Common Core Gamified 3D Game Lab Teacher Camp 8-6-14

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COMMON CORE GAMIFIED Kerry Rice, Ed. D. Professor and Fulbright Scholar Department of Educational Technology Boise State University ENGLISH LANGUAGE ARTS AND NON ENGLISH SUBJECT AREAS TECHNOLOGY SUPPORTED CCSS

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Technology Supported CCSS for English Language Arts and Non English Subject Areas.

Transcript of Common Core Gamified 3D Game Lab Teacher Camp 8-6-14

  • Kerry Rice, Ed. D. Professor and Fulbright Scholar Department of Educational Technology Boise State University
  • Tell me a little about you?
  • Gamified PD Gamification applying game mechanics to learning Quest-Based Learning Choice Mastery Flexible pace and place Transitioning to Quest-Based Learning Chunk Address learning styles Setting prerequisites, point levels, and awards/achievements Visualizing the BIG Picture
  • Roadmap
  • Technology Supported CCSS Key Take-Aways All teachers are teachers of literacy. It is important to unpack the standards and understand their structure. The standards are not the curriculum; they are focused on outcomes. Important 21st Century skills are embedded into the standards. Instead of asking: What will we teach and when should we teach it? Ask: Having learned key content, what will students be able to do with it?
  • Instructional Shifts Building knowledge through content-rich nonfiction. Reading, writing, and speaking grounded in evidence from text, both literary and informational texts. Regular practice with complex texts and its academic language.
  • College and Career Readiness Anchor Standards Student who meet the standards Demonstrate independence Build strong content knowledge Respond to the varying demands of audience, task, purpose and discipline Comprehend as well as critique Value evidence Use technology and digital media strategicallly and capably.
  • Building Background Knowledge Direct instruction or previewing Record a video lecture (EdPuzzle, ScreencastOmatic, Jing, CamStudio) Take a virtual field trip (Smithsonian, Google Lit Trips, Questions, Cues, and Advance Organizers Create a Mind Map (Coggle) Reflect and Record (Vocaroo, Voicethread, Interactive KWL Creator) Vocabulary Building Build a Word Wall (Padlet) Build a Word List ( Create a Word Image (Wordle, Tagxedo)
  • Comprehension Summarize and Take Notes Journal and Reflect (Edublog) Use Thinking Notes (Padlet, Tangle) Multiple Representations Use Images (Clker, Picassohead) Create a Graphic Organizer (Tiki Toki, Popplet, Gliffy) Use External Resources (Khan Academy, Best of History, Phet, Smithsonian, Plotly, Probability Simulator) Identify Similarities and Differences Compare and Contrast (Diffen,Lucidchart Venn Diagram Creator) Create a Concept Map (LucidChart,, Tangle)
  • Writing Convey What you Have Learned Animate it! (Powtoons, ToonDoo, Animoto) Create a Brochure or Book (PageFlip-Flap, LucidPress, Synthesize New Information Build Research Skills (Diigo, Delicious) Share New Understandings Create a Collage (Glogster, Create a Presentation (Slideshare, Slideboom, YouTube, Dailymotion, Prezi, Voicethread, Biteslide, ABCya, EZVID, Jing) Create a Website (Google Sites, Weebly, Wix)
  • Take Safety Seriously Take Safety Seriously Support safe and appropriate use of the Internet (SafeKids, NetSmartz, Digital Citizenship) Make Appropriate Use Explicit Provide instruction on Netiquette, intellectual property/copyright, and plagiarism. (Netiquette, Creative Commons, Anti- Plagiarism, Dupli Checker)
  • How Will Your Classroom be Transformed? Kerry Rice Department of Educational Technology Boise State University [email protected]