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Company Presentation of Ingenious Technologies

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  • 1. DISCOVER YOUR E-POTENTIAL Company presentationSebastian Weiss Sales Director +49 (0) 176 6479 3707

2. Company presentationAgenda Who we are What we do Digital Business Suite Solutions Ingenious .net Ingenious .track Ingenious .pay Ingenious .services Why Ingenious?2 3. Who we areWho we are Because of our history, our skills and our knowledge We strive to deliver the Best for the Best -High End SaaS Solutions to discover your e-potential:Leading edge technologyWith more than 50 professionals acting forDeep understanding of the online business Strong inhouse research & development Teamcompanies around the worldInternational footprint3 4. Who we areExecutive ManagementChristian Kleinsorge CEOSebastian Weiss Sales DirectorThomas Mautner Sen. Product ManagerEugen Becker Chief Technology OfficerAnke Reuter-Zehelein Marketing & CommunicationsRene Bernebee-Say VP OperationsMario Brockmann VP Sales4 5. Ingenious Technologies is going to be the ultimative E-Business Enabler for all industries and services on global scale 6. Our mission is to enable businesses around the world to combine the New Economy with the Old Economy values to realize their full potential 7. Who we areSelected References7 8. Who we areWhere we are8 9. Company presentationAgenda Who we areWhat we do Digital Business Suite Solutions Ingenious .net Ingenious .track Ingenious .pay Ingenious .services Why Ingenious?9 10. What we doWhat we do We develop and operate State-of-the-Art Ad-Technology and Premium Services for you We develop modular solutions to ensure our power of innovation for you We are in direct touch with the market drivers to look always a step furtherYour goal is our challenge!10 11. What we doThe market Double digit growth for the past decade Disruptive trends by new technologies Cloud servicesReal-time capabilitiesMachine learningBIG DATA E-Business is of strategic significance Enormous dynamic market11 12. Company presentationAgenda Who we areWhat we do Digital Business Suite Solutions Ingenious .net Ingenious .track Ingenious .pay Ingenious .services Why Ingenious?12 13. Digital Business SuiteDigital Business Suite The management and integration of all online marketing channels and disciplines over several platforms are a big challenge for advertisers and agencies. This often leads to inefficiency, low revenue and also to poor ROI. Insourcing as a major trend for international advertisers.This will lead into:13 14. Digital Business SuiteDigital Business Suite14 15. Company presentationAgenda Who we areWhat we do Digital Business Suite Solutions Ingenious .net Ingenious .track Ingenious .pay Ingenious .services Why Ingenious?15 16. Ingenious .net 17. PARTNERSHIP MANAGEMENT Your own private program/network17 18. Ingenious .netPartnership Management Increase the efficiency and minimize your efforts for installation, implementation and support.Manage synergies between networks and new budgets for investmentAchieve enormous resource efficiency in partner managementImprove visibility in Google rankingsConsolidate partnerships and networks, manage them from one single platform 18 19. Ingenious .netPartnership Management Organize your processes more efficiently by consolidating your partnerships to focus for whats important: your partners and your business.Your own private program or private network Consolidation, automation and optimization of all online partnerships State-of-the-Art tracking Comprehensive real-time statistics Software as a Service solution (SaaS) Complete data control White labeling according to your CI Cultivating long-term business relationships with your partners Efficient processes 19 20. Ingenious .netInternational Privat Premium Network Consolidate all partnerships and networks in a single platform taking into account your individual needsMultiple Advertisers & PublishersPrivate NetworkOwner of PN (Advertiser)AdvertiserT&CAdvertiser determines program, T&C of network and speciic conditionsAdvertiser determines who may apply to individual programsAdvertiserPublisherPublisherContractual relationship Ingenious / AdvertiserT&CAdvertiserPublisherT&CAdvertiserPublisherPublisher 20 21. Ingenious .netKey BenefitsConsolidate and automate all partnerships and networksYour own private program or private networkComprehensive dashboard to manage and optimize all partnershipsReal-time tracking and reporting functionalityIntelligent tracking switch for session, cookie, post-view and fingerprintIntegrated payment-APIMultilingualMulti currencySeamless integration into the Ingenious Business Suite21 22. Ingenious .track 23. MULTI CHANNEL TRACKING Marketing Attribution and Analytics23 24. Ingenious .trackCustomer Journey analysis via Multi Channel Tracking Ingenious .track: Follow your customers on their customer journey and profit from insights for