Cinque Terre Riviera Quick Tour

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  • 1.CINQUE TERRE RIVIERA and countrysideA Holiday Paradise for Nature & Food lovers

2. Cinque Terre Riviera- LA SPEZIA: reference town for theriviera, in the middle of charming PoetsGulf (Il Golfo dei Poeti) offering museums,a lively food market and shopping area,ancient gardens and marina- 5 TERRE: departing from Portovenere,Cinque Terrealong the coast towards Genoa 5 villages inRivieraa line: Riomaggiore, Manarola, Corniglia,Vernazza and Monterosso-POETS GULF: the Gulf that goes fromPortovenere to Lerici, so loved by Englishartists in the XIX and XX century-COUNTRYSIDE: Val di Vara & Val diMagra 3. La Spezia lively province town - cosy town centre with historicalgardens, beautiful promenade, interesting museums and attractive shopping area 4. NOT TO BE MISSED- MUSEUM OF CASTEL SAN GIORGIO FANTASTIC VIEW ANDINTERESTING ARCHEOLOGICAL MUSEUM AND RARE STELESTONE STATUES- LIVELY FOOD MARKED: FRESH FISH & BIO LOCAL PRODUCTS- SAINT JOSEPH FAIR, MARCH 19TH- FESTA DELLA MARINERIA JUNE 15-19TH 2011 - every 2 years- JAZZ FESTIVAL every JULY- IL PALIO, traditional rowing race, FIRST SUNDAY OF AUGUST 5. RIOMAGGIORENestled between two steep terraced hills that descend in abrupt cliffs to the sea, the historic borough of Riomaggiorestrikes visitors with its tall vertically built colorful houses. While strolling amidst the tight network of alleyways, thevillages archways and staircases offer charming shifts of light and shade. All of the houses have two entrances: oneat the faade on the street level, the other at the rear at the level of the higher road. In the 1500s, these structuresguaranteed an escape route in case of Saracen attacks.1239_ the populations of the Carpena region vowed fidelity to the Genoese.1251 - the inhabitants of the small fractions along the coast of Casen, Cacinagora, Saric and Lemen decided to join atthe mouth of the river to found RiomaggioreXIX century- the population of the village was around 3000 people.-the Florentine painter, Telemaco Signorini, with tiesto the Macchiaioli movement (a school of 19th century Tuscan painters) depicted all the village and its villagers. 6. MANAROLAAn alfresco of solar colours, a paradise of vineyards and olive groves, a colorful historic village where the houses seemto come out of the rocks of the long, narrow marina.The first historic testimonies about Manarola are linked to the Fieschi family of Lavagna, second half of the thirteenthcentury. For centuries, they struggled with the republic of Genoa. In 1273 they were overcome. Under Genoas rule thetown experienced progressive development, becoming one of the main commodities producers such as wine and oliveoil.EVENTS huge Nativity Scene, built on the western hill side of the village by MarioAndreoli, lit evert year for Christmas, at Easter and on August 10th, St, LaurenceDay 7. CORNIGLIACorniglia is an ancient Roman village that has a long and rich agricultural tradition. Perched on a striking high bluff, it isthe only town without access from the sea. To reach the town you ascend a long flight of brick steps known asLardarina (33 flights with 377 stairs). Otherwise, walk up the street suitable for vehicles that ascends from the trainstation. The village is surrounded on three sides by vineyards and terraces, which follow a band structure from themain street Via Fieschi. The village was founded by the Romans and its nickname Corniglia comes from the Romancolonist Corneliu, producer of the already renowned white wine. 8. VERNAZZASuspended on an intriguing stately cliff, Vernazza already appeared in historical records of 1080 as a fortified villageand efficient maritime base of the Marchesi Obertenghi family. It was the probable departure and landing points ofnavel forces involved in Saracen defence. Today this medieval village with its magical and mysterious alleywaysenclosed by the multicoloured houses is a top destination for tourists from all over the world. Vernazza is classified asone of the most beautiful villages in Italy.- EVENTS: jul 14th Santa Margherita fireworks 9. MONTEROSSOThe first historic news of Monterosso dates back to 1201 when the Lagneto family were owners of the Castle. Someruins of this castle are still found today. The Lagneto family made an agreement with Genova and in 1214 thecommunity of Monterosso was founded. In order to protect the town from violent pirate invasions, the village began asa fortification that made up the most important defense mechanism for the Cinque Terre.Eugenio Montale, poet awarded with a Nobel of literature in 1975, spent the summers here in Monterosso al Marerocky stern town, asylum for fishermen and farmers as he wrote. Tourists may sojourn in the modern beach resortside of town known as Fegina or stay in the medieval historic centre.EVENTS: JUNE lemon festival SEPTEMBER anchovies festival 10. Golfo dei PoetiIl Golfo dei Poeti fso named in 1919 by Tuscan playwriter Sam Benelli(1877-1949) that wrote here his masterpiece, La cena delle beffe (1909).Byron, Shelley, Lawrence, Montale, Virginia Woolf and many others cane hereto be inspired for their art 11. PORTOVENERE AND ITS ARCHIPELAGOPorto Venere is perhaps the most fascinating and brightest pearl of the gulf of La Spezia. It is a unique and beautifultown, very different from the other seaside towns along the Riviera. The most enchanting way to see Porto Venere is toapproach it by sea, rounding the small peninsula on which stands the romantic church of San Pietro. There is a smallarchipelago composed of three tiny islands: Palmaria, Tino and Tinetto in front of Portovenere. 12. LERICILerici is a true jewel. It is set in one of the most beautiful bays of the Ligurian Riviera. It is a legendary land, founded byHercules, who called it Erice in honor of the goddess. Lerici is a fascinating town, which offers natural beauty andinteresting historical monuments.During the summer season, some of the most important poets and contemporary writers come here.Today Lerici is a small exclusive tourist centre, which preserves its history intact. 13. COINTRYSIDE VAL MAGRA VAL VARA The Val di Vara is the widest and longest valley in Liguria. It is located between Liguria and Emilia Romagna. It is a long green chasm in the earth, converging with smaller secondary valleys.The Val di Magra is a beautiful valley set between green hills,mountains and the sea. The geographic area of the Val diMagra includes the Magra River basin and its affluents. 14. CINQUE TERRE RIVIERAa paradise for nature lovers - food lovers photography loversall seasons offer inspiration,low season is even better 15. hidden spots 16. winter timemild climate . great hues 17. cinque terre riviera holiday rentalsprivate villas - apartmentscosy rooms- highly selected villas, apartments and rooms- wedding planners & event organizers widechoice of venues, strong selection of serviceproviders- activities: cookery school, cooking classes atrented property, chef at home, wine & foodtastings, visits and excursions, scenic flight overcinque terre, fishermen boat tours20-year experience in tourism 18. VILLAS ON THE SEAWWW.CINQUETERRERIVIERA.COM 19. VILLAS IN THE COUNTRYSIDE WWW.5TERRECOUNTRYSIDE.COM 20. 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