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Transcript of City of Gautier - State Of The City Presentation

State of the City Address

Mayor Tommy FortenberryCity of Gautier, Mississippi

State of the city1Section 1Gautiers Quality of life2Golfing

Gautier is home to two (2) Golf Course Clubs:

Mississippi National Golf Club (Left)Shell Landing Golf Club (Right)3Gautier City Park

Gautier City Park has been renovated and offers a host of leisure and recreation activities:

Playground Equipment (left)Senior Citizens Center (right)Pavilions and Piers for Family Events

4Pier and Boat Ramps

Citizens and Visitors can take in the beautiful essence of the Gulf of MexicoEnjoy fishing from the pier or use the gateway access to deepwater fishing.

5Childrens Play

Bob Hayes Memorial ParkKaboom Playground Bacot ParkNew Playground Frazier Park

6Boys and Girls Club of Jackson CountyJolly McCarty Unit

7Shepard State Park400 acres shaded by majestic oaks and long leaf pinesFeatures 11 picnic sites, a pavilion, 2 mile nature trail and camping areas. Boat launch providing access to Bayou Pierre and Mississippi Sound for water sports and fishing.

8Camping and RecreationIndian Point - Campground

Pierre Bayou Campground

Indian Point Rental Cabins

9EducationSection 210Blue Ribbon Schools and Higher Education

Blue Ribbon SchoolsThe Swamp New Home of the Gautier Gators

11College Life

MGCCC Jackson County Campus33 acres bordering Mary Walker Bayou and Offers a unique living laboratory

12Historical GautierSection 313Gautier Cemetery

Burial of the Gautier Family 14La Maison Gautierc. 1867

The home known by locals as The Old Place is still owned by the descendants of Theresa Fayard Gautier (1828-1911) and Fernando Upton Gautier and is currently being used for private and public events. Other historic homes of Gautier include that of Josie Gautier and the current Portas homestead, both Gulf Coastal cottage style homes from the 1890s.

15Native American Heritage

This nearby eastern mound was built by prehistoric Indians during the Late Woodland Period between 400 and 700, A.D. The mounds flat summit was used for ceremonial purposes. Listed in the National Register of Historic Places, it is one of the few remaining Native American mounds on The Mississippi Gulf Coast.16The G.I. Museum

17FinancesSection 418 General Ledger - FinancesOct. 2009 Sept. 2010General Fund

Beginning Oct. 1, 2009 Cash $ 143,000 Revenues$ 9,162,000 Expenses$ 8,386,000 Ending Bal.$ 777,000

Projected Sept. 30, 2010$ 493,000$ 9,627,000$ 8,688,000$ 939,000 Decrease in Sales Tax $ 432,000 Increase in Beginning Balance $ 350,000 FEMA / MEMA Collections$ 250,000 Other Increases$ 297,00019Water & Sewer - FinancesWater & Sewer Fund

Beginning Oct. 1, 2009 Cash $ 747,000 Revenues$ 6,126,000 Expenses$ 6,345,000 Ending Bal.$ 528,000

Projected Sept. 30, 2010$ 1,757,000$ 6,256,743$ 6,635,000$ 1,379,000 Increase in Beginning Balance $ 1,010,000 Other Increases$ 131,000 Increase in Ending Balance$ 850,00020Solid Waste - FinancesSolid Waste Fund

Beginning Oct. 1, 2009 Cash $ 0 Revenues$ 1,300,000 Expenses$ 1,288,200 Ending Bal.$ 11,800

Projected Sept. 30, 2010$ 0$ 1,400,000$ 1,288,200$ 111,800 Collection Increase $ 100,000 Increase in Ending Balance $ 111,80021AccomplishmentsSection 522Checklist of Accomplishments Commitment to Open Government Open to Citizens Concerns Finance Reports by City Clerk @ 1st Regular Council Meeting Town Hall Meetings held Quarterly Relaxed Sign Ordinances Unified Development Ordinance Adopted Tap Fees Lowered

23 Development of a Gautier Merchants Association Implementation of Gautier Litter Campaign New City of Gautier Website Employment of Director of Economic Development / Planner Employment of Director of Public Works Police Department Inter-Departmental reorganization

Visit us at:

Accomplishments Continued 24Continued Progress WS-27 Project Hickory Hills Robert Hiram Bridge Project Smoke testing & Infiltration Management Citywide Rezoning of Gautier Vancleave Road to Commercial Area Scada System New Fire Truck Lower Fire Rating

25Future projects and goalsSection 626Future Projects and Goals Martin Bluff Road Improvements New Fire Station Hwy 57 Street Paving Citywide Lighting Exit 61 Water Sewer Improvements to include new warehouse and office which were damaged by Katrina Eliminate water discoloration Complete Frazier Park Bathroom facilities and Basketball Court Resurfacing Complete Downtown Street Scape Project Continue City Beautification