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    Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions Foundation

  • It is with honor and gratitude that I salute those who have given of their time and energy in building the Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions Foundation (RMUoHPF). Since its inception in 2008, those associated with the RMUoHPF have worked diligently in building it to a level where it can provide funding to support student scholarships, student and faculty research, community healthcare, learning resource centers and special projects.

    Additional focus has been on service to the Utah County community at large through the design, construction and operation of the Community Rehabilitation Clinic (CRC). The CRC serves the under- served population of Utah County and assists them in overcoming physical impairment in an effort to restore them to a functional state of life and to facilitate rehabilitation recovery so they are competitive in the workplace. Much effort has gone into the development and operation of the CRC and soon, Doctor of Physical Therapy students, working under the direct supervision of qualified and licensed volunteer healthcare providers, will provide care to indigent patients utilizing the CRC for their rehabilitation needs.

    Although we have much work to do and much distance to travel, I am proud to have the RMUoHPF be an integral component of Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions. I am excited to witness continued growth and maturity of the Foundation through dedicated and focused Board members and others who are committed to fulfilling the mission of the Foundation.

  • Chairman – Vic Deauvono, Private Investor and Developer, Orem, UT Vice Chairman – Mark E. Hyder, P.T., D.P.T. , Vice President of Clinical Services - Inpatient Division of Mountain Land Rehabilitation, Salt Lake City, UT Secretary – Victor L. Morris, RMUoHP Foundation Director & Grant Writing Specialist, Provo, UT Treasurer – Jeff Bate, MBA, Vice President of Finance, RMUoHP, Provo, UT Members Jeff Alexander, Owner & President, Alexander’s Print Advantage, Lindon, UT

    Kelly Alvord, Therapy Resource, Ensign Facility Services, Mission Viejo, CA Larry T. Hall, EDD, Chair, Dept. of Exercise Sciences & Director of Student Wellness, BYU, Provo, UT Richard P. Nielsen, PT, DHSc, ECS, President, RMUoHP, Provo, Utah Michael Skurja, Jr., PT, DPT, ECS, Executive Vice President of Institutional Planning & Strategic Initiatives,

    RMUoHP, Provo, UT Ed Sweeney, JD, Non-Profit Consultant, Salt Lake City, UT Les R. Smith, PhD, MPA, Consultant, Universities and Non-Profit Organizations, Gilbert, AZ   Alden B. Tueller, JD, Partner, Bennett,Tueller,Johnson & Deere, Salt Lake City, UT  

  • The Foundation is organized and operates exclusively as a nonprofit public foundation and is not organized for the private gain of any purpose. It is exempt from income tax under the provisions of Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.  

    The mission of the Foundation is to promote and assist Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions and other healthcare agencies to receive charitable gifts, property, and funds for healthcare, student support, mentored research, learning resource centers, and special projects. The Foundation is located in Provo, Utah.


  • Our Students – The Foundation serves the students at the University through scholarships, funding for research, grant writing assistance, special fundraising events, and providing resources for RMUoHP that enhance their educational experience at the University. Our Faculty – The Foundation serves the faculty at RMUoHP through funding for programs and research, grant writing assistance, providing equipment needs, and restricted fund account management. Our Communities – The Foundation serves the community through the Community Rehabilitation Clinic which provides physical therapy for the underserved and uninsured citizens of Utah County.

  • Special Thanks to all the organizations, foundations and individuals for their generous support to the RMUoHP Foundation projects and programs.


    !Utah County (Mountainland Association of Governments)– $21,000 Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) for

    build-out of the Clinic.

    !Provo City Redevelopment Agency – $75,000 CDBG funding for build-out of the Clinic.

    Gifts !Roger L. Merrill family – $25,000 gift and $75,000 pledge over 3 years for improvements of

    RMUoHP’s new campus at East Bay Technology Park.

