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  • 7/29/2019 Combustion of Planets


    Combust planets in a horoscope are probably the ones which are usually

    ignored by many astrologers. These astrologers do not associate anyimportance to combust planets and make predictions by looking at certain

    other aspects of horoscopes. Whereas in actual practice, combust planetsare a vital part of detecting problems and making predictions about the

    horoscope holder. In case, a horoscope is having one or more than onecombust planets, the resultant effects of the horoscope can not be predicted

    accurately if the effect of combust planets in the horoscope is ignored or notread properly. So it is very important to pay attention to combust planetsand their effects in order to know a horoscope properly and thoroughly.

    Combustion is a phenomenon which occurs when a planet

    comes very close to the Sun and loses its luster and shine due to thiscloseness and thus the planet is said to be combust. For example, if Mercury

    becomes very close to the Sun in a horoscope, it becomes combust and analphabet "c" is shown in front of Mercury while showing horoscope details for

    that particular horoscope. In the same way all the other planets becomecombust if they come within a certain range of closeness to the Sun. This

    range of closeness is measured in degrees and is different for differentplanets. Following are the degrees of combustion for Moon, Mercury, Venus,

    Mars, Jupiter and Saturn :

    Moon is said to be combust when it comes within 12 degrees on either side

    of the Sun.

    Mercury is said to be combust when it comes within 14 degrees on either

    side of the Sun provided Mercury is in forward Motion. When Mercury is inRetrograde motion, the degree of closeness for combustion of Mercurybecomes 12 degrees.

    Venus is said to be combust when it comes within 10 degrees on either sideof the Sun, provided Venus is in forward motion. When Venus is in

    Retrograde motion, the degree of closeness for combustion of Venusbecomes 8 degrees.

    Mars is said to be combust when it comes within 17 degrees on either side of

    the Sun.

    Jupiter is said to be combust when it comes within 11 degrees on either side

    of the Sun.

    Saturn is said to be combust when it comes within 15 degrees on either sideof the Sun.

  • 7/29/2019 Combustion of Planets


    Rahu and Ketu never become combust due to their closeness to Sun as they

    are shadow planets.

    When a planet becomes combust, it becomes weak bycombustion and thus it becomes unable to protect its significances fully and

    produce proper results unlike a planet which is not combust and is capableof producing proper results. So the study of combust planets becomes very

    important in order to make predictions about the significances ruled by theseplanets in different horoscopes. Combust planets need to be strengthened in

    order to get proper results for the significances ruled by them. Butstrengthening the combust planets is not a simple task and takes expertise.

    The job is comparatively easy when the combust planet in a horoscope is

    working positively. In case of positive combust planets in a horoscope, thebest and the easiest remedy to strengthen these planets is to wear

    gemstones for the combust planets. Wearing gemstones for the positivecombust planets provides them extra strength and they become capable of

    protecting their significances and producing proper results.

    But in case, a combust planet in a horoscope is workingnegative in that horoscope, it becomes comparatively difficult to strengthen

    that planet. In case of negative combust planets, gemstones can not beprescribed for these planets, as gemstones should not be worn for negative

    planets, even if such negative planets are combust. Strengthening negative

    combust planets with the help of gemstones can cause very bad results andthus use of gemstones should be avoided in case of negative combust

    planets and gemstones should only be used for strengthening positive

    combust planets. In case of negative combust planets, the strength isprovided with the help of Mantras and Poojas for these combust planets andnot by using gemstones. For example if Mercury is negative and combust in

    a horoscope, the best way to strengthen Mercury for that horoscope, so thatit may produce proper results regarding its significances is to chant the Beej

    Mantra of Mercury for as many times a day as is prescribed by yourastrologer and for as long a duration of time as is prescribed by your


    However this process is slow and may not show results as fast as

    the application of gemstones for the positive combust planets. And apartfrom that this process requires dedicated time and discipline on daily basis

    to chant the Mantras for the combust planet or planets. That is why it isconsidered comparatively difficult as compared to the application of

    gemstones. Another way of strengthening the combust planets with the helpof Mantras is getting a Pooja performed for the combust planet. In this

    process a certain count of Mantras for the combust planet, which is usually125,000 and is chanted by a set of 2 to 5 Pandits in a time period ranging

  • 7/29/2019 Combustion of Planets


    from 3 days to 8 days, on behalf of the horoscope holder and the fruit of this

    Jaap of Mantras is transferred to the horoscope holder by means ofSankalpas done under the guidance of Vedic System of Karma Vidhaan and

    Vedic Astrology. So the Mantras are chanted by the Pandits and the fruit isgiven to the horoscope holder, and all this process works out at a much

    faster pace than chanting the Mantras by yourself which may require yearsto accomplish a count of 125,000 Mantras for a combust planet. The best

    suggested remedial combination for negative combust planets is to get aPooja performed first and then start chanting the Mantra for that planet ondaily basis if you are able to do it.


    Himanshu ShangariWhen a planet is combust in a kundli or in transit then it impacts the life ofthe native. In this article we will discuss the result of a combust lord of a house in the kundali


    Combust lord of 1st house

    if the 1st house of a horoscope Chart has a combust lord of the Ascendant then the native may have a

    life of a prisoner. He or she may have to face fear, disease and tension very often and this may result in

    lowered lifestyle, money crisis and obstacles in the way of success.

    Combust lord of 2nd house

    if the lord of the 2nd house is combust then the native may behave improperly. She may even do some

    inconceivable acts. This combination can also cause eye pain, stammering and give a squandering

    nature. She may have a problematic life.

    Combust lord of 3rd house

    If the lord of the 3rd house of a horoscope is combust then this is harmful for the natives brothers. He

    or she might get a bad advisor and enemy in guise. She may feel mental stress and her self-esteem may

    be at a strike.Combust lord of 4th house

    Combust lord of the 4th house means the natives mother may be in pain. The natives land asset or pet

    may be in danger and he or she may be at risk from water and vehicle. Natives personal happiness is

    hampered in this situation.

    Combust lord of 5th house

    Combust lord in this house may cause problems for children, failure of plans, problems in legs and

    unnecessary loss of money.

    Combust lord of 6th house

    If a natives horoscope has combust lord in 6th house then she or he may face defeat, conspiracy and

    may have to work under others in unfavourable conditions. He may be hurt, afflicted by theft and may

    not be able to take intelligent decisions.

    Combust lord of 7th house

    Combust lord in this house indicate separation from life partner. He may get in trouble from the

    opposite sex and develop illegitimate relationships. He might suffer from hidden diseases.

    Combust lord of 8th house

    Weakness, failure, despair, hunger, disease and death are created by combust lord in the 8th house of a

    natives kundali (Horoscope).

    Combust lord of 9th house

    Ill fate, poverty and foolish behavior are caused by combust lord in this house. The natives who have this

  • 7/29/2019 Combustion of Planets


    combination in their horoscope may be cursed by elder people and teachers.

    Combust lord of 10th house

    If the lord of the 10th house of a horoscope is combust then a native may fail at work, get demotion at

    the job, and may lead a difficult life where unpleasant incidents may happen very frequently.

    Combust lord of 11th house

    Combust lord in this 11 house means danger for elder brother of the native, bad news, loss of wealth,

    ear related diseases and separation from friends.

    Combust lord of 12th house

    A native if has this situation in horoscope may suffer various types of diseases, and may face a situation

    in which they are either imprisoned or in threat of imprisonment.