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A comparison of android browser apps on the market. For more info visit

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  • Comparison of Android browsers Growing number of Android browsers They arent listed in any particular order Decide for yourself which one to use
  • Chrome On most handsets, Chrome is the main browser. It's fast, flexible, and packed with features that make it a great choice. Like its desktop counterpart, it's fast and handles tabs in an intuitive way. You can sync open tabs, passwords and other data between desktop Chrome and mobile Chrome. It's constantly being updated by Google and works nicely with all their apps and services.
  • Dolphin Dolphin Browser must have almost every mobile browser feature anyone can think of. You can set Flash on, off or on-demand, and have your phone emulate a desktop PC, iPhone or iPad. It has gesture-control features, multi-touch zoom, and voice input via the Sonar plug-in. In terms of comprehensiveness and feature-set it's very hard to beat.
  • Firefox Firefox for Android brings with it a smooth browsing experience, a stylish-looking interface and tab management system, and a selection of add-ons. As with Chrome, you can sync settings and other content with desktop installations of the browser.
  • Opera Opera's offered mobile browsing for a long time, and they have developed an intuitive interface with intelligent rendering and zoom controls available in Opera Mobile. Noteworthy features include the ability to hide parts of the interface, a one-column mode that attempts to optimise sites that aren't mobile-friendly, and the server-side Opera Turbo compression system.
  • Ninesky Ninesky comes with some useful ideas, such as a night mode to ease the strain on your eyes, and an automatic mobile optimiser that strips down a site to its bare text-and-image essentials which can come in handy when you have a weak mobile signal and just want to get at the football scores. The tabs disappear when they're not needed to give you more screen space.
  • Skyfire A lot of thought about the mobile experience has gone into Skyfire. It vies with Dolphin HD for the sheer number of options and features that have been crammed in, though the look and feel does suffer somewhat as a result. Certainly the most innovative and idea-packed browser we tested.
  • Boat While the Boat Browser has quite basic functionality compared to the other browsers reviewed there are a number of useful utilities hidden away in its menus. The interface is clean and easy to use, and the unobtrusive pop-up menu can be customised to show only the options you'd like to have available. Welcome functions include a screenshot tool, private browsing capabilities, voice input and a night mode.
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