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Title;"Year";"Status" Escape from New York;"1981";"Watched" The Producers (Widescreen Edition);"2005";"Watched" Rock My World;"2001";"Watched" Old Dogs;"2009";"Watched" The Shadow;"1994";"Watched" Un cuento chino;"2011";"Watched" The Big Bang Theory: The Complete Second Season;"2008";"Watched" Alice In Wonderland;"2010";"Watched" Due Date;"2010";"Watched" The Sorcerer's Apprentice;"2010";"Watched" A Nightmare On Elm Street ;"2010";"Watched" Salt;"2010";"Watched" The A-Team;"2010";"Watched" Una Noche con Sabrina Love;"2001";"Watched" The Glass House;"2001";"Watched" Mighty Aphrodite;"1996";"Watched" Little Fockers;"2010";"Watched" Date Night;"2010";"Watched" Time Bandits ;"1981";"Watched" Turk 182;"1985";"Watched" 3 Ninjas;"1992";"Watched" Big Trouble in Little China;"1986";"Watched" Pjaros Volando;"2010";"Watched" The Boat That Rocked;"2009";"Watched" Pandorum;"2009";"Watched" Clash of the Titans;"2010";"Watched" 500 Days of Summer;"2009";"Watched" Films to Keep You Awake: Blame;"2006";"Watched" The Soloist;"2009";"Watched" 9 1/2 Weeks (Keepcase);"1986";"Want to watch" Take the Money and Run (Full Screen Edition);"1969";"Watched" Escape From L.A.;"1996";"Watched" Rush hour 3;"2007";"Watched" The Chronicles of Riddick;"2004";"Watched" Los colimbas se divierten;"1986";"Watched" Rambito y Rambn primera misin;"1986";"Watched" Los colimbas al ataque;"1987";"Watched" El manosanta est cargado;"1987";"Watched" Galer-a del terror;"1987";"Watched" Johnny Tolengo; el majestuoso;"1987";"Watched" The Dammed Rib ( Esa maldita costilla );"";"Watched" Papa Se Volvio Loco (Dad Must Be Crazy);"2005";"Watched" Los matamonstruos en la mansion del terror;"1987";"Watched" Las locuras del extraterrestre;"1988";"Watched" Los pilotos ms locos del mundo;"1988";"Watched" Brigada explosiva: Misin pirata ;"2008";"Watched"

Brigada explosiva contra los ninjas;"1986";"Watched" Brigada Explosiva;"1986";"Watched" Extermineitors IV: Como hermanos gemelos;"1992";"Watched" Extermineitors III: La gran pelea final;"1991";"Watched" Extermineitors II: La venganza del dragn;"1990";"Watched" Los extermineitors;"1989";"Watched" Esperando la Carroza 2;"2009";"Watched" Incorregibles;"";"Watched" I; Robot;"2004";"Watched" Weird Science;"1985";"Watched" Public Enemies;"2009";"Watched" Joy Ride;"2001";"Watched" Citizen X;"1995";"Watched" Deconstructing Harry;"1997";"Watched" Imagine That;"2009";"Watched" The Big Empty;"2003";"Watched" Pretty Baby;"1978";"Watched" Scoop;"2006";"Watched" Outbreak;"1995";"Watched" The Big Bang Theory: The Complete Fourth Season;"";"Want to watch" The Big Bang Theory Season 3;"2009";"Want to watch" The Big Bang Theory - The Complete First Season;"2008";"Watched" I Love You; Man;"2009";"Watched" The Three Stooges Collection; Vol. 2: 1937-1939;"2008";"Watched" Classic Cartoon Favorites; Vol. 9 - Classic Holiday Stories (The Small One/Pluto's Christmas Tree/Mickey's Christmas Carol);"19 Dutch;"1991";"Watched" Epitafios - The Complete First Season;"2005";"Watched" TODOS CONTRA JUAN-TEMP. COMPLETA;"";"Watched" Arrested Development - Season Three;"2003";"Watched" Arrested Development - Season Two;"2003";"Watched" Arrested Development - Season One;"2003";"Watched" Dunston Checks In;"1996";"Watched" Loose Change Final Cut;"2007";"Watched" House; M.D.: Season Seven;"2010";"Watched" Drag Me to Hell;"2009";"Watched" Funny Games (2008);"2008";"Watched" Bookies;"2002";"Watched" Fermat's Room;"2007";"Watched" Nekromantik (Unrated Edition);"";"Watched" Lost: The Complete Sixth And Final Season;"";"Watched" Lost: The Complete Fourth Season;"";"Watched" The Lost Boys;"1987";"Watched" The Bear;"1989";"Watched" Les Aventures de Chatran;"2002";"Watched" My Science Project;"1985";"Watched" The Visitors;"1996";"Watched" Molly;"1999";"Watched"

