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CONICS ARTWORK!. Programming Conics Artwork on the Graphing Calculator to successfully TEACH the Conic Sections!!. Emily Gockerman [email protected] Ursuline Academy Cincinnati, OH. PROJECT DESCRIPTION. Hand out right after beginning unit! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of CONICS ARTWORK!

  • CONICS ARTWORK!Programming Conics Artwork on the Graphing Calculator to successfully TEACH the Conic Sections!!Emily [email protected] AcademyCincinnati, OH

  • PROJECT DESCRIPTIONHand out right after beginning unit!Students work on project throughout unit and find equations of each type of conic section as topic is learned

  • Some of the Project RequirementsCreate a drawing/design on graph paper (cartoon character, sports object or mascot, design or a sceneBE CREATIVE!!). It should include (at least) the following 12 graphs (or pieces of graphs in your creation:a. 2 circlesb. 2 horizontal or vertical ellipses (or 1 of each)c. 1 horizontal parabolad. 1 vertical parabolae. 1 horizontal or vertical hyperbolaf. 2 linesg. 1 absolute value graphh. any 2 more conic equations of your choice

  • More Project RequirementsCreate a table with four vertical columns titled as indicated and fill in the information for each numbered graph of your sketch.


  • Students Turn In:Initialed Drawing/SketchNeat copy of the tableColored Final-Printed out Design

  • Grading Rubric: Drawing (must be initialed) 15Equations (must be initialed) 40Program 20Final Design 15(colored and glued to construction paper)Creativity and Neatness 10__TOTAL 100

  • Some Examples of Projects! Begin with a sketch.Create something AMAZING!!

  • Problems Students May EncounterSolving Equations For Calculator or y = s form can be trickyFinding equations of parabolas & hyperbolasUsing RestrictionsMaking small errors when typing in program & finding those errors!

  • Finding the equation of a hyperbola going through a specific point:

  • Finding the equation of a parabola going through a specific point:

  • Sample Program

  • Printing Picture Using TI-ConnectDownload TI Connect from TI website: Click on Downloads, then Computer Software, then TI Connect OR use link below: Connect students calculators using silver linking cord, and do a screen capture, then enlarge & print!