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  • 1. Competitive Advantage Consultancy LimitedGrowth through customer focusStrategy Development & ImplementationCustomer ResearchTraining &

2. Chris AshworthOver 30 years experience in construction sectorHeld senior sales & marketing positionsUK and International experienceFounded Competitive Advantage in 1999Member of UK governments Green Construction BoardPromotional Working GroupCo-authored sustainability report for Advantage Austria 2009Wrote CIMCIG report Taking Sustainability to the ConsumerCommittee member of CIMCIG, Chartered Institute of MarketingConstruction Industry GroupFormally Associate Lecturer in Marketing at Oxford BrookesUniversityRegular contributor to industry journalsBSc (Hons) DipM FCIM Chartered 3. What we doWorking with you to develop and Implement a winningbusiness strategyImplementing the marketing mixInterim managementSustainability strategyDeveloping new channels to marketDeveloping export marketsTailored projects or a range of off-the-shelf reportsCustomer perception measurementCustomer satisfactionCustomer profilingMarket and product evaluationBespoke or off the shelf reportsTailored training or open coursesSelling to SpecifiersKey Account ManagementMarketing in the construction industryIndustry overviewIndustry sales 4. Main Messages Sustainability now mainstream Intended to drive growth Olympics exemplar project Government simplifying 5. Initiatives Low Carbon Construction Green Deal Energy Company Obligation Feed in Tariffs and Renewable HeatIncentive Code for Sustainable Homes 6. Low Carbon Construction65 recommendations Industry should restructurearound partnership working Opportunity to achieve costsavings Strategic view of future skillsneeds Industry accepted standard formeasuring embodied carbon Bring commercial fit-out under June 2011auspices of Building 7. Green Construction Board Routemap Buildings Infrastructure Mark Prisk MP Paul MorrellMinster of State for Chief Construction Knowledge & SkillsBusiness & EnterpriseAdvisor Greening the Industry Valuation 8. Green Deal The Opportunity 14 million homes upgraded 29% Residential property making savings 15% Non-residential making savings 500,000 home upgrades pa 100,000 jobs created over 5 years 1,000 9. Green Deal To be introduced in October 2012 Mechanism to upgrade existing building Accreditation and Certification important No up-front costs Operated and funded by private 10. Green DealThe ProcessDECISION TO UPGRADE PROPERTY ASSESSEDPROPERTY UPGRADEDPAYMENT 11. Green Deal Money FlowGreen Deal Finance Company Capital facilityCustomer made available paymentspassed onCustomerpayments passedonEnergy Supplier Legal agreements with electricity bill payers Customer 12. CIMCIG Report CIMCIG Report Consultation Summary - request by email YouTube presentation 13. Energy Company Obligation Replacing CERT and CESP The financial commitment energycompanies make to improving energyefficiency Implemented via Green 14. Energy Saving Incentives Feed in Tariffs Renewable Heat 15. Feed In Tariffs Encourage small-scale (less than5MW) low-carbon electricity generation Comprehensive Review Reduced tariff, mechanism linked toenergy costs Effective April 2012 16. Renewable Heat Incentive Long-term financial support torenewable heat installations toencourage the uptake of renewableheat Non domestic and Residential Subsidise cost of installation and tariffs 17. Building RegulationsApproved Document A Structure (2004)Approved Document B (Fire Safety) Volume 1: Dwellinghouses (2006)Approved Document B (Fire Safety) Volume 2: Buildings other than Dwellinghouses (2006)Approved Document C Site preparation and resistance to contaminates and moisture (2004)Approved Document D Toxic substances (1992)Approved Document E Resistance to the passage of sound (2003)Approved Document F Ventilation (2010)Approved Document G Sanitation, hot water safety and water efficiency (2010)Approved Document H Drainage and waste disposal (2002)Approved Document J Combustion appliances and fuel storage systems (2010)Approved Document K Protection from falling collision and impact (1998)Approved Document L1A Conservation of fuel and power (New dwellings) (2010)Approved Document L1B Conservation of fuel and power (Existing dwellings) (2010)Approved Document L2A Conservation of fuel and power (New buildings other than dwellings) (2010)Approved Document L2B Conservation of fuel and power (Existing buildings other than dwellings) (2010)Approved Document M Access to and use of Buildings (2004)Approved Document N Glazing (1998)Approved Document P Electrical safety Dwellings (2006)Approved Document for Regulation 7 (1992) 18. Document L Implementation Zero Carbon 19. Document L Next update 2013 Support Green Deal Replace Code for Sustainable HomesProposed Changes Consequential Improvements forexisting buildings Fabric Energy Efficiency Shift away from 20. Code for Sustainable Homes For New Homes Rating of 1 to 6NowAll social housing build to Level 32013 All private housing built to Level 3 All public sector housing to Level 42016 All housing built to Level 21. Zero Carbon 22. BREEAM Voluntary Code Government Buildings higher ratings Voluntary adoption in Private Sector Ratings OUTSTANDING EXCELLENT VERY GOOD GOOD 23. BREEAM Assess environmental 9 sections Management performance Health & Wellbeing Energy All building types Transport Water Waste Land Use & Ecology 24. @CompetitiveAChris companies/competitive-advantageMobile: 07747 626095 cadvantagemarketingFax: 01252 836850 Competitive Advantage Consultancy LimitedGrowth through customer