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Kimmifer47’s BACC – the Cole family

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Page 1: Cole family

Kimmifer47’s BACC – the Cole family

Page 2: Cole family

Meet Simon, the lovely founder of my Build a city challenge neighbourhood; Tortuga.

As I rolled his looks, personality, aspiration etc in CAS, he turned out to be romance/fortune sim with a LTW to woohoo 20 sims. ‘Not ideal for founding a BACC’, I thought, apart from his dashing good looks and red hair of course. Then a thought came to me – he should move in all his lovers, and attempt to get them pregnant, thus increasing the number of sims and households in the neighbourhood.

Simon Cole

p.s. I never intended to make a story from this challenge, and so I have no pictures for about the first 6 weeks, so no proper pictures of yummy Simon =(

Page 3: Cole family

In the end he moved in 14 of his lovers, 8 of which had his children, before marrying Carmen Patch the exterminator in his old age.

I will do an update of the lives each of his lovers lead after Simon woohooed them and sent them on their way.


Page 4: Cole family

Simon and Carmen had a daughter, Lizzie, and then quadruplets! Unfortunately Simon died of old age on the quads birthday into toddlers, when Lizzie was just a child.






Page 5: Cole family

Simon is a very quite ghost but he does pop out every now and again, usually on special occasions.

Page 6: Cole family

Soon the kids grew into delightful teenagers, and

Carmen managed to achieve her LTW of becoming

Master Architect.

Page 7: Cole family





AnthonyAs Anthony looked most like his

father, and had the same LTW, he was chosen to be heir of the Cole


Page 8: Cole family

And quite a house he was to inherit too. All of the ladies Simon had moved in over the years had brought cash with them, and it

soon added up. There were also two family businesses to run; a

night club and a pet shop.

Page 9: Cole family

Anthony moved back home after university, which he and all of his siblings got to attend. He managed to woohoo many ladies at university and only needed a few more

once he got home to complete his LTW.

Page 10: Cole family

That didn’t take long and he soon moved in and married his 3 bolt lover Denene Gast. All of the family attended and it was just like old times. Anthony now wants to be a Crime Scene Investigator, while Denene wants to be a Master Architect like Carmen.

Also, Carmen got a little lonely while the kids were at uni, and moved in a companion for herself, Neil Cameron. But he’s a little camera shy, and is just trying to max his

skills before Grimmy comes for him.

Now onto the other kids . . .

Page 11: Cole family

Lizzie, another romance sim, is working on getting 20 loves and

also managed to get turned into a plant sim while pregnant with her

second child.

Baby daddy 1 is Seth Long, a married half alien man with 6

toddlers! Baby daddy 2 is a lover from uni called Carl, and baby two

shall be born shortly. However Lizzie has no intentions of settling

down in the near future.



Page 12: Cole family

Jessica has achieved her LTW of becoming Mad Scientist due to her excellent degree in biology and is currently engaged to her professor Ti-Ning Howe.

Melody is lodging with them at the moment, but is going to move in with her boyfriend David Beckett as soon as possible so she can have lots of dream dates.



Page 13: Cole family

William married long term girlfriend Sophie Chalmers soon after finishing university, although she did manage to turn into a

plant sim first.

Both Sophie and William have achieved their LTW’s and now have a very happy life

together looking after their daughter.




Page 14: Cole family

Well, that is all the Cole family have got up to so far. Here’s a snazzy family tree I made for them, it’s fairy self explanatory. Of course all Simon’s love children are not included, they’ll be on their own family tree’s with their

various mums. Thanks for reading =)