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Comics Quiz-MAINS

Comics Quiz-MAINSHIGH and DRY-I RULES:- (i)Infinite Pounce (ii) +5- Direct +10-Pounce [correct] -5-Pounce[incorrect]

Hes close, real close1) X is a three volume manga series written and illustrated by Motofumi Kobayashi. It was originally published in Japan as Cat Shit One in 1998, but was renamed for the US release to parody the title of the film_____________ which also took place during the Vietnam War. The manga follows three American soldiers (who are anthropomorphic animals) in the Vietnam War named Botasky, Perky and Rats. All three are in the recon team called group in Vietnam. There are sections of the manga which give brief truths behind the war, such as the types of weapons used by different countries and the activities of the forces in the war. At the end of volume one there is a chapter called Dog Shit One- separate from the main story-showing human chahracters. Give X.

Apocalypse Meow

Friendship takes you far2) X and Y, two giant figures in the world of comics, were high school friends. In 1936, it was Y who encouraged X to sell cartoons to the new comic book Wow, What a magazine! X went on to create the character shown, write one of the first graphic novels, help establish the graphic novel as a form of literature, and have the most prestigious award in the industry named after him. Y went on to create one of the most enduring and popular characters ever. ID X and Y.

X- Will Eisner Y- Bob Kane.

When the Gauls arrived3) According to a report by the Times Of India, the French author Jean-Yves Ferri (who is currently writing a new Asterix and Obelix story) wants to set a new adventure in old time India where he will introduce a new character in the Asterix universe, named _________, inspired by the most famous Indian. FITB.


The forerunner? Perhaps4) Excerpt from a letter By Malcolm Wheeler-Nicholson to Jerry Siegel dated May 13, 1936, We need some more work from you. We are getting out at least one new magazine in July and possibly two. The first one is definitely in the works. It will contain longer stories and fewer. From you and Shuster we need sixteen pages monthly. He is to be an amateur, called in by the police to help unravel difficult cases. He should combine both brains and brawn, be able to think quickly and reason cleverly and able as well to slam bang his way out of a bar room brawl or mob attack. Take every opportunity to show him in a torn shirt with swelling biceps and powerful torso ala Flash Gordon. The pages are to run the same size as New Comics but to contain eight panels a page instead of six."What resulted?

Samuel Emerson Slam Bradley.

Indian Myth anyone?5) This is the first Amar Chitra Katha that came out. However there is something strange about its numbering. What and why?

Issues #1- #10 were popular western fairy tales in Indian languages.

Those were the days6) Two of them were made, both directed by Barry Levinson, starring X and Peter Warburton. The first was named A Uniform used to mean something and the second was Hindsight in 20/20. What?

The Seinfeld Superman shorts.

Song form the Wandering Jew7) X is a sonnet by Percy Bysshe Shelley, published in 1818 in London. It is probably Shelleys most famous short poem. The poem is supposedly inspired by a colossal statue of Egyptian pharaoh Ramesses II, so much so that its paraphrases the inscription on the base of the statue : King of Kings am I, X. If anyone would know how great I am and where I lie, let him surpass one of my works.X, also the name of a fictional character created by Alan Moore and Dave Gibson for DC. X is ranked no. 29 on Wizards Top 200 Comic Book Characters List and number 21 on IGNs Top 100 Villains list. Who is X?


A simple one8) ID the magazine from the cover


Blistering Barnacles!!!9) The Tintin adventure The Shooting Star, originally had an American villain with a Jewish surname of Blumenstein. This proved controversial, as the character exhibited exaggerated, stereotypically Jewish characteristics. Blumenstein was changed to an American with a less ethnically specific name_________________, in later editions and subsequently to a South American of a fictional country- Sao Rico. Herge later discovered that the new name given to the character was also Jewish.

Mr Bohlwinkel.

Its the web-slinger10) What is so special about this comic strip? What do we see happening for the first time in the strip below?

This is the first time Spiderman addresses himself as your friendly neighbor-hood Spiderman. Amazing Spiderman #4

Getting a little technical11) Yonkoma manga, a comic strip format, generally consists of gag comic strips. Though the word Yonkoma comes from the Japanese, the style also exists outside of Japan in other Asian countries as well as in the English- speaking market.Rakuten Kitazawa (who wrote under the name Yasuji Kitazawa) produced the first Yonkoma in 1902. Traditionally, Yonkoma follows a structure known as Kishotenketsu. This word is a compound formed from the following Japanese kanji characters:KiShoTenKetsuWhat is Yonkoma/ How is it more popularly known?

The four-panelled comic strip

Spoofs all around12) What was originally published intending to parody these four popular comics of the 1980s?

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (TMNT)

Theme Connect-I


Sketches inspired by famous album covers.HIGH and DRY-IIRULES:- (i)Infinite Pounce (ii) +5- Direct +10-Pounce [correct] -5-Pounce[incorrect]

Speak up1) ID this comic strip and its significance.

