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Common mistakes1. Barbatul era absorbit de munca sa.

a.The man was absorbed in his work.2. Ea a acuzat omul de furt.a. She accused the man of stealing.3. Omul a fost acuzat de crim (nu accused )a. The man was charged with murder.4. Sunt obinuit cu vremea cald.a. Im accustomed to hot weather.5. El este obisnuit cu caldura.a. He is used to the heat.6. Laura se teme de caini.a. Laura is afraid of dogs.7. Ea a ochit la tinta.a. She aimed at the target.8. Profesorul era furios pe el.a. The teacher was angry with him.9. Era suparat pe vreme.a. He was angry at the weather.10. Ei sunt ingrijorati pentru sanatatea lui.a. They are anxious about his health.11. Parintii doresc foarte mult succesul copiilor lor.a. Parents are anxious for their childrens success.12. Noi am ajuns in sat noaptea.a. We arrived at the village at night.13. Mr. Smith a ajuns la Londra.a. Mr Smith has arrived in London.14. Se simte rusinat de comportarea sa.a. Hes now ashamed of his conduct.15. Ma simt intimidat/stanjenit de profesorul meu.a. Im shy of my teacher.16. Noi credem in Dumnezeu.a. We believe in God.17. Cred tot ce spune.a. I believe everything he says.18. James s-a laudat cu forta lui.a. James boasted of ( or about ) his strength.19. Ea este foarte grijulie cu sanatatea ei.a. She is very careful of/about her health.20. El are grija de banii lui.a. He takes care of his money.21. El a calatorit cu trenul ieri.a. He travelled by train yesterday.22. Ea s-a plans de vreme.a. She complained about the weather.23. Ea s-a plans de o durere de gat.a. She complained of a sore throat.24. Clasa noastra are 30 de ani.a. Our class is composed of thirty students.25. Am mare incredere in tine.a. I have great confidence in you.26. Hai sa iti spun ceva in particular.Let me tell you something in confidence. (= as a secret)27. Trebuie sa ne supunem regulilor.a. We must conform to the rules.28. Ne vom comforma cererii dumneavoastra.a. Well comply with your request.29. Te felicit pentru succesul tau.a. I congratulate you on your success.30. Un an are 12 luni.a. A year consists of twelve months.31. Muntii sunt acoperiti de zapada.a. The mountains are covered with/in snow.32. Omul a fost vindecat de boala sa.a. The man was cured of his illness.33. Nu exista niciun leac pentru acea boala.a. There is no cure for that disease.34. Asta depinde de ea.a. It depends on ( or upon ) her.35. Nu ma pot baza pe el.a. I cant rely on ( or upon ) him.36. El a fost privat de libertate.a. He was deprived of his freedom.37. Multi oameni au murit de malaria.a. Many people have died of malaria.38. Cartea mea este diferita de a ta.a. My book is different from yours.39. Phillip a fost dezamagit de nota mica pe care a luat-o la test.a. Phillip was disappointed by/about/at the low mark he got in the test.40. Jane a fost dezamagita de fiul ei.a. Jane was disappointed with/in her son.41. Am impartit prajitura in 4 parti.a. I divided the cake into four parts.42. Paul a impartit marul in jumatate ( sau in doua ).a. Paul divided the apple in half ( or in two ).43. Nu ma indoiesc de abilitatea sa.a. Ive no doubt of ( or about ) his ability.44. Ma indoiesc de abilitatea sa de a trece examenul.a. I am doubtful of his ability to pass.45. Femeia era imbracata in negru.a. The woman was dressed in black./ The woman was in black.46. Aceasta este o exceptie de la regula.a. This is an exception to the rule.47. Ei ii placeau toate subiectele in afara de fizica.a. She liked all her subjects with the exception of physics.48. A schimbat colectia de cutii de chibrituri pe niste timbre.a. He exchanged his collection of matchboxes for some foreign stamps.49. A dat masina lui veche pentru una noua.a. He gave them his old car in exchange for a new one.50. Steven a picat la matematica.a. Steven failed in maths last year.51. Borcanul era plin cu ulei.a. The jar was full of oil.52. Jane a umplut paharul cu apa.a. Jane filled the glass with water.53. Eu voi fi fericit sa ma descotoresesc de el.a. Ill be glad to get rid of him.54. Francis a fost bucuros sa primeasca scrisoarea ta.a. Francis was glad about receiving your letter.55. Sora mea este buna la matematica.a. My sisters good at maths.56. El este slab la gramatica.a. Hes weak in grammar.57. Trebuie sa te feresti de obiceiurile proaste.a. You must guard against bad habits.58. A fost gasit vinovat de crima.a. He was found guilty of murder.59. Clare este independenta de parintii ei.a. Clares independent of her parents.60. Un copil este dependent de parintii sai.a. A child is dependent on its parents.61. Ei sunt indiferenti la politicaa. Theyre indifferent to politics.62. El a insistat intotdeauna asupra opiniei sale.a. He always insisted on his opinion.63. Nu este interesata de munca sa.a. Shes not interested in her work.64. Este foarte interesata de muzica.a. She takes a great interest in music.65. Este foarte gelos pe fratele sau.a. Hes very jealous of his brother.66. Ei vor pleca la Londra curand.a. Theyre leaving for