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  • 1. Company Blogging
  • 2. VIDEO
    How to Build Your Business Using Blogs
    Featuring Darren Barefoot, blogging
    Expert and author of Friends with Benefits
  • 3. What is a blog?
    Shortened form of weblog or web log
    Informal exchange of thoughts and ideas
    Authoring a blog, maintaining a blog or adding an article to an existing blog is called blogging
    Individual articles on a blog are called blog posts, posts or entries
    A person who posts these entries is called a blogger
  • 4. Why Should Companies Blog?
    Blogs are great for search engine marketing
    Blogs build and brands your company to be a thought leader in your industry
    Blogs are great crisis handlers
    Blogs help to engage customers in conversation, and help in building relationships
  • 5. Why Should Companies Blog?
    Put a human voice to a company
    Show the world that you have nothing to hide
    Customer service and feedback
    Blogs are a differentiator
    Encourages you to find out what others are saying about you
    Find better ways to satisfy their customers needs.
  • 6. Purpose | Objectives
    The goal you should be looking to achieve is not increased sales revenue or a measurable productivity increase.
    Instead, what youre looking to do is capture the conversations that typical occur in the hallways between meetings, the short yet invaluable lists of to dos that go along with any project, the random thoughts and insights that come to us throughout the day but usually end up getting lost somewhere between checking the morning email and the three hour long sales meeting.
    James Snell, IBM
  • 7. How To Blog
    Titles: Most Important for SEO
    Mistake: Going cute with the title
    Example: Computer Chat vs. Laptop Computer
    Keyword Content: Think about the words people use to find Landmark Group and write those words in your copy
    Mistake: Too broad, Not Sticking with Content that Engages the Reader, Overstuffing Keywords
    Content Volume: Its a story: Share stories that occur every day at Landmark Group
    Mistake: Over thinking every post, Not utilizing enough people in the organization as bloggers
  • 8. How To Blog
    Call to Action: Bring New Customers/Clients
    The Goal is a Relationship
    Every blog in your system is an opportunity to take a searcher to the next step in forming a potential relationship.
  • 9. Topics and Content
    You can either interview them about their area of expertise
    or do a profile piece on them as an individual.
    if you are pushed for time why not record the interview as audio or video?
    Case studies
    The emphasis of such posts should be on identifying problems and demonstrating how they can be overcome through an example.
    Multimedia Posts
    Audio and video combined with photography can be a great way of communicating information, whether it is giving a tour of your facilities or a way of capturing an event you are running.
    Whether you are running conferences, workshops
    Commentary respond to what others have written on the web
    • The focus should always be on the reader and not on the organization.