Half Light;"2005";"Watched" Three Fugitives;"1989";"Watched" Switchback;"1997";"Watched" A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints;"2006";"Want to watch" Firestarter;"1984";"Watched" King of California;"2007";"Watched" Transformers: The Movie;"1986";"Watched" Mickey Blue Eyes;"1999";"Watched" My Own Private Idaho;"1991";"Want to watch" Wicker Park;"2004";"Watched" BASEketball;"1998";"Watched" Agent Cody Banks;"2003";"Watched" Mannequin;"1987";"Watched" G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra;"2009";"Watched" Eragon ;"2006";"Watched" The X-Files: Fight the Future;"1998";"Watched" Bloody Mama;"1970";"Watched" Transylmania;"";"Watched" The Tattooist;"2007";"Watched" Boogie Nights;"1997";"Watched" Charlie Bartlett;"2008";"Watched" Manhunter (Full Screen Edition);"1986";"Watched" 41-Year-Old Virgin Who Knocked Up Sarah Marshall;"2010";"Watched" Land of the Lost;"2009";"Watched" High Fidelity;"2000";"Watched" Jennifer's Body;"2009";"Watched" Eastern Promises;"2007";"Watched" Hellraiser III - Hell on Earth;"1992";"Watched" Hellbound: Hellraiser II;"1988";"Watched" Australia;"2008";"Watched" Extras: Season 2;"2006";"Watched" Edmond;"2005";"Watched" Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen;"2009";"Watched" Star Trek;"2009";"Watched" Zoom - Academy for Superheroes;"2006";"Watched" Perfume - The Story Of A Murderer;"2007";"Watched" The Other Guys;"2010";"Watched" Perfect Stranger;"2007";"Watched" Monster-in-Law;"2005";"Watched" Perdido Por Perdido;"1993";"Watched" Extras: Season 1;"2005";"Watched" Films to Keep You Awake: A Real Friend;"2006";"Watched" Shrink;"2009";"Watched" The Adventures of Pluto Nash;"2002";"Watched" Master and Commander - The Far Side of the World;"2003";"Watched" Reign Over Me;"2007";"Watched" Stealth;"2005";"Watched"

Disclosure;"1994";"Watched" State of Play ;"2009";"Watched" Miss March;"2009";"Watched" The Philadelphia Experiment;"1984";"Watched" Monsters vs Aliens;"2009";"Watched" Body of Lies;"2008";"Want to watch" Jonah Hex;"2010";"Want to watch" The Body;"2001";"Watched" Red Letters;"2000";"Watched" Night At The Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian;"2009";"Watched" The Midnight Meat Train;"2008";"Watched" Music and Lyrics;"2007";"Watched" The Stepford Wives (Special Collector's Edition);"2004";"Watched" The Uninvited;"2009";"Watched" The Strangers;"2008";"Watched" The Rocker;"2008";"Watched" It's A Boy/Girl Thing [2006];"2006";"Watched" Return to House on Haunted Hill;"2007";"Watched" The Last House on the Left;"2009";"Watched" Charlie Wilson's War;"2007";"Watched" Black Hawk Down;"2001";"Watched" Cold Creek Manor;"2003";"Watched" The Matador ;"2006";"Watched" Griffin & Phoenix;"2006";"Watched" Urban Legends - Final Cut;"2000";"Watched" Films to Keep You Awake: Spectre;"2006";"Watched" Films To Keep You Awake: The Christmas Tale;"2005";"Watched" The Unborn;"2009";"Watched" Duplicity;"2009";"Watched" Adventureland;"2009";"Watched" Films To Keep You Awake: To Let;"2006";"Watched" Return to Paradise;"1998";"Watched" Road Trip - Beer Pong (Unrated Edition);"2009";"Watched" Vacancy 2: The First Cut;"2009";"Want to watch" Edge of Darkness;"2010";"Want to watch" Eat Pray Love;"2010";"Want to watch" The Expendables;"2010";"Want to watch" Hot Tub Time Machine;"2010";"Want to watch" The Karate Kid;"2010";"Want to watch" Green Zone;"2010";"Want to watch" The Ghost Writer;"2010";"Want to watch" The Social Network;"2010";"Want to watch" Legion;"2010";"Want to watch" The Bounty Hunter;"2010";"Want to watch" The Book of Eli;"2010";"Want to watch" Valentines Day;"2010";"Want to watch" Robin Hood;"2010";"Want to watch"