London soon.67. El traieste pe banii fratelui sau.a. He lives on his brothers money.68. Priveste acest tablou frumos.a. Look at this beautiful picture.69. Angela era maritata cu un barbat bogat.a. Angela was married to a rich man.70. Angela s-a maritat cu un barbat bogat.a. Angela married a rich man.71. Sally era logodita cu Peter de un an cand s-au casatorit.a. Sally had been engaged to Peter for a year when they got married.72. Casa lor este vizavi de-a noastra.a. Their house is opposite to ours.73. Treci si pe la posta?a. Will you pass by the post-office?74. El joaca in mod obisnuit pentru acea echipa.a. He plays regularly for that team.75. Profesorul este multumit de mine.a. The teacher is pleased with me.76. Ei au fost multumiti de rezultatele ei.a. They were pleased at/with her results.77. John este popular intre prietenii sai.a. John is popular with his friends.78. Prefer un stilou albastru in locul unuia rosu.a. I prefer a blue pen to a red one.79. Cine a prezidat intalnirea trecuta?a. Who presided at (or over) the last meeting?80. El este foarte mandru de promovarea sa.a. He is very proud of his promotion.81. Ne-am bucurat de succesul ei.a. We rejoiced at/in her success.82. Esti inrudit cu Simon in vreun fel?a. Are you related to Simon in any way?83. Este el vreo ruda cu tine?a. Is he any relation to you?84. S-a cait pentru crima sa.a. He repented of his crime.85. El se caieste pentru pacatul sau.a. He feels repentance for his sin.86. Esti multumit de notele tale?a. Are you satisfied with your marks?87. Casa ta seamana cu a mea.a. Your house is similar to mine.88. Managerul bancii statea la biroul sau.a. The bank manager was sitting at his desk.89. El sta pe un scaun acum.a. He is sitting on a chair now.90. Petrec mult timp la calculator.a. I spend a lot of time on my computer.91. Sper ca va reusi in munca sa.a. I hope hell succeed in his work.92. Regina Elisabeta a succedat la tron in 1952.a. Queen Elizebeth succeeded to the throne in 1952.93. Munca mea e superioara muncii lui.My work is superior to his.94. Sunt cat se poate de sigura de sinceritatea ei.a. Im quite sure of her honesty.95. A fost surprins de zgomotul puternic.a. He was surprised at/by the loud bang.96. O suspectez pe Kate de furtul stiloului.a. I suspect Kate of stealing the pen.97. Caini sunt suspicosi fata de straini.a. Dogs are suspicious of strangers.98. Robert si-a luat fratele de mana.a. Robert took his brother by the hand.99. Fata a legat sfoara la zmeu.a. The girl tied the string to the kite.100. Prisonerul era legat de rug.a. The prisoner was bound to the stake.101. Baietii sunt plictisiti sa manance oua fierte.a. The boys are tired/bored of eating boiled eggs.102. Tradu acest pasaj in engleza.a. Translate this passage into English.103. Barbatul tremura de frig.a. The man was trembling with cold.104. Hotul tremura de teama.a. The thief was shaking with fear.105. Ei au fost avertizati de pericol.a. They were warned of the danger.106. Profesorul l-a avertizat impotriva incalcarii regulilor.a. His teacher warned him against breaking the rules.107. Am scris scrisoarea cu cerneala.a. I wrote the letter in ink.108. Fa-ti treaba fara sa vorbesti.a. Do your work without speaking.109. El a plecat, in loc sa astepte.a. He went away instead of waiting.110. Ei sunt destul de capabili sa faca asta.a. Theyre quite capable of doing that.111. El nu este in stare sa faca nimic.a. He is unable to do anything.112. Ea vorbeste mereu.a. She is always fond of talking.113. Simon a insitat sa mearga la Londra.a. Simon insisted on going to London.114. Obiectez sa fiu tratat asa.a. I object to being treated like this.115. Ploaia m-a impiedicat sa plec.a. The rain prevented me from going.116. Paula a reusit sa castige premiul.a. Paula succeeded in winning the prize.117. Ma gandesc adesea sa merg in Anglia.a. I often think of going to England.118. Clientul s-a plictisit de asteptare.a. The customer got tired of waiting.119. Ea este obisnuita sa se trezeasca devreme.a. Shes used to getting up early.120. Nu poti evita sa nu faci greseli.a. You cant avoid making mistakes.121. Imi place sa joc fotbal.a. I enjoy playing football.122. Te rog scuza-ma ca am intarziat atat de mult.a. Please excuse my being so late.b. Please excuse me for being so late.123. Ai terminat de vorbit?a. Have you finished speaking?124. Ea a inceput sa vorbeasca.a. She began to speak.b.She started speaking.125. Muzica a continuat sa cante toata ziua.a. The music went on playing all day.126. A continuat sa cante la pian.a. She kept on playing the piano.127. Te-ar deranja sa deschizi usa?a. Would you mind opening the door?128. El trebuie sa exerseze vorbitul in engleza.a. He must practise speaking English.129. Nu-mi amintesc sa il fi vazut.a. I dont remember seeing him.b. I dont remember having seen him.130. Nu puteam risca sa il lasam singur.a. We couldnt risk leaving him alone.131. Vantul aproape a incetat sa bata.a. The wind has almost stopped blowing.132. El a fost ocupat sa recapituleze pentru examene.