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Raw Travel - Destination Guide - Cinque Terre 1

To do: - local dress - local support - reading list


Cinque Terre is a special part of the world. I blah, blah blah, blah

blah blah. When I walk there I see stuff and its great to see stuff.

People dont see enough stuff. Go there and see some stuff. Ill

organise it for you.

Cinque Terre is a special part to the world. I blah, blah blah, blah

blah blah. When I walk there I see stuff and its great to see stuff.

People dont see enough stuff. Go there and see some stuff. Ill

organise it for you. But only come if you like walking.

Cinque Terre is a special part to the world. I blah, blah blah, blah

blah blah. When I walk there I see stuff and its great to see stuff.

People dont see enough stuff. Go there and see some stuff. Ill

organise it for you. Give me a call: (03) 5973 5586

Jodie Cinque Terre Specialist

[email protected]

ph. (03) 5976 3763

Raw Travel - Destination Guide - Cinque Terre 2

mailto:[email protected]?subject=

The rugged Cinque Terre

coastline, with its pastel-

coloured fishing villages

and terraced hillsides

covered with vineyards

and olive trees,

constitutes one of Italys

most impressive

landscapes. The Cinque

Terre are five (cinque)

fishing villages along

the Liguria coast, south

of of the resort town of


The walks between the villages are spectacular and surprisingly

rugged in parts, a hikers delight. There is a wonderful sense of

discovery as you hike between villages using either coastal paths

(recently rebuilt ) or the more challenging routes through the

mountains and vineyards. The Cinque Terre walks are suitable for

anyone of reasonable fitness and walking ability. A railway (and ferry)

links the villages and makes it easy to get between them and back to

your base at the end of the day.

It is an amazing destination that never fails to thrill visitors with its

scenery, charm and excellent local food & wine specialities.

Raw Travel - Destination Guide - Cinque Terre 3

SELF GUIDED WALKING Travelling self-guided allows you to walk from place to place

progressing from one comfortable accommodation to the next in

your own time. You walk without a guide, following our walk notes

and marked maps. No technical expertise is required so anyone who is active and in good health can do it.

This is ideal for anyone who is hesitant about group travel or wants

to travel with their own friends and set their own pace. Its also great

for those who are restricted to travelling at a particular time as you can choose your own departure date (dependant on availability of

accommodation of course).

You will always be following the detailed track notes & maps that will

be provided to you plus the markers on the trails which give directions and walking times. It is not difficult to find and follow the

trails. You will receive a detailed set of notes for each days walk

which gives you clear directions to follow for each day. This

information pack is given to you in Italy so that you do not need to

transport from Australia.

ACCOMMODATION Our hotels are 3 star centrally located in the towns and are

comfortable hotels which have been chosen for their great locations

and helpful hosts. Your room will be ensuite and have the usual

amenities youd expect of a good 3 star hotel. Details of your accommodation will be given to you at the time of confirming your

booking as with flexible dates we have to confirm availability on your

chosen days in our chosen properties. If our preferred property is

full on your chosen dates then we reserve the right to book you into

an alternative accommodation of which you will be informed in advance.

Rooms are ensuite and have towels and the usual amenities you

would expect of a hotel.

ARRIVAL INFORMATION You will need to make your way to the starting point in Milan Central

rail station - you will be given your rail tickets prior to your departure and once your balance is paid. Your trip documentation will be sent

advising your hotel details before you leave Australia and your trip

notes and maps will be given to you at the hotel in Levanto.

Raw Travel - Destination Guide - Cinque Terre 4

Please note that the hotel details of this hotel and others on your

trip trip may vary according to availability on your chosen dates. RAW Travel reserves the right to use alternative accommodation of a

similar standard where needed. You will be advised of your hotels

when your booking is confirmed.


LUGGAGE Train to and from from Milan. You will be met in Levanto and

transferred to your hotel and your luggage will be transferred by

private car from Levanto to Santa Margherita Ligure . Otherwise your

main luggage will stay at your accommodation each evening as you

will come back to there after each days walk.

MEALS Only breakfast is included on our Cinque Terre trips, allowing you to

choose where to eat lunch and dinner on your own schedule &

budget - the food options are superb and reasonably priced. There is

no shortage of places to stop and eat when you are on the Cinque

Terre and passing through towns and villages. Allow around 6-12

Raw Travel - Destination Guide - Cinque Terre 5

for lunch and 12-25 for dinner depending on your tastes and


IS THIS THE RIGHT TRIP FOR ME? When considering booking a trip its important that you look at the

descriptions in these trip notes relating to the accommodation, food

and difficulty level to ensure that it matches your expectations.

Particularly with the physical difficulty rating its vital to select a trip

that is realistic for your ability. This is also a self-guided trip so you should be confident in travelling by yourself and following directions.

With physical gradings its important to understand that a label, of

say moderate can mean two differ completely different things to

two different people depending on their experience, fitness level and mental attitude. For our Australian based walking trips there is now a

track grading scale that we refer to (developed as an industry

standard). For overseas walking trips you need to rely upon

interpreting the information given and relating it to your own fitness

levels and abilities.

So if a trip describes daily activity of 5-7 hours a day walking then

you must ask yourself are you currently doing walks of that distance

in comparable terrain? So if a walking trip involves ascents of

500-1000m each day then you should go and walk a mountain with a 1000m ascent and see how you cope.

While we often see amazing improvements in peoples fitness with a programme of regular training before a trip you have to be realistic

about whether you can commit to regular training with your current

lifestyle. If you feel that you would be unable to commit to doing the

training to achieve that level of fitness then you should consider

another trip that is less demanding. This is the only way to accurately judge whether you can cope with the demands of any given trip.

WHATS IT LIKE UNDERFOOT? Underfoot you will experience a variety of tracks and trails on this

trip. Some sections of the Cinque Terre are on single-track paths that

can be rocky in places, sometimes with steps through the terraces

that are a famous feature of this landscape. Tracks are also common - perhaps gravel forest roads, walking tracks or unsealed roads and

coming into the towns you follow regular footpaths.

PHYSICAL RATING - GRADE 3 On most days you will walk between 2.5 - 5.5 hours on hilly terrain.

There are some flat sections on the coastal path such as the via Dell

Amour but there are also some steep sections climbing up to the

paths between villages so you should be reasonably fit to make the

Raw Travel - Destination Guide - Cinque Terre 6

most of the options on offer. Alternatively you may choose to skip

the more difficult sections as this is a self-guided trip and use train or boat transfers instead.

We expect people to have a good level of fitness where they are

taking regular physical exercise in the lead up to the event. This can

be from walking, cycling or going to the gym. You will also need to practice hiking in a mountain environment with your equipment that

youll be taking to Italy. You should prepare for walking several hours

(5-7 hours per day) a day with ascents and descents, so your training

should reflect this in the led up to the trip. Choose hills to train on

and push yourself to do long days to prepare yourself adequately.

Please refer to the Australian walking track grading system for more



This RAW Travel trip is self-guided. We will provide you with excellent track notes with maps and instructions on how to get to each days

walk and maps showing the loc