Kick-Ass;"2010";"Want to watch" Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time;"2010";"Want to watch" It's Complicated;"2009";"Want to watch" The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus;"2009";"Want to watch" An Education;"2009";"Want to watch" Surrogates;"2009";"Want to watch" Ghosts of Girlfriends Past;"2009";"Want to watch" Paranormal Activity;"2009";"Want to watch" Underworld: Rise of the Lycans;"2009";"Want to watch" Zombieland;"2009";"Want to watch" Knowing;"2009";"Want to watch" The Ugly Truth;"2009";"Want to watch" Bedtime Stories;"2008";"Want to watch" The Blind Side;"2009";"Want to watch" The Time Travelers Wife;"2009";"Want to watch" Up In The Air;"2009";"Want to watch" The Hurt Locker;"2009";"Want to watch" Confessions of a Shopaholic;"2009";"Want to watch" Shutter Island;"2010";"Want to watch" Terminator Salvation;"2009";"Want to watch" Bride Wars;"2009";"Want to watch" Up;"2009";"Want to watch" The Proposal;"2009";"Want to watch" Hot For Teacher;"2007";"Want to watch" Supersize Me;"";"Want to watch" 2012;"2009";"Want to watch" Vicky Cristina Barcelona;"2008";"Want to watch" Sherlock Holmes;"2009";"Want to watch" The Last Airbender;"2010";"Want to watch" Avatar;"2009";"Want to watch" Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps;"2010";"Want to watch" 28 Days Later;"2002";"Want to watch" While You Were Sleeping;"1995";"Want to watch" Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2;"2011";"Want to watch" Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1;"2010";"Want to watch" 30 Days of Night;"2007";"Want to watch" Crash [1996];"2007";"Watched" In Bruges;"2008";"Watched" Little Children;"2006";"Watched" Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince;"2009";"Watched" Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix;"2007";"Watched" Caddyshack;"1980";"Watched" Revolutionary Road;"2008";"Watched" Working Girl;"1988";"Want to watch" Very Bad Things;"1998";"Watched" Hellraiser;"1987";"Watched" Mama's Boy;"2007";"Watched"

Club Dread;"2004";"Watched" Y Tu Mama Tambien;"2001";"Watched" Weekend at Bernie's II;"1993";"Want to watch" The Pink Panther 2;"2009";"Watched" Harvey Milk;"";"Watched" Friday the 13th;"2009";"Watched" Johnny Stecchino;"1992";"Want to watch" Waking Ned Devine;"1998";"Want to watch" Dinner for Schmucks;"2010";"Want to watch" In The Loop;"2009";"Watched" Waiting for Guffman;"1997";"Want to watch" Motherhood;"2009";"Watched" Fatal Instinct;"1993";"Want to watch" Wrong Turn 3: Left for Dead;"2009";"Watched" Still Crazy;"1999";"Watched" Disturbing Behavior [Region 2];"1998";"Watched" The Brothers Solomon;"2007";"Watched" X-Men Origins: Wolverine;"2009";"Watched" Unrest;"2006";"Watched" Confessions of an America