Contactually & Homekeepr: How the Top Realtors Nurture their Network & Get More Referrals

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Transcript of Contactually & Homekeepr: How the Top Realtors Nurture their Network & Get More Referrals

  1. 1. + Hang tight! Were going to start at 3 minutes past the hour
  2. 2. How to Nurture Your Network and Generate 30%+ more Referrals in 2015 June 2015 + present
  3. 3. + Who am I? Tony Cappaert Co-Founder & COO at Contactually
  4. 4. + And heres my co-presenter today YOUR NAME TITLE COMPANY
  5. 5. + Whats on the agenda? Where do the top Realtors generate the majority of their business? How can you systematically generate more referrals? You need to figure out a few things Who do you get referrals from? What should you say to them? How to regularly follow up and build a habit? What results have the best Realtors seen so far? Q&A throughout and at the end
  6. 6. + Things to keep in mind during this webinar We have a large audience and all attendees will be muted. If you have any questions, please use the chat function in GoToWebinar well stop and answer questions throughout the hour. We are recording todays webinar. Check your email in the next 24 hours for a link to the recording. Stay tuned were going to talk about special offer for all webinar attendees at the end!
  7. 7. + Lets get started!
  8. 8. + We asked the top Realtors: where do you get the majority of your leads?
  9. 9. + Referrals
  10. 10. + Whats the hardest part about getting more referrals?
  11. 11. + Today, were going to outline how the top Realtors systematically get more referrals 1.Who should you be following up with to get more referrals? 2.What should you say to them? 3.How do you regularly follow up and build a habit?
  12. 12. + #1: Who?
  13. 13. + Who typically sends you the most referrals? Past clients = your best resource Friends and family low-hanging fruit, but that list gets exhausted earlier Other professional referral partners Literally write down right now the top 5 people who have sent you the most referrals in the past year or two
  14. 14. + Think about referral sources as As, Bs, and Cs Not everybody in your network is the same Segmentation is key!
  15. 15. + Dont boil the ocean keep your list to < 150 people Dunbars number = 150. Its the max # of people with whom we can maintain personal relationships. Its basic math: The BEST Realtors personally follow up with 5 people each weekday 5 follow ups x 5 days in a week x 4 weeks in a month > 100 people per month With the ABC referral partner segmentation we talked about earlier, youll be following up with 55 people each month on average and thats just your referral partners (not to mention your leads or anyone else in your network!)
  16. 16. + How can I easily segment my contacts? Start with: And graduate to:
  17. 17. +
  18. 18. + #2: What should you say?
  19. 19. + There are 3 basic ways to add value 1. Build personal rapport: comment on something theyve done or shared recently on social media 2. Make an introduction: connect them with someone where theres mutual benefit 3. Share something of interest: send them an article theyll want to read
  20. 20. + Be Relevant!
  21. 21. ++
  22. 22. +
  23. 23. + Tools to use when building personal rapport
  24. 24. + Tools to use when making great intros
  27. 27. + Tools to use to share great content
  28. 28. + You should be adding more value >> than the asks you make
  29. 29. + do you regularly follow up & build
  30. 30. + We all know following up is important, but nearly all of us drop the ball It takes a lot of work and is generally time- consuming The pay-off isnt always immediate People are probably going to slip through the cracks
  31. 31. +
  32. 32. + Systematize it!
  33. 33. We automatically build (and keep updated) the address book for all your contacts We help you prioritize your top contacts into groups (or buckets) We prompt you to follow up with the top people in your network that you havent connected with in several weeks or months By regularly following up, youll stay top of mind, and get more referrals & repeat business 1 2 43
  34. 34. + So how do the best Realtors use Contactually + HomeKeepr? Automatically organize your database of leads & top referral partners Automatically remember to follow up with leads or referrals that youve forgotten about Use Contactually to: Stay valuable with buyers post-closing by sending home maintenance reminders Nurture your network of local service providers (and potential referral sources) Use HomeKeepr to: Using both will drive 30%+ more referrals for your business
  35. 35. 1-2 months from now...
  37. 37. + Thanks! Well follow up in the next 24 hours with the recording