Container Gardening

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Container Gardening Stephany Hoffelt Johnson County Master Gardener

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How to use small spaces creatively to increase your garden's production capacity.

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Container Gardening

Stephany HoffeltJohnson County Master Gardener

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Getting Started Where to plant, what?

Partial Shade ( 3-5 hours of sun)

•Root crops•Leaf crops•Herbs Ex: mints

Full Sun ( 6-10 hours of sun) •Vegetables grown for fruits•Herbs Ex: basil or oregano•Ornamental flowers

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Getting StartedWhat kind of Container?

The size of container determines what you can plant.

Small containers hold plants that don’t become top heavy.

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Large containers such as this self contained gardening system hold larger plants or more than one plant.

Getting Started What kind of Container?

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Getting Started What type of soil?

Make your own mix:

•1 part garden loam •1 part coco peat or peat moss•1 part coarse sand

Potting Soil works but after four – six weeks you will need to add fertilizer.

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Plant Care Watering

Watering keeps roots cool.

Plants may need to be watered twice a day on hot, dry days.

Best to Use •Self-watering containers•Mulch •Plant spikes

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Plant Care Feeding

Try natural fertilizers such as:

•Bone Meal - Phosphate•Blood Meal - Nitrogen•Wood Ash – Potassium

•Compost Tea

•Fish Emulsion•Kelp Meal•Worm Castings

Apply according to directions on package.

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Cultural Controls•Mulching

•Remove diseased leaves and plants

•Hand pick pests

•Attract beneficial insects

Botanical Insecticides

Plant Care Pest Management

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Project:Build your own self-contained gardening system.

Step One: Gather materials and equipment.

Materials2 tote boxes with lids1 pond basket2-foot length of 1-1/2" plastic pipe or tubing NO PVCgardening cloth

Equipment:a pencil or pena drill 1/4" or larger bit 1-1/2" bita jig saw

Step Two: Cut one tote to the height of the pond basket.

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Step Three

Drill holes according to the first picture. Using a jigsaw, cut a circle the size of the pond basket and tubing, as


Step FourAssemble inner box by placing first the pond basket, then the halved tote and finally the tubing.

Project:Build your own self-contained gardening system.

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Step FiveCut center of lid out with a jigsaw.

Step Six Snap lid over gardening cloth as is illustrated in the final picture.

Project:Build your own self-contained gardening system.