The Yellow Kid. First strip (the above) to use speech bubbles.

A little vocabulary2) Plucked fishing line strung between two posts, magnetic film being clinched tighter on a spindle, compressed air, shaving cream spurts, the swish of old woven fly fishing line were used to reproduce the distinctive word that first appeared in 1965. Which word?


The Final Frontier3) This comic strips fascination/connection with the space mission is mentioned here. X is the personal safety mascot of NASA space missions. Y and X reached new heights on May 18, 1969 as they became the names of the command module and lunar module, respectively, for Apollo 10. The Apollo Moon Project prompted X to make his own lunar landing in March 1969 (four months prior to the actual landing).The character X is described as the happiest character, barely aware that anyone else exists, except his little bird friend Z, who in turn is named after a legendary event that happened around the time of the said moon landings.Give X,Y and Z.

X- Snoopy Y- Charlie Brown Z- Woodstock

Probably the best of the all4) Originally making an appearance in Asterix and the Black Gold, as a Gaulish-Roman druid, who travels in a folding chariot full of secret devices. Name the character and the real-life persona he was based on.

Doubleosix and Sean Connery

An error weve come to accept5) The original error is attributed to Leo Novak, a studio artist who illustrated for the Superman dailies during this period. One theory is that Novak mistook him for the Ultra Humanite, a frequent foe of Superman. Other evidence suggests his design was confused with that of a stockier henchman in Superman #4. What am I talking about?

Lex Luthor suddenly went bald, while before he had red hair.

Spidey again.6) What is so special about this issue of The Amazing Spiderman?

First comic to be published without the approval of The Comics Code Authority (CCA).

Mrs. Robinson7) In DC Comics 100 Bullets, a theory is put forward that the shooter on the grassy knoll used the eponymous 100 bullets to kill X. While no names are mentioned, there is a clear implication that the shooter was Y. Y wanted to kill X in revenge for X ordering the murder of Ys ex-wife, because she wanted to go public about her love affair with X. In the story, it appears that Y was not part of any conspiracy plans and it was sheer chance that he chose that day and that place. ID X and Y.

X- JFKY- Joe DiMaggio

One of my favourites8) What has been blanked out? and id the occasion

Sherlock Holmes. DC Comics 50th Anniversary.

Ah! This9) Paul Francis Webster was an American lyricist who won three Academy Awards for Best Song and was nominated sixteen times for the award. Among lyricists, he is second only to Johnny Mercer, who was nominated eighteen times, in number of nominations. In addition, a large number of his songs became major hits on the popular music charts.J.Robert Bob Harris was an American composer, credited with writing the theme for Lolita in 1962.Why are they in this quiz?Creators of the Spiderman Theme songAnimal farm10) X is a biography of Ys father, a Polish Jew and Holocaust survivor. It primarily alternates between descriptions of his life in Poland before and during WWII and his later life in New York City. The graphic novel depicts various races as animals, such as the Jews as Mice, the Germans as Cats, the ethnic Poles as Pigs among several others simply because Y felt that reality was not meant for comics. ID X and Y.

X-MausY- Art Spiegelman

Feminism in comics11) ____________________ is a website that was created in 1999 by a group of comic book fans. The term was coined by writer Gail Simone as a name for the website in early 1999 during online discussions about comic books with friends. It refers to an incident in Green lantern #54 (1994), written by Ron Marz, in which Kyle Rayner, the title hero, comes home to his apartment to find that his girlfriend, Alex DeWitt, had been killed by the villain Major Force and stuffed in a refrigerator. Give me the term and what the website features that lends it such a name.

Women in Refrigerators. The website features a list of female comic book characters that have been injured, killed or depowered as a plot device within various comic book superheroes

Memories.12) It is thought that the ____________ took their name from Colonial Militia who set up a group of select men who would rapidly respond to any threat quickly. The ___________ were formed in 1939 by Nelson Gardner,an ex-marine who wanted to put his skills as a soldier to good use. The group consisted of eight members, the rest being a dancer who wanted to seek out fortune, an openly lesbian Austrian jew, a Connecticut-born self made millionaire, a God-fearing ex college athlete, an ex-policeman, a self trained, violent and brutal vigilante and a German circus strongman whose real life persona was never revealed. FITB.The Minutemen.

Theme Connect-II

Richard Stallman being attacked/accompanied by ninjas before speaking at the Yale Political Union.

Youtube came up with Audio Preview that plays back the comment aloud.

Cory Doctorow wears a red cape, goggles and a balloon as he receives the 2007 EFF Pioneer Award.

The easter egg built into Python to give you the Zen of Python.

POGO/ quoted in order to prevent /b/ from trolling the forums.

Sneaking a chessboard onto a rollercoaster.THEME CONNECT:-

Real life events inspired by xkcd comic strips.