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How to use small spaces creatively to increase your garden's production capacity.

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  • 1.Stephany Hoffelt Johnson County Master Gardener

2. Getting Started Where to plant, what? Partial Shade ( 3-5 hours of sun) Root crops Leaf crops Herbs Ex: mintsFull Sun ( 6-10 hours of sun) Vegetables grown for fruits Herbs Ex: basil or oregano Ornamental flowers 3. Getting Started What kind of Container?The size of container determines what you can plant. Small containers hold plants that dont become top heavy. 4. Getting Started What kind of Container?Large containers such as this self contained gardening system hold larger plants or more than one plant. 5. Getting Started What type of soil?Make your own mix: 1 part garden loam 1 part coco peat or peat moss 1 part coarse sandPotting Soil works but after four six weeks you will need to add fertilizer. 6. Plant CareWateringWatering keeps roots cool. Plants may need to be watered twice a day on hot, dry days. Best to Use Self-watering containers Mulch Plant spikes 7. Plant Care FeedingTry natural fertilizers such as: Bone Meal - Phosphate Blood Meal - Nitrogen Wood Ash PotassiumCompost Tea Fish Emulsion Kelp Meal Worm Castings Apply according to directions on package. 8. Plant Care Pest Management Cultural Controls Mulching Remove diseased leaves and plants Hand pick pests Attract beneficial insects Botanical Insecticides 9. Project: Build your own selfcontained gardening system. Step One: Gather materials and equipment.Materials 2 tote boxes with lids 1 pond basket 2-foot length of 1-1/2" plastic pipe or tubing NO PVC gardening cloth Equipment: a pencil or pen a drill 1/4" or larger bit 1-1/2" bit a jig saw Step Two: Cut one tote to the height of the pond basket. 10. Project: Build your own selfcontained gardening system. Step Three Drill holes according to the first picture. Using a jigsaw, cut a circle the size of the pond basket and tubing, as pictured.Step Four Assemble inner box by placing first the pond basket, then the halved tote and finally the tubing. 11. Project: Build your own selfcontained gardening system.Step Five Cut center of lid out with a jigsaw.Step Six Snap lid over gardening cloth as is illustrated in the final picture.