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    Never Give Up: The Pathway To Success Begins With Me

    COMMENCEMENT Spring 2019

    Thursday, 23rd May 2019, 4:00 p.m. Thomas A. Robinson National Stadium

    University Drive New Providence, The Bahamas

    Tuesday 28th May 2019, 6:00 p.m. Grand Lucayan Resort Ballroom Royal Palm Way Freeport, Grand Bahama

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    Table of Contents

    2019 Commencement Programme – New Providence 4

    2019 Commencement Programme – Grand Bahama 5

    Academic Symbolism 6

    Board of Trustees 8

    Administrative Council 8

    Deans, Senior Administrators, Senior Academic Administrators 8

    Directors 9

    University of The Bahamas Commencement Speaker - New Providence 12

    University of The Bahamas Commencement Speaker – Grand Bahama 13

    Candidates for Graduation 14

    Faculty 47

    Alma Mater 54

    Disclaimer 54

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    Processional Pomp & Circumstance – Edward Elgar Commencement Classics - Arr: D. Court

    National Anthem

    Led by Tonique Brown, soprano Christian Hepburn, tenor

    Alma Mater Written by: Christian Justilien led by Tonique Brown, soprano Christian Hepburn, tenor

    Invocation Dr. Walteria Tucker-Rolle, Assistant Professor, Spanish/Chair, Communi- cation and Creative Arts

    Welcome Dr. Rodney D. Smith, President

    Introduction of Commencement Speaker Dr. Rodney D. Smith, President

    Commencement Address Dr. Sherise Ferguson, Associate Professor, Neurosurgery Department, Division of Surgery, The University of Texas, MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, Texas

    Induction of Class of Spring 2018 Mr. Reno Miller, President, Alumni Association, Class of 1998

    Reflections: Graduating Class of Spring 2019 Governor General’s Award

    Mr. Ducheley Richard Bachelor of Science, Biology with a Minor in Chemistry Mr. Jared A. Symonette Bachelor of Business Administration, Accounting Ms. Davonia Grant Bachelor of Arts, Psychology

    Presentation of Candidates Dr. Linda A. Davis, Provost

    Conferral of Degrees Dr. Rodney D. Smith

    Presentation of Class of 2019 Dr. Linda A. Davis, Provost


    2019 Commencement Programme

    New Providence

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    2019 Commencement Programme

    Grand Bahama

    Reflections: Graduating Class of Spring 2019

    Dominique Seymour, Bachelor of Education, Primary Certifica- tion, UB-North Campus Award for Academic Excellence

    Presentation of Candidates Dr. Linda A. Davis, Provost

    Conferral of Degrees Dr. Rodney D. Smith

    Presentation of Class of 2019

    Dr. Peter McWilliam, Dean of Faculty, UB-North

    Benediction Rev’d Canon Norman Lightbourne


    Processional Pomp & Circumstance - Edward Elgar

    National Anthem

    Led by Berlicia Saunders, B.B.A., Accounting

    Alma Mater – Christian Justilien

    Invocation Rev’d Canon Norman Lightbourne, Rector, Pro-Cathedral of Christ the King

    Welcome Dr. Rodney D. Smith, President

    Introduction of Commencement Speaker Dr. Rodney D. Smith

    Commencement Address Hon. K. Peter Turnquest, Deputy Prime Minister and Member of Parliament for East Grand Bahama

    Induction of Class of Spring 2019 Cherish Russell, President, Alumni Association, Grand Bahama Chapter

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    Academic Symbolism

    The University Mace The Academic Ceremonial Mace represents the authority of the Chief Executive Officer of the University. The Mace of University of The Bahamas measures three feet in length and is made from native mahogany for its strength and beauty. It is topped by the University crest flanked by two flamingoes, a symbol of our heritage and brilliance and the national bird of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas. The Mace was designed and carved by Andret John, a noted Bahamian artist who is famous for his sculptures.

    The Presidential Chain and Medallion The Presidential Chain and Medallion are symbols of the rank of President and the authority of the Office of President. The bronze medallion is antique silver-plated and depicts the University’s crest. The chain, plain and unadorned, is joined to the medallion by the President’s banner, engraved with the name of the University’s President. Together with the Mace, the chain and medallion symbolize the continuing authority of the President of University of The Bahamas.

    Academic Dress The wearing of caps, gowns and hoods at college and university functions dates back to the earliest days of the oldest universities. Modern academic regalia evolved from the kinds of apparel worn by monks and students in the eleventh and twelfth centuries to keep warm in the medieval castles and halls in which they studied.

