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1. Allen Mayuga 2. Communication practices define the brand through: Having appeal Being professional Relating to its audience 3. The appeal of an article is defined through its image. The majority of viewers of articles and advertisers focus solely on pictures and audio at first glance. 4. According to WMG, 90% of information that comes into the brain is visual Seeing large fonts and pictures make the article more appealing and make viewers want to read it 5. Through internal and external documents, companies, like Auntie Annes, are able to create an image that makes them more dependable and reliable. Professionalism allows for people to be in good hands. Professional communication creates a sense of trust between consumer and producer. 6. According to, skills that define professionalism consists of: Being punctual Having a good attitude Dressing appropriately Respecting boundaries Offering assistance Assuming responsibility Being honest 7. Communicating via media allows for any user to stumble across which makes it imperative that communication is put at the lowest degree. By this, it means that the communication is simple enough that it is relatable to the largest audience that it has. 8. Auntie Annes has joined each of the popular social media, including FaceBook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, and Instagram This allows for the company to expand its network and socialize with a younger age group that it was not as connected to previously. 9. Three Fold Philosophy Three Parts of Communicating a Brand Fresh, golden brown pretzels Clean store Friendly, courteous customer service Having appeal Being professional Relating to its audience