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Australia e-Series Community Connect Presentation

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  • 1. Community Connect discussing Connected Education 26th July 2012 Penny Bentley @penpln

2. What is a Connected Educator? 3. Your Ideas What Is Connected Education? 4. 5. What Connections Do You Have ? 6. Connecting Face to Face Workshops & Conferences 7. Connecting Face to Face Workshops & Conferences 8. Tools You Use To Connect? 9. Connecting Online in Communities of Practice 10. Connecting via Global Projects 11. Connecting via Online Events #mathchat 12. A revolution in technology has transformed the way we can find each other, interact, and collaborate to create knowledge as connected learners. What are connected learners? Learners who collaborate online: learners who use social media to connect with others around the globe: learners who engage in conversations in online spaces: learners who bring what they learn back to inform their classrooms, schools, districts, and the world. Join us in creating this collaborative Connected Learning Manifesto. Connected Learning Manifesto Please add to the Manifesto Document Powerful Learning Practice XJNzwEc9qSEdsY/edit 13. Tony Richards @itmadesimple EdTech Crew Podcasts Next Week on Community Connect RESOURCES...August is Connected Educator Month #ce12 Connected Learning Manifesto being created for Connected Learning Month Connected Educators Are we all on the same page as this Infographic about connected learning? Collective Knowledge Construction DEECD Innovate Here Educators Guide to Innovation ning community - based in Victoria, world-wide membership - a ning set up with events for the month