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Transcript of Contactually + Hurdlr Webinar - April 2016

Hang tight! Were going to start at 3 minutes past the hour

It's Not April 18th Yet! How to Manage Your Finances as an Entrepreneur or FreelancerApril 5 2016


Who am I?Greg PlumDirector, Partner MarketingContactually

And my co-presenterSajad GhanizadaHead of GrowthHurdlr

HeadshotPersonal Picture

ContactuallyHow to better manage your professional relationshipsGenerate more business with minimal effort

HurdlrManage your business financials on autopilotLower your taxes and make more moneyWhats on the agenda?

We have a large audience and all attendees will be muted. If you have any questions, please use the chat function in GoToWebinar well stop and answer questions throughout the hour.We are recording todays webinar. Check your email in the next 24 hours for a link to the recording.Things to keep in mind during this webinar

Lets get started!

The problem with financialsYou have to keep track of everythingOftentimes you forgetReceipts, receipts, receipts Lower your taxes = make more money (but thats easier said than done)

Spreadsheets Solution

Neither are...Receipt Boxes and Desktop Software

The modern entrepreneurRelationship ManagementFinancialsTax preparing

Engage a professionalFreelancers

Use Hurdlr

Maximize your earnings1. Automate / Systemize Your Business

2. Manage Your Financials3. Find NewOpportunities

Better Together!

Whats the hardest part of keeping in touch with your network?

Follow Up!Who should you be following up with to grow your business?What should you say to them?How do you regularly follow up and build a habit?

Think in Terms of Hot, Warm or Cold LeadsNot everybody in your network is the sameSegmentation is key!BucketHow many?Who are they?How often should I follow up?Hot5In need of your service and ready to buy.Every 3 daysWarm15Expressed interest in working with you or needing your type of service in the near future.Every 10 daysCold75No immediate need, but could benefit from your service at some point down the road.Every 60 days

We all know following up is important, but nearly all of us drop the ballIt takes a lot of work and is generally time-consumingThe pay-off isnt always immediatePeople are probably going to slip through the cracks

Prioritize and Systematize

Programs help you automate follow-up

Use our steps

or customize your steps

even automate the process!

The Dashboard

Go to relationship manager

So how do the best entrepreneurs use Hurdlr + Contactually?Automatically organize & prioritize your list of business prospectsAutomatically initiate a customizable follow-up strategyGuide your daily actions to be consistent with contact goals that you setUse Contactually to:Automatically track all of your income streams and expensesGet tax estimates based off of your financials to set money aside for quarterly/yearly paymentsExport your data, email it to yourself or your tax preparer for quick and easy tax filingUse Hurdlr to:

Try us out for free!To download the Hurdlr app on your smartphone:

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Well follow up in the next24 hours with the recording