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  • 1. THINK SPACE 2013 community-based alternative economy The experience from Casa Palacio del Pumarejo (Sevilla)

2. Community? What is and what should never be... Led zeppelin 3. What is Pumarejo? FilmedandeditedbyEmekFilogullari 4. What defines Pumarejo? Struggle & organization Protestgraffitiontheroof ForGoogleMaps!!! Speculation Gentrification Unique thinking boicot from city council 5. What defines Pumarejo? Openness & Self-organization Neighbours Local trades Asociations Citizenship Workingontherestorationof thesocialcentre Neighbourwaterproofingtheroof oftheHouse 6. What defines Pumarejo? Celebration & sense Of Humor Acomplished goals Live in the square Party Irony Protestmeetingatthemaindoor oftheTownHall 7. Values of Pumarejo? Community Vs Individual Collective Decisions Colaboration Mutual Support Assemblyinthecourtyardofthe House 8. Values of Pumarejo? Trust vs control People Processes Diversity MainHallofthecommunity Centre 9. Values of Pumarejo? Abundance Vs Scarcity Resources Abilities Knowledge Vs Money PumarejoParadise WorkshopsabouttheHouse anditsfuture2008. 10. Values of Pumarejo? Strength & determination WorkshopaboutCollectiveSelfbuilding. FirststepfortherestorationofPumarejo Housebythecitizens.Oct2012. 11. Protest & Disobedience What we have achieved: Social and community centre Cataloguing as BIC. 2003 Use agreement. 2011 Beginning House Restoration ( Lo hacemos nosotras LHN - Project) ... And there's still some left OpeningtheCommunityCentre. 15sept2003 10yearsago. 12. Protest & Disobedience "Isademocracy,suchasweknow it,thelastimprovementpossible ingovernment?Isitnotpossible totakeastepfurthertowards recognizingandorganizingthe rightsofman? HenryDavidThoreau 13. 14 years building Social Fabric & community May'sCrossCelebration Resilience 14. Affection Is Revolutionary UnexpectedGraffitionthefrontofthe Pumarejo'sHouse 15. Alternative economy? in this context... Rocking in a free world Neil Young 16. We need other models!! NEOLIBERAL ?? more market!! Keynesian ?? + Public invest!! + Citizenship! Participation Decision Action Direct Democracy !! 17. Creating Self-Sufficient Spaces Basaed on: Ecology y Environment Degrowth Open models Colaboration Cooperation Development & Economy Human Scale 18. "Nomatterhowhostiletheenvironmentinwhichweare workingis,wemustneverceasetoinsistthat developmentisaboutpeopleandnotaboutobjects. Thattheaimofdevelopmentmustbeneither producerismnotconsumerism,butthesatisfactionof fundamentalhumanneeds,whicharenotonlyneedsof humanity,butneedsofbeingaswell. ManfredMaxNeef Human Scale Development 19. And what about The money? Take the money and run Woody Allen 20. What is money? "Itiswellenoughthatpeopleof thenationdonotunderstandour bankingandmonetarysystem,forif theydid,Ibelievetherewouldbe arevolutionbeforetomorrow morning. HenryFord 21. What is money? Positivemoney 22. So why not Create our Own money? Free Money Patti Smith 23. Social Currency PUMA What it is?: Local currency in Pumarejo Complementary to Phisical Passbook CES Digital Platform 1 puma = 1 LETS System Zero sum Game the base is the Trust network 24. Social Currency PUMA How to exchange? Passbook ready Seller on + Buyer on - Sign the other passbook New Balnce Pass to CES Transactionisbasedonmutual trust.There'snocontrolbut ourselves. 25. Filling in the Passbook 26. Social Currency PUMA Objectives Strengthen the community Relocate the economy Strengthen abilities and knowledge Satisfy basic needs Money as a tool MeetingpointsofPumasarecontinous. MercapumaySupplyCenter 27. Social Currency PUMA How it works? Boardofoffers&demandsinthecommunity centreofthePumarejoHouse Inscription & training Registration at CES Initial Balance = 0 Max -100 P Personal Account Offers & demands Start transactions Integration on groups STOP use 28. CES: your personal account 29. CES: Offers and demands OfferlistonCES...Youcansearchfor timeperiod,categories,user,last included,etc... Offercategoriesin PumaCurrency 30. Working Groups Communication incorporation Administration MercapumaSupply Center Care project Health Project Studies & Projects Accounts & management Web Social Networks Events Participation Inernal Communication People Producers & local business groups Monthly Market on Square Meet consumers & producers Main Funding Source Food & Hygiene 100% PUMA Prod. Organic, local, handmade Self-production Compensation / refund Arbitration Pumafunding Work bureau Prime Attention Proffesional Advising Alternative Therapy University Asociation Community Centres, etc. 31. How is funded? Mercapuma Paper note! (only for 1 day) Donations Change to Pumas Conferences, Talks, Workshops, Projects, etc... Supply 20%50% 20% 10% Restoration Care Manage. 32. Proceso del PUMA Oct 2011 Jan. 2012 March 2012 Jan 2013 May 2013 Today... Talk about Social Currency in Pumarejo (RDS) First Steps of PUMA: Type of Currency, Objectives, First Groups... 20 people aprox. Pilot project. Transactions p2p, Improvements & redefining First Swap Market on Square 1st Mercapuma... The party has just began!... Join up new people, Producers, local Business and others Consolidation of groups, new ideas & projects Difusion between local business and producers Extension of network and feeling on community Programming talks, Conferences, Radio, Events, workshops.... Redefinition of Supply Center And Care Project! Start working Sypply at100% en PUMA II National Meeting of local Currencies Success!! Promote & replicate new local currencies Consolidate Projects (Care, Health, Food Sovereignty, training, etc.) Self-funding Projects in /Puma 33. Some data Users: 700 actives: 300 Sellers: 50% Buyers: 93% Prosumers: 43% March 2012 sept 2013March 2012 sept 2013 Total Income in Total Income in 2012 (March dic): 7.650 / 57.400 Kr 2013 (Jan. june): 7.024 / 52.600 Kr Total Expected End 2013: 21.600 / 162.000 Kr Self-funding !!!Self-funding !!! 34. Some data Value generated in PumasValue generated in Pumas 2012: 3.000 Pumas / 22.500 Kr 2013 (1/2): 15.700 Pumas / 117.750 Kr Total Expected end 2013 33.000 P / 247.500 Kr eco-Wealth !!!eco-Wealth !!! 35. SO?? Why not Create your Own money?? Young Frankenstein Mel Brooks 36. Other local currencies LETSSystem(MutualCredit).Andtherearemuchmoretypes!! 37. Starting!!! Objectives? Target Group? Needs? Type of currency? Promoters Group & Participation!! Inclussion!! ParticipationProcesswithno ExclusionorDigitaldivide 38. You can count on the PUMA Herd!!! 39. "Whoeverthinksthatistoo littletochangethings,is becausehehasneversleptwitha mosquitointheroom Gui 40. Refferences & info Pumarejo website: Restoration Project LHN: Documentary EMEK: Pumarejo Youtibe Channel: About Pumarejo's House Positive money: NEF (New Economics Foundation): Manfred Max-Neef website: About monetary System and Multidimensional Crisis Blog Social Currency Puma: Community exchange sistem (CES): Complementary currency: Scoop Self-dependance & Social Currency: Blog julio gisbert live without emplyment: About local currencies 41. Download, use and share it Contact