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Workshop for Monroe County Public Schools, November 5, 2013

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  • 1. Connected Educators Connected ClassroomDarren Cambridge, @dcambrid, American Institutes for Research Bloomington, IN November 5, 2013

2. Backchannels for Today c_connected#mccsc 3. Objectives Begin a plan for (further) connecting your classroom the world Identify a learning objective for students that could be more powerfully addressed through using technology to make global connection Envision an aligned learning activity for making the connections Build (or grow) your personal learning network to help you learn what you need to know to implement and improve your activity idea Identify initial tools and strategies for making connections Brainstorm strategies for making time Commit to first steps to begin getting to put your idea into action 4. Four Types of Global Connections Celebrations Encounters Ongoing exchanges Authentic collaborations 5. Celebrations 6. Encounters Guest ExpertsMystery Skype 7. Ongoing Connections #globalclassroom #kinderchat #edchat 8. Authentic Collaborations 9. Brainstorm with Partner or Group Learning objectives a global activity or project could help address Share your ideas in Todays Meet ( 10. Brainstorm with Partner or Group Ideas for activity or project designs that address your learning objective What youd need to learn to pull it off Share your ideas in Todays Meet ( Tweet your best ideas at the end of the session #mccsc 11. Brainstorm with Partner or Group What youd need to learn to pull off your idea Share your ideas in Todays Meet ( Tweet your best ideas and learning goals using #mccsc 12. Getting Started Starter kit Edutopia and EdSurge Guides Profiles Badges Community directory Archives Book clubs Calendar Follow #ce13 13. Learn from the Pros 14. Connected educators Build relationships within their school, across their districts and states, and across the globe Are open to new ideas and differing views Take an inquiry approach to teaching and leading Share what they do and learn in multiple ways Seek out opportunities for substantive collaboration 15. Connected educators began small Pick a manageable thing to do regularly in small increments Use the buddy system Find a role model using the profiles Balance focus and diversity 16. Making it Count Argue for time and recognition for your work as a connected educator Draw on examples from the Connected Educator Month district toolkit 17. Commit to something 18. Your simple learning plan What will you do regularly over the next month to learn what you need to know to advance your idea? When will you do it? How you you fit it into your day and week? How can you use this activity to build the habits of a connected educator? Brainstorm with partner or group Write Tweet and/or share via Todays Meet ( & #mccsc) 19. Stay in Touch Darren Cambridge @dcambrid | #ce13 @edcpcp