Compilers compilers .  Q1>A translator converts _____________into______________.

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download Compilers compilers  .  Q1>A translator converts _____________into______________.

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Transcript of Compilers compilers .  Q1>A translator converts _____________into______________.

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compilerswww.ramkumarsjava.comQ1>A translator converts _____________into______________.

www.ramkumarsjava.comSource program to object or target program

www.ramkumarsjava.comQ2>The time of conversion from source program into object program is called ________time.a)runtimeb)boot timec)fresh timed)compile time

www.ramkumarsjava.comcompile time

www.ramkumarsjava.comQ3>The program execution is done in compiler in_________________.


www.ramkumarsjava.comQ4>_______________________+____________________=compilation.a)Analysis +Synthesisb)Analysis +Compilec)Compile +Synthesisd)Analysis +Execute

www.ramkumarsjava.comAnalysis and Synthesiswww.ramkumarsjava.comQ5>The analysis phase is often called the _______________ of a compiler.

www.ramkumarsjava.com10Front endwww.ramkumarsjava.comQ6>What are the 3 phases of analysis phase?www.ramkumarsjava.coma)Lexical Analysisb)Synthesis Analysisc)Semantic Analysiswww.ramkumarsjava.comQ7>Syntax of any programming language is specified in terms of units called __________________.

www.ramkumarsjava.comTokens or terminals

www.ramkumarsjava.comQ8>Syntax Analyzer is otherwise known as _____________.a)Scannerb)Parserc)Lexemed) Sub scripter


www.ramkumarsjava.comQ9>What are the work of a semantic analyzer?

www.ramkumarsjava.coma)Type Checkingb)Type Conversions

www.ramkumarsjava.comQ10>The synthesis phase is the ____________of a program.

www.ramkumarsjava.comBack endwww.ramkumarsjava.comQ11>What are the stages of synthesis of target program?

www.ramkumarsjava.comMemory allocationCode generation and optimization

www.ramkumarsjava.comQ12>Code optimization is done for-

www.ramkumarsjava.comfaster and shorter code

www.ramkumarsjava.comQ13>_____________ is a data structure that is used by the compiler to hold the information about source program constructs.

www.ramkumarsjava.comSymbol tablewww.ramkumarsjava.comQ14>What are the role of a compiler? Analyzer-Syntactic Analyzer-Semantic Analyzer-Code generator-Code optimizer-Error reporter

www.ramkumarsjava.comQ17>Code generation and optimization is not a part of synthesis phasea)Trueb)False Q18>The first compiler was written by _____________ in ________for A-0 system languagewww.ramkumarsjava.comGrace Hopper,1952www.ramkumarsjava.comQ19>Who invented first complete compiler?

www.ramkumarsjava.comThe FORTRAN team led by John W.Backus at IBM in 1957

www.ramkumarsjava.comQ20>___________ was one of the early commercial computers that used vacuum tubes. Z22

www.ramkumarsjava.comQ21>The first known demonstrated cross platform high level language was_____________.a)FORTRANb)COBOLc)BASICd)ALGOL

www.ramkumarsjava.comCOBOLwww.ramkumarsjava.comQ22>A compiler that can be written in the programming language it compiles-

www.ramkumarsjava.comSelf hosted

www.ramkumarsjava.comQ23>The first self hosting compiler was written for LISP by_______________and ______________ in 1962.

www.ramkumarsjava.comTim Hart and Mike Levinwww.ramkumarsjava.comQ24>Structure of a compiler depends on 3 factors. What are they?

www.ramkumarsjava.comNature of the source languageMachine architecture and configurationAims of compiler

www.ramkumarsjava.comQ25>Different types of compiler structure are-

www.ramkumarsjava.comSingle pass compilerMultipass compilerConventional compilerCompilers for permissive languageIncremental compiler

www.ramkumarsjava.comQ26>Strike the one out which doesnt match for single pass compilers.-All the stages executed in single flow-Memory requirement is small-Code generated is inefficient-Faster execution

www.ramkumarsjava.commemory requirement is small

www.ramkumarsjava.comQ27>Pascal and FORTRAN are example of ______________compiler.

www.ramkumarsjava.comsingle pass

www.ramkumarsjava.comQ28>____________is an example of multipass compiler.


www.ramkumarsjava.comQ29>A clear cut distinction between analysis and synthesis phase is brought is _________________a)conventionalb)Incrementalc)Singlepassd)Multipass

www.ramkumarsjava.comconventionalwww.ramkumarsjava.comQ30>C is a _________________ type of compilers.


www.ramkumarsjava.comQ31>___________________is a language that allows declarations to be placed anywhere in a program.

www.ramkumarsjava.comPermissive languagewww.ramkumarsjava.comQ32>Incremental compilers are invented by ______________ and __________________ in 1973 that combine the main advantages of compilers and interpreters.

www.ramkumarsjava.comBerthaud and Griffithswww.ramkumarsjava.comQ33>IBM visual age c++ compiler is a ______________ compiler.


www.ramkumarsjava.comQ34>IBM/360 FORTRAN H compiler is _______________ compilers.


www.ramkumarsjava.comQ35>A concept of developing a compiler for a language by using subsets of the same language is called_______________.a)Bootstrappingb)Cross-compilationc)Incremental Compilationd)None of the above

www.ramkumarsjava.comBoot strappingwww.ramkumarsjava.comQ36>A compiler which runs on one machine and generates code for another machine is called as ______________.a)Bootstrappingb)Cross-compilationc)Incremental Compilationd)None of the above

www.ramkumarsjava.comCross compilationwww.ramkumarsjava.comQ37>A cross compiler is a compiler which runs on one machine and generates code for another machinea)Trueb)False

www.ramkumarsjava.comTruewww.ramkumarsjava.comQ38>Process of generating code on one machine for executing on another is called ________________.