Color Psychology. Color “meaningful constant for sighted people” “powerful psychological...

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Transcript of Color Psychology. Color “meaningful constant for sighted people” “powerful psychological...

  • Color Psychology

  • Colormeaningful constant for sighted peoplepowerful psychological toolPositive or negative effectApplicationsLogo designWeb site designBook coverPackage of a productAnd more

  • Psychology of ColorBased on Western HemisphereBlackWhiteGrayRedBlueGreenYellowOrangePurpleBrown

  • Psychology of Color - BlackColor of Authority and Power,Stability and StrengthIntelligenceThinner appearanceEvilGriefA serious color that evokes strong emotionsEasy to overwhelm people with too much black

  • Psychology of Color - WhiteColor of Purity,CleanlinessSafety of Bright lightAbsence of color (Neutrality)CreativityCompression of all colors in the color spectrum

  • Psychology of Color - GrayPracticalTimelessMiddle-of-the-roadSolidToo much: nothingnessShade of gray old age, death, taxes, depressionSilver giving a help hand

  • Psychology of Color - RedGood for drawing attentionAttracts eyesColor of energy, movement, and excitementNot a good color to over-useSymbol of lifePink love, giving, romance, soothing

  • Psychology of Color - BlueCalming Skies and SeasToo much cold, uncaringSteadfastnessDependabilityWisdom and loyalty (uniforms)Becomes more productive

  • Psychology of Color - GreenColor of growth, nature, and money.Another calming, soothing colorDark forest green is associated with conservative, masculine, and wealthEnvy, good luck, generosity, and fertilityPeace, harmony, comfortable nurturing, support, and energy

  • Psychology of Color - YellowLaughter, happiness, good timesBrain releases seratonin which makes people more optimisticToo much temper flare, dominant colorSpeeds up metabolismCreativity

  • Psychology of Color - OrangeHappy, energetic, warmthAmbitionNew dawn in attitude

  • Psychology of Color - PurpleWealth, prosperity, rich sophisticationSimulates brain activity in problem solvingMystery, wisdom, respect

  • Psychology of Color - BrownReliability, stability, and friendshipNatural, organic

  • Basics on How to use colors togetherColor Schemes:MonochromaticComplimentaryTriple

  • Monochromatic Color SchemeUse of single color in varying shades

  • Complimentary Color SchemeColors that are directly opposite in the color wheelWarm color to Cool colorYellow PurpleOrange BlueRed Green

  • Triple Color SchemeThree colors side by side make harmonious combinationsExamples:Yellow, Orange, RedYellow, Green, Blue

  • Color PsychologyIt is very important to use this in web designingGood harmony of colors attract usersBad mix of colors are displeasing to users

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