    !Dr. Jane Sweeney – $10,000 to the Neonatology Fellowship Fund. !Col. Virginia Metcalf, USA, Ret. – $11,000 to the Neonatology Fellowship Fund. !TriVita, Inc. – $11,875 for research conducted by Dr. Brent Alvar and Dr. Troy Adams of Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions.

  • !Ensign Facility Services, Inc. of The Ensign Group – $3,500 in scholarship support for entry- level Doctor of Physical Therapy students.

    ! Cadwell Laboratories – sponsorship gift of $750 for the 25th Annual Electroneuromographic


    ! John E. Chatfield – $500 to the Alumni Scholarship Fund.

    ! Dr. Les and Elaine Smith – $50 to the Annual Alumni Fund.

    ! Victor and Carma Morris – $50 to the Annual Alumni Fund.

    ! Patti Whitethorne – $500 to the Reilly Scholarship Fund.

    ! Carie Sumida – $50 to the Neonatology Fund.

    Gifts-In-Kind ! Utah County – $31,440 for first year lease on clinical space for the CRC.

    ! Dynatronics Corporation – $7,678 equipment and supplies for the CRC.

    ! Focus on Therapy Outcomes (FOTO) – $4,550 patient tracking software for the CRC.

    !Dr. Sandra L. Pennington – $1,450 Physical Therapy Equipment to RMUoHP.

  • ! Dr. David Fairbanks – $1,244 Books and publications for RMUoHP Learning Resource Center.

    ! Alexander’s Print Advantage – $614 signage and recognition plaque for the CRC.

    ! Dr. Jessica Egbert – $50 art furnishings for the RMUoHP campus.

    Fees ! CRC Patients -$530 for rehabilitation therapy visits.

    Fundraising Events

    ! RMUoHP Employee Event - $1,050 for House of Hope project.

  • !Community Rehabilitation Clinic • $96,000 from grants for construction of the CRC. • $12,842 corporate gifts-in-kind to the CRC. !Faculty and Student Research

    • $10,129 for Dr. Brent Alvord (faculty) and Josh McCormack (student). !Scholarships

    • $6,300 for six RMUoHP student scholarships. !Fellowships

    • $9,607 for RMUoHP Student Nicole DePalma neonatology fellowship; APTA Fellowship Fee; RMUoHP Course Fees for PEDS Symposium.

    !RMUoHP Campus • $22,608 for RMUoHP new campus improvements.

    !Foundation Operating Expenses • $11,037 for Foundation Director salary; D&O insurance; tax and audit CPA fees, and office supplies.

    !Gifts-In-Kind • $2,874 to RMUoHP for University programs and the Learning Resource Center.

    !Gifts • $1,496 for House of Hope; Friends of Wasatch Mental Health

  • Profit & Loss Year Ended December 2014

    Jan – Dec 2014 Revenues Grants $ 96,000 Research $ 9,000

    Student Scholarships $ 3,150 Individual Contributions $ 23,949

    Neonatology Fellowship $ 900 Community Rehabilitation Clinic Fees $ 530 Special Events $ 1,050 Development Fees $ 5,825 In-Kind Gifts $ 15,716

    Interest Income $ 4,148 Total Income $160,268

    Expenses Community Rehabilitation Clinic $131,464 Faculty & Student Research $ 10,129

    Scholarships $ 6,300 Fellowships $ 9,607 Fundraising $ 22,508 Operating Expenses $ 11,037 Gift-In-Kind Offset $ 130

    Gifts $ 1,496 Investment Loss $ 1,650 Total Expense $194,321

    Net Ordinary Income ($34,053)

  • }  Profit & Loss Comparison Years Ending December 2014 & 2013

    Jan – Dec 2014 Jan – Dec 2013 Difference Revenues Grants $ 96,000 $ 22,500 $ 73,200 Research $ 9,000 $ 3,300 $ 5,700

    Student Scholarships $ 3,150 $ 13,370 $(10,220) Individual Contributions $ 23,949 $ 14,463 $ 9,486

    Alumni Donations $ 0 $