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Might be helpful for photographers doing a small project on 'Color-Texture-Pattern' theme!

Transcript of Color-Pattern-Texture photography

  • 1. Color-Texture-Pattern -PANEL IDEA FOR APOGEE 2013

2. COLOR Color of Subject Analogous Colors and not Complimentary Analogous Colors are those that are next to each other on the Color wheel: Blue and Green Monochrome Eg.-autumn leaves the brilliant Yellows and Reds create a sense of warmth that is predominantly the result of the Colors alone 3. PATTERN Patterns are simply repeated Shapes, Colors or Objects, ordered in either Regular or Irregular formations Both Natural and Man Made Emphasizing and Breaking the Pattern Breaking the Pattern eg. shot of rows of Red Coloring Pencils, with one Blue one somewhere in the row Dramatic and eye-catching Observe.. they are everywhere 4. TEXTURE Surface detail of an Object Detail can be composed of surface Irregularities It conveys how the subject feels ; is it Hard or Soft , Smooth or Rough Angled lighting