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The first outcome of my research on connected objects. An analysis of different interconnected objects based on the communication stream intercurring between them

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2. INDEX 1 - Process 2 - Domain definition 3 - Communication flows 4 - Categories of connected objects 5 - The role of the user 6 - What come next 3. LITERATUREDraw system map for each product57 Social tangible mediaGroup productsGoogleGAPS TO BE FILL 4. LOOKING FOR IOT PRODUCTS TO FILL IN THE GAPS BUILDING A MODEL TO CLUSTER THE PRODUCTS DEFINING IOT DEFINING THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN SOCIAL TANGIBLE MEDIA AND IOT ANALYSING SYSTEM DIAGRAMS OF SOCIAL TANGIBLE MEDIA 5. WHAT IS THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN STM AND IOT?Internet of thingsSocial Tangible MediaIOT = object that uses IPInternet of thingsSocial Tangible MediaIOT = ? 6. SPIMESThings that are searchable, Track their location, usage histories and discourse with the other things around them- Bruce Sterling 7. BLOGJECTS Objects that blog First class citizens with which we will interact and communicate Things connected to the Internet VS Things participating within the InternetJulian Bleecker 8. SMART THINGS - UBICOMPThings that do information processing and networking, but are not experienced as general purpose computing or communication devicesMike Kuniavsky 9. META PRODUCTS Information fueled products and services that will be around us as a network whenever we need them A product may not necessarily be involved Web-enabled product-service networks Booreiland 10. We are talking about products that are somehow able to: CONTAIN, CREATE & SHARE INFORMATION SOMETIMES ARE ABLE TO TAKE DECISION OR INFLUENCE OUR DECISIONAL PROCESS 11. COMMUNICATION FLOWPEOPLE DATAOBJECTS 12. 1 OBJECTS LINKED TO DIGITAL CONTENTS#011231=#ff0000 - 2-12-2013 #011231=#FFFF00 - 3-12-2013 13. 1 OBJECTS LINKED TO DIGITAL CONTENTS User 1 creates dataObjects are linked to dataUser 2 retrieves the data Tales of things - Chris Speed 14. 1 OBJECTS LINKED TO DIGITAL CONTENTSOV-chipkaart 15. 2 OBJECTS THAT PUBLISH DATA ON THE INTERNET 16. 2 OBJECTS THAT PUBLISH DATA ON THE INTERNETSensorsSmart citizen - Fablab Barcelona 17. 2 OBJECTS THAT PUBLISH DATA ON THE INTERNETObjects that embed sensorsAria - Fit Bit 18. 2 OBJECTS THAT PUBLISH DATA ON THE INTERNETObjects that transform data in informationTalking shoe - YESYESNO & Google 19. USERWISDOM KNOWLEDGE INFORMATION DATAOBJECT 20. 3 OBJECTS THAT PULL DATA FROM THE INTERNETOBJECTS THAT PULL DATA FROM THE WEB 21. 3 OBJECTS THAT PULL DATA FROM THE INTERNETInstacube - John Whaley - D2M | Design to Matter 22. 3 OBJECTS THAT PULL DATA FROM THE INTERNETAmbient umbrella - Ambient devices 23. 4 REMOTE CONTROLLED OBJECTS 24. 4 REMOTE CONTROLLED OBJECTSHUE- PHILIPS 25. 4 REMOTE CONTROLLED OBJECTSSMART APPLIANCES - LG 26. 4 REMOTE CONTROLLED OBJECTSGood night lamp 27. 5 BIDIRECTIONAL COMMUNICATION DEVICESActuatorSensorSensorActuator 28. 5 BIDIRECTIONAL COMMUNICATION DEVICESKissenger - Hooman Samani 29. 6 OBJECTS NETWORKS 30. 6 OBJECTS NETWORKSCitySence - TVILIGHT BV 31. 6 OBJECTS NETWORKSAddicted products - Simone Rebaudengo 32. WHERE IS THE USER? 33. I DONT WANT TO DESIGN FOR THIS... 34. WHAT COMES NEXT? 1) ANALYSE DIFFERENT TOOLS ON THE MARKET 2) DEFINING THE TARGET USER OF THE SYSTEM