your business.Transparent and consistent data storage in order to align sales and budgetary tactics in a targeted fashionManage dependencies of brands and subcontractors to create synergiesMore control and automationProfit, conversion or click maximizingConsolidation of technologies and simplification of management by seamless integration 24 25. Ingenious .trackMulti Channel Tracking Track your users via all marketing channels such as SEA, SEO, affiliate, display, email, social media, mobile etc. Including capture of all important KPIs and real post-view tracking. Capture of all touchpointsAnalysis of reciprocal advertising influence and synergy effectsGeneration of a seamless user-journey for every tracked eventObserve common conversion patterns and time intervalsAnalyze which advertising methods deliver the initial contact (starter), which catalyze the decision process (influencer) and which carry the user finally to the sale (closer) 25 26. Ingenious .trackCustomer Journey Analysis The transparency of the customer journey reveals true performance championsMobileSEOTV Comparison E-MailSEA Direct DisplayAffiliateBasket? CouponSEASocia l26 27. Ingenious .trackAttribution models Attribute commissions according to efficiency5%10%15%20%50%E-mail SEA Direct DisplayAffiliateBasket27 28. Ingenious .trackMulti Channel Tracking Track your users across all marketing channels and capture completely all user journeys User Journey Otimization of KPIs across all channelsSEA DataPerformance Data from Comparison PortalsCPC, CTR, CR, ROIPartnership-MarketingTrends and SeasonalitiesAffiliate, Cooperation with CTR, CR, ROIIngenious .track Display Daten AIs, CPC, CTR, CR, ROIMulti Channel TrackingSocial Media DataPortfolio Optimierung strategischer GruppenCPC, CTR, CR, ROISEO Data CR, Search Volume, Competition, PositionQuality Check Cancellation, Calculation of Contribution Margin, Cookie-SwitchOnsite Daten Email Data Openings, Bounces, Clicks, ConversionsBounce Rate, Verweildauer28 29. Ingenious .trackKey BenefitsModern and flexible Tracking Container technologyIntelligent Tracking-Switch for Session, Cookie, Post-View and FingerprintWhitelabel: 1st Party TrackingCloud-based Service, also with dedicated ServerUnlimited ScalabilityModern and intuitive User InterfaceEasy and quick Implementation and IntegrationTransaction-based or performance-oriented pricingSeamless integration with the Ingenious Product Suite29 30. Ingenious .pay 31. PAYMENT & ACCOUNTING Automation of all manual payment and accounting processes31 32. Ingenious .payPayment & Billing Consolidate and automate all manual booking and payment processes with Ingenious .pay, the ultimate payment & billing solution.More than a payment system Capture and booking of all transactionsProcessing via integrated bank accounts of the Fidor BankBaFin certified processing32 33. Ingenious .payPayment & Billing Enormous savings in the time and effort required for billing and administration.Disbursement of evaluated transactions on demand according to accountancy standardsDisbursement of commission in real-time or near-timeImplement different rating models directlyAccess all historical and current data as well as entries and vouchers at any time via the integrated Billing Journal33 34. Ingenious .payKey BenefitsConsolidation and automation of all manual payment and accounting processesPayment functionality is part of an integrated european bank account (BaFin certified)Transaction-based pay out of commissions in near-timeReal-time after upgrading to own B2B bank accountSimple legitimation and extensive fraud protectionIntuitive user interface with direct access to all data and paymentsLifecycle of all transactions from tracking to pay outSimple and fast implementation and integrationSeamless integration into the Ingenious product suite 34 35. Ingenious .services 36. SUPPORT & SERVICE Professional service at its best36 37. Ingenious .servicesSupport and Service As much support as you needRapid, professional support and consultingPreparation of migration conceptsContinual innovation and further development of the complete e-Business-Suite Ingenious .BIZ via a separate professional R&D team.Different service packages, bookable at short notice37 38. Ingenious .servicesFor all stages of development Service at its bestSelf ServiceService LevelsManaged ServiceAll modules in the Ingenious Technologies Digital Business Suite are structured for autonomous (selfservice) operation.Direct access to our experts Daily worldwide support over the web and telephoneOur online experts guide you or your customers throughout the entire product range of Ingenious Technologies Online Business Suite in order to increase income streams and total revenue.38 39. Technology 40. STATE OF THE ART TECHNOLOGY Skill and Expertise40 41. TechnologyState-of-the-Art technology The market moves at breathtaking pace so the highest demands are put on technical areas such as flexibility, reliabili