Common mistakes irregularverbs

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common mistakes irregularverbs

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  • 1. IntervenantLaurence PetoudExecutive AssistantFormatrice en EntrepriseECDL [email protected]:// support has been developed as part of myrevisions for exams First Certificate in English.

2. L. Petoud - P a g e 2 | 3http://fce-cae.blog4ever.comCommonmistakesirregularverbs-140925140525-phpapp02Common MistakesWe have already studied irregular verbs in English. There are many errors which arecommonly made while using irregular verbs. In this lesson, we are going to study the mostcommon errors with these tricky verbs!When using the verb to go in the past simple, many English learners will incorrectly saythey goed to a place. This is incorrect. Instead, they should say went. It is also importantto remember that the past particle of the verb is gone.The past participle of the verbs is sometimes the same as the past simple form of the verb.Other times it isnt. This can make learning the irregular verbs in English really complicatedfor English learners. In the following paragraphs, we will give examples of the verbs whichmust be taken into account when learning English in order to not get confused and makemistakes!Some irregular verbs have the same form for the past simple as for the past participle. Theyinclude:buy boughtbring broughtcatch caughtfeel feltfind foundhave hadmeet metleave leftsay saidthink thought 3. While irregular verbs can be very confusing, there are a few irregular verbs which are muchsimpler than they seem! For example, the following verbs are some of the most used verbsthat do not change at all in the past simple or past participle forms: L. Petoud - P a g e 3 | 3http://fce-cae.blog4ever.comCommonmistakesirregularverbs-140925140525-phpapp02beat, bet, cut, hit, let, put, read, shutIt is quite common for English learners to follow the rules used for regular verbs when usingthe aforementioned verbs. However, it is important that you work to memorize the irregularverbs!IRREGULAR VERBSCommon Mistakes TextLast weekend, I went on a fishing trip with my best friend. Before leaving our home town, webought new fishing poles to bring with us. We even brought a boat with us. We felt like wewere ready to catch any sort of fish in the lake.We set out from our hometown late the night before we were due to arrive at the cabin. Ittook us hours to get there, but when we finally found the place we had reserved, we werethankful. We slept for ten hours! We were rested and ready to go by the time the sun cameup.My friend caught the first fish of the day. It was an enormous trout! Although we like trout, wewere fishing in a lake that was very well known for its excellent salmon and we cut the troutoff the line and let it go.We spent another three hours on the lake without catching anything. We were getting reallytired when all of a sudden my friend said he thought he felt something tug on his line!Excited, he started to reel in the line. Once the fish got closer to the surface, we saw that hehad caught what looked like one of the biggest salmon we had seen in years!We felt very lucky. Its not often that you catch a spectacular fish like this! We were veryhappy. Although I didnt catch anything, we went home with a great story to tell our friendsand family.