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COMIC STRIPS. COMIC STRIPS. Have you ever read comic strips? . Do you know Garfield?. Do you know Garfield?. Does the name Peanuts sound familiar?. Did you ever have a good laugh with one of their stories or of other characters?. How about getting to know them a little better?. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of COMIC STRIPS

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COMIC STRIPSCOMIC STRIPS1Have you ever read comic strips?

2Do you know Garfield?

Do you know Garfield?3Does the name Peanuts sound familiar?

Did you ever have a good laugh with one of their stories or of other characters?

How about getting to know them a little better?Lets look them up!The Task1 From an existing strip of the chosen character, change the dialogue with an original one, in other words, of the groupss creation. The meaning must be different and the simple present and present progressive must be used.

2 Create a completely new strip. The same character can be used or you can create a new one. How To Do It1 - Choose a character from internet sources on the Surf The Web slide and then join the group of that character (each group must have 5 components at the most); 2 - Each participant of the group will be responsible for a topic on the first web research: -its history (how old it is, who is its creator, etc); - its characteristics; - other than newspapers how can you have access to it; - what type of language is used.

How To Do It3 The second web research will be on making the strip and each student can be in charge of a section according to the division of their choice.

Let your creativity loose!

REMEMBER: SURF THE WEB!Sites on characters:


For creation:

ConclusionDid you like this webquest? Did it change the way you saw strips? Was it fun to create them? Which part of the process did you enjoy the most? There is a lot more you can do with it. How about exploring it further? Now you already know the way!EvaluationThis webquest has the goal to stimulate reading, to work direct speech and simple present. For the students evaluation it will be taken into consideration the layout of the strip, the use of language during the presentation and specially in the strip, presence and participation in the presentations and, at last, creativity.CreditsThis webquest is for intermediate and advanced students. It can be addapted for children, teenagers or adults according to the sites used. It was created by undergraduate students from UERJ, under the orientation of Janana Cardoso, on January, 2013. Leonardo AssisLuciana NevesNatlia AzevedoVivian Oliveira