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Socialtext component of a webinar held with Forrester Research

Transcript of Connected Collaboration

Business Social Software Platform

Connected CollaborationA Forrester/Socialtext WebinarRoss MayfieldChairman, President &

AgendaSocial Networks Connected with CollaborationAttention, Collaboration & DiscoveryDemoProDrive Case StudyWinning in Turbulent TimesDiscussion and Q&A

About SocialtextFounded in 2002, first vendor in the Enterprise 2.0 marketGartner #1 Visionary: Team Collaboration and Social Software Offices in Palo Alto, NYC, London4,000+ customers worldwideSocial Networking connected with Collaboration as a Service

Enterprise 2.0 is Made of People

...and ties, strong and weakMark Granovetter: The Strength of Weak Ties (1973)

The ideal social network structure has a dense core and dynamic periphery

Value of Connected CollaborationDense Core & Dynamic PeripheryAccelerates project and process cyclesSaves time looking for information and peopleInformation and people with context amplifies 1&2

How Can We Manage Attention?How can our employees know what needs time and attention?

How Can We Collaborate?How can our teams work together more productively?

How Can We Discover?How do our people find connections, knowledge and experts?

What Gets in Your Way?Email back and forth in an attempt to collaborateHard to find information and peopleRigid structure of traditional content systems, document systems & portalsStandalone wikis or blogs

The Building BlocksCollaborationAttentionDiscoveryCreate/Re-useRespondConnectionsExpertsCoordinateAggregateKnowledgeShareParticipate


ProDrive SystemsBackgroundManufacturer of high end dental equipment, revolutionized the industry by providing replaceable turbines for handsets.Largest independent group of mobile technicians in North America.

ChallengeWith a large array of parts and connectors, it can be difficult for the technicians to have the necessary information available for all combinations.Were pushing out catalogs and instructions to technicians via email, but this was not working. Information was lost, and no collaboration was available to share best practices, ask questions, etc.

SolutionCreated knowledge bases for effective information sharing.

BenefitsInformation is now searchableTechnicians can reach out to one anotherProvide better quality of serviceLower turnoverCompetitive advantage

Enterprise 2.0 LeaderSocial Networking connected with CollaborationSimple & integrated user experience drives adoptionStrategic implementation track recordRapid deployment, Software as a ServiceCustomizable & Extensible Platform

Turbulent TimesTo survive:Sense changeMake sense of changesRespond

To winWithout losing momentumFaster than othersOrganizational agility

Why NowAgility, Resilience & Velocity Reduce cycle timesSpend less time looking for informationReduce decision timesAccelerate innovationUse resources more efficientlyTake full advantage of your distributed workforce

When times are tough, woe to the business that underfunds to support growth as competitors charge ahead -- ForresterSocial Software and Social Networking is a Top 10 Strategic Technology for 2009 -- Gartner

Q&AFree Trial at

***Image: source: Valdis Krebs and June Holley, Building Smart Communities through Network WeavingPhoto attribution attribution attribution isnt EmailSharepointWiki with no socialSocial with no wiki

ATTENTION: How do you currently surface what deserves your attention?

2. COLLABORATION: How do you collaborate today, to create content, intelligence?

3. RELATIONSHIPS: How do you find experts and build relationships with them?

Attention: (Dashboard)Our lives are filled with so much information, people are looking for ways to simply the flow of content, and filter the items that require their attention.Aggregation dashboards, or personal start pages allow you to combine the business and personal information most important to you in a central place.Coordination bringing together (aggregating) multiple sources of information into a single place allows you to coordinate a project, even when this content comes from multiple systems. Reaction surface the items that require your immediate attention. (My Conversations)

Collaboration: (Workspace)Information at the heard of Soicaltext is our world class wiki, where people work together to create content.Participation working as a team, in a central place, editing and adding comments, is more effective than email volleyball.Distribution creating content is just the start, making sure others can benefit from it, that is the key.Contribution

Connection: (People)Relation forming relationships with your colleagues to create informal social networks. Location finding subject matter experts, or people that have specific attributes (tags) or experiences. Extension moving outside your firewall, to connect with partners, customers, even competitors.

*Creative commons:**Customize and connect the platform to make your web and enterprise systems social*