    The Gown The gown has become symbolic of the democracy of scholarship, for it completely covers any dress or rank or social standing. The sleeves of the gown indicate the level of the degree held by the wearer. A long pointed sleeve indicates the bachelor degree. The master’s degree gown has an oblong sleeve cut in an arc with a slit at either the upper arm or wrist. The doctoral gown has bell shaped sleeves and may also have velvet facing and three sleeve bars or chevrons. The sleeves of a university president’s gown bear four chevrons. The trimming may be black or it may match the degree colour on the gown’s edging.

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    The Cap The academic cap is a sign of the freedom of scholarship and responsibility and dignity with which scholarship endows the wearer. Old poetry records the cap of scholarship as square, symbolizing the book, although other authorities claim that it is a mortarboard, the symbol of the mason, a privileged guild. Trustees wear a six-sided cap, while the President’s is eight-sided. The colour of the tassels on the cap denotes the discipline. The tassels on the mortarboards worn by faculty may be black or a colour indicating the degree. Those who hold a doctoral degree may wear a gold tassel.

    Tassel colours worn by graduates can include:

    Accounting – Drab Agriculture – Maize Architecture – Blue Violet Arts – White Business Studies – Drab Economics – Copper Education – Light Blue Engineering – Orange Finance – Drab General Studies – White Geography – White History – White Journalism – Crimson Language and Literature – White

    Law/Criminal Justice – Purple Library Science – Lemon Marketing – Drab Mathematics – Gold Nursing – Apricot Psychology – Gold Public Administration – Peacock Sciences – Gold Social Studies – Citron Sociology – Citron Technology – Gold

    The Hood The hood is the most prominent feature of the academic costume and is lined with the official colours of the institution conferring the degree. It is edged and bound with velvet or the colour appropriate to the degree. At University of The Bahamas, the lining of the hood is royal blue and white representing the University’s colours.

    The Cord The gold cord is worn by candidates graduating with distinction. The cumulative grade point average required for the award of distinction is 3.51 – 4.00, effective Fall 1998.

  • 8

    Board of Trustees

    Dr. K. Jonathan Rodgers, M.B.E., Chairman

    Mrs. Alessandra Holowesko, Vice-Chair

    Dr. Rodney D. Smith, President, Ex-Officio

    Ms. Alexandra Hall, Trustee

    Mr. Raymond Rolle, Trustee

    Mr. Philip Stubbs, Trustee

    Mr. Peter Whitehead, Trustee

    Mr. Brian Jones, Trustee

    Mr. Henry St. George, Trustee

    Mr. D’Arcy Rahming, Trustee

    Ms. Margo Blackwell, Faculty Trustee

    Ms. Kristie Powell, Trustee

    Mr. Reno Miller, Alumni Association Trustee

    Mr. Jeron Johnson, Student Trustee

    Ms. Jeannie Gibson, Staff Trustee

    Mrs. Tracy Ferguson-Johnson, General Counsel

    Mr. Michael Stevenson, University Secretary

    Mr. Erald Thompson, Chief Internal Auditor

    Administrative Council Dr. Rodney D. Smith, President

    Dr. Linda A. Davis, Provost

    Dr. Mychal Coleman, VP, Human Resources

    Mr. Ryan Antonio, VP, Finance/Chief Financial Officer

    Ms. Ingrid Culmer, VP, Finance and Business Enterprise (Acting)

    Dr. Marcella Elliott-Ferguson, VP, Administrative Services

    Mr. Dino Hernandez, VP, Institutional Advancement

    Ms. Maelynn Seymour-Major, Chief of Staff

    Mr. Elgin Smith, VP, Chief Information Officer

  • 9

    Mr. Ronnie Stevenson, VP, Operations

    Dr. Ian Strachan, VP, University of The Bahamas-North

    Mr. Joe W. Stubbs, Dean of Students

    Deans and Senior Academic Administrators

    Dr. Tyler Adams, Dean, Continuing Education and Lifelong Learning

    Dr. Earla Carey-Baines, University Editor

    Dr. Teo Cooper, Dean of Students (UB-North)

    Dr. Danny Davis, Assistant Vice President, Institutional Strengthening and Accreditation

    Dr. Pandora Johnson, Strategic Partnerships and Initiatives

    Mrs. Lottis Knowles, Interim Dean, Faculty of Liberal and Fine Arts

    Dr. Peter McWilliam, Dean of Faculty (UB-North)

    Mrs. Remelda Moxey, Dean, Faculty of Business, Hospitality and Tourism Studies

    Dr. Vikneswaran Nair, Dean, Graduate Studies and Research

    Dr. Maria Oriakhi, Assistant Vice President, Academic Affairs

    Dr. Ruth Sumner, Dean, Faculty of Social and Educational Studies

    Dr. Berthamae Walker, University Librarian

    Dr. Carlton Watson