dowith coffee, but speak volumes about coffee (or Stumptown) at the same time.STUMPTOWN COFFEE: FANBASE INSTAGRAM;;;;
  • creates a communalexperience, even on socialmedia, where people wake upto check their Facebook andTwitter feeds, coffee in-handDiane Geurts, Marketing & PR Director Tullys Coffee
  • 3. Education(advice, useful content)
  • For many, drinking coffee is a ritual, andsavvy coffee content managers know thatcapitalizing on this common visceral reaction tothe beverage provides a